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Christian Guide to Job Finding

Barbara Roberts

This book is a framework for your successful Christian job search. All the detailed tools are not provided here, but there is a mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial framework that will provide a platform that has the order and the infrastructure for your successful journey towards your destiny. This book came out of my own experience of walking through a time of not working and being able to focus full time on this journey and learn fairly soon what worked and what didn't work. Any potential job seeker will not have to go through that learning curve if they apply as needed the points outlined in this book.

Barbara Roberts is a project management professional that lives in Southeasten Michigan, in the Detroit Metro region. Barbara, an experienced project management professional, has had a career full of many assignments all over the country that have allowed her to hone her job finding skills in a way that has given her unique insights into what it takes to successfully transition from one assignment to another. Barbara's extensive job finding experiences have provided subtle insights assuring consistent success in the most resistant economic cycles.

What Every Parent Needs to Know About

Tonja Krautter

Identification and understanding of the emerging sexual trends among our youth can leave a family feeling frustrated, frightened, confused, and defeated. We have a new sexual movement occurring in our culture. We are witnessing first hand a dramatic cultural shift in regards to sex and sexual relationships. It is important that we become educated about it. The sexual trends that are emerging in our society are alarming to say the least. However, perhaps what is even more alarming is the fact that most adults are unaware that they exist. What Every Parent Needs to Know About Emerging Sexual Trends Among our Youth, by Dr. Tonja H. Krautter, focuses on what the trends are and why we are seeing them emerge in our society. In addition, the book focuses on how to avoid the emergence of these trends and how to deal with them if a child is currently engaging in sexual activity. The book will provide answers to the many commonly asked questions by parents regarding what to do if their minor child is thinking about sex or is already engaging in sexual activity. It is my hope that upon completion of the book, every reader will have a more thorough understanding of the complexities of our culture’s emerging sexual trends and therefore, be better equipped to work toward prevention and intervention. By acknowledging the dramatic shift that we are witnessing, we as a society will be afforded the opportunity to help our children in both positive and healthy ways not only in regards to sex, but in all areas of their lives.

And Then There Were Nuns

Ellen Saxby

This book is a collection of short stories about nuns who lived and worked in New York City in the 1960's. They were also nurses who cared for poor families in need of help. The stories are fictional but are based on the real life exploits of these women who lived and worked during a time when the country was torn apart by the Vietnam War and the Catholic Church was in upheaval after the Second Vatican Council.

Raise My Vibes: The Practical Path to Joy

Karen Halseth

"Raise My Vibes: The Practical Path to Joy" fulfills its promise. This little book is full of practical tips and techniques for improving the quality of your life by enhancing the life force energy emanating from you. However, it packs an even bigger punch! Both of the authors, Aimée Lyndon-Adams and Karen Halseth, are Spiritual Energy Healers and Teachers meaning that they channel a team of 20 Ascended Masters through their words and hands. It is commonly understood that any global change needs to begin with the individual, and the authors make a compelling case for each of us to keep our Sacred Promise to the Universe.

Speaking Like An Immigrant

Mariana Romo-Carmona

Speaking Like An Immigrant, the 2nd edition of this one-of-a-kind bilingual collection by Mariana Romo-Carmona, contains stories of childhood, family, and immigration; stream of consciousness and magical realism, political awakenings, lesbian fantasy, surrealism, militant witchcraft and science fiction, the journey of an immigrant to a new country, and from one century to another. Winner of a Lambda Literary Foundation Award, and an Astraea Lesbian Fiction Award, Romo-Carmona is the author of a novel in English, Living At Night, and co-editor of the ground breaking Cuentos: Stories By Latinas. She was on the faculty of the Goddard College MFA In Writing Program for twelve years, and is on the faculty of the JSM Institute for Labor Studies/CUNY where she teaches literature since 2001. She writes about teaching Latin American literature in English at Born in Santiago, Chile, she resides in New York City.

The Happy Warrior

Michael Morales

At a time when so many people measure the quality of their lives in terms of success in the workplace, money in the bank, the accumulation of material things—the car they drive, the house they live in, the clothes they wear—Too many of us are losing site of Health, Joy, and Peace as the true indicators of a fulfilling life.Without attention to nutrition, exercise of the body and brain, spiritual growth, and routinely doing the things that are necessary to achieve a balanced lifestyle on a daily basis, all of the rest has little value.The author, Michael Morales is a true Happy Warrior, having experienced the lowest of lows and the emptiness of striving for inconsequential goals, he has discovered and studied the means to a better life through . . .• Meditation • Diet• Physical Fitness • Mental Training• Spiritual Growth • Healthy relationships• Leadership • Communication. . . and a positive focus on all of the things that enable him to achieve a life well-lived. ALL IN ALL MORE HAPPINESS AND WITH THIS, MORE PROSPERITY.Please join Michael in this fun and enlightening guide toa better life.For further information, go to

Now What?

Kris Anderson

Black Friday was a nightmare for anyone who enjoyed playing online poker. In the midst of our great discouragement and dismay after the Department of Justice stripped us of our freedoms to play a game of skill with likeminded individuals, we need to gather our resources. This is not the time for emotional floundering. It is the time for effective plotting and scheming. I have worked through the aftermath of the most dismal period in the history of modern poker, and I believe that I have found a solid course of action. As a mental health professional, I have found myself in a unique position to not only garner the needed resilience to combat this monumental setback, but I have also discovered some conclusions that may help guide others through this current psychological mine field.

The Michelangelo Murders

Aubrey Smith

Aubrey Smith's law enforcement career spans four decades as a deputy sheriff, state undercover agent, private investigator, forensic hypnotist, and Texas sheriff. Smith lives in Texas with his wife Polly. Smith is also the author of THE ANOINTING, BORDER MURDERS, BORDER JUSTICE, and TY HOLT-TEXAS RANGER. By combining his love of storytelling and writing Smith utilizes his experience as a veteran law enforcement officer, Smith is quickly becoming one of the Southwest's most popular mystery writers.
• •http://utopiamysteries

Astrella! By Bike To Australia & Back

Maria Grujicic

‎"I'm liking your style. Not «sewn together,» more like «laid side by side.» Reaches the reader from the inside out. "David W. Aston 'It's almost like you capture small instances of life and create a picture.'Jaleesa McLeanWith the company of a place I write.The essence of a poem is a puzzle left to be unsolved.The true self.It stays withinAnd is let out to those who see.From Australia to Greece and a small life time living in different cities of Europe. A story of poems that illustrates a continuous beginning. Fresh and anew again and again. My poems are about absorbing the world around me with a pencil and paper in my hand. The way I see my life and the lives of others as I build my own outlook. There are poems for every mood in each chapter, sequenced like a story. A story of every day life, love, family and travel. I grew up in Australia with a Greek family background. I have worked in various educational settings in Australia and Europe over the past 16 years of my career. I have a Bachelor of Education degree, TEFL Certificate and have an interest in The Montessori Method. I enjoy travel, languages, music, dance and sport. My love for writing stemmed from my experiences with different people, places and my interest in education.Maria Evangelistria Mangos Grujicic