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    The Irresistible Sicilians

    Мишель Смарт

    TAMING THE NOTORIOUS SICILIANThe face of a god and a body made for sin!Women like Hannah Chapman, pure and untouched, have no place in Francesco Calvetti’s world. He doesn’t do damsels in distress – except for that one time…Since losing her sister, Hannah has lived a sheltered existence, but a wake-up call leads her to the one man who can help tick off her to-do list. But will the gorgeous Sicilian oblige her?

    A Mistake, A Prince And A Pregnancy

    Maisey Yates

    She's given him a baby…An IVF clinic mix-up means eternally single Alison Whitman is now carrying the child – no, the royal heir – of Maximo Rossi, Prince of Turan! Now he'll take her for his wife!Maximo gave up on the hope of fatherhood a long time ago, but now the ruthless ruler will seize this surprise second chance. However, tradition is high on the Prince's agenda, and he'll never stand for an illegitimate heir…Alison is about to find out that royal marriage is a command, not a choice!

    The Uncrowned Queen

    Anne O'Brien

    A Sunday Times Bestseller‘O’Brien cleverly intertwines the personal and political in this enjoyable, gripping tale.’ -The Times Her path to the throne is paved with treason… 1330. Philippa of Hainault may be married to King Edward III but she’s penniless and powerless. England quivers in the clutches of the Dowager Queen Isabella and her darkly ambitious lover Lord Mortimer while her husband rots in jail, a prisoner at Mortimer’s hand. It will take a courageous young man to emerge from the shadows and rise up against this formidable pair.Philippa won’t sit back and see Edward puppeteered. She is determined to see justice done. It’s her words whispered into the young King Edward’s ear that will see the battle for England’s throne commence.Praise for Anne O’Brien‘O’Brien cleverly intertwines the personal and political in this enjoyable, gripping tale.’ – The Times‘A gem of a subject … O’Brien is a terrific storyteller’ – Daily Telegraph‘Joanna of Navarre is the feisty heroine in Anne O’Brien’s fast-paced historical novel The Queen’s Choice.’ -Good Housekeeping‘A gripping story of love, heartache and political intrigue.’ -Woman & Home‘Packed with drama, danger, romance and history.’ -Pam Norfolk, for the Press Association‘Better than Philippa Gregory’ – The Bookseller ‘Anne O’Brien has joined the exclusive club of excellent historical novelists.’ – Sunday Express ‘A gripping historical drama.’ -Bella‘This book has everything – royalty, scandal, fascinating historical politics and ultimately, the shaping of the woman who founded the Tudors.’ – Cosmopolitanwww.anneobrien.co.uk @anne_obrien

    The Loner's Thanksgiving Wish

    Roxanne Rustand

    The Outsider Returns Adopted as a baby, Mei Clayton never felt like she belonged in her family. She left tiny Clayton, Colorado, the moment she could. Now, to fulfill the terms of a will, she must move home for a year. But when she reunites with handsome Jack McCord—the mountain-rescue expert she once secretly loved—she has to keep her distance.Their relatives have feuded for years. She’ll never fit in with the Claytons if she gives in to her feelings for Jack. Unless faith and love can help open hearts in time for Thanksgiving.Rocky Mountain Heirs: When the greatest fortune of all is love.

    The Cowboy's Lady

    Carolyne Aarsen

    Cody Jameson knows that hiring gourmet chef Vivienne Clayton for the Circle C Ranch has to be a mistake.He once secretly loved her, but she’s back in tiny Clayton, Colorado, for just a year. Vivienne wonders how she’ll survive in the town she couldn’t leave fast enough. Yet she soon finds herself cooking beans and biscuits for cowboys and helping Cody with his sassy teenage sister.To the entire ranch’s surprise, it seems like this big-city chef might actually stand a chance of becoming a cowboy’s lady forever. Rocky Mountain Heirs: When the greatest fortune of all is love.

    The Hunted

    Elle Kennedy

    Special Ops Captain Robert Tate and Eva Dolce only have one thing in common – revenge on their enemies, but their combustible chemistry is even more dangerous. When Eva hides the truth about her past, can Tate forgive her lies…or will her secrets leave them both dead?

    The McKaslin Clan

    Jillian Hart

    Getting stood up on a blind date was the best thing that could happen to police officer Max Decker. No small talk. No personal questions. No lies. And no pretending he's ready to give his heart to anyone. Anyone like vulnerable Brianna McKaslin–who was stood up in the same restaurant!The lovely, kind, Christian woman is everything the embittered cop used to dream about in a bride. And Max can't be the one who lets her get away.

    A Place to Belong

    Линда Гуднайт

    Faith and warm memories have helped widow Kitty Wainwright endure the loss of her husband.That's all she's ever neededuntil she hires contractor Jace Carter to repair her motel. Kitty has no idea the silent, scarred Jace has admired her since they set eyes on each other. Although Kitty's wary of letting anyone into her heart, Jace can't ignore his feelings for her.But with old secrets threatening to ruin his future happiness, Jace has to put his past to rest before he can convince Kitty that she belongs by his side.

    The Brides of Holly Springs

    Cathy Gillen Thacker

    Once upon a time, the town of Holly Springs had its very own tomboy…and a darn fine mechanic to boot.Most people are so used to Hannah Reid's greasy overalls and backward ballcap that they think of their pretty whiz mechanic as «just one of the guys.» But all of that will change when Hannah goes on a secret mission – one that requires a couple of sinfully short skirts and way more attention than she anticipated….For sportscaster Dylan Hart, Hannah Reid is just another part of the Holly Springs clan. They've always been pals. That is, until he glimpses the feisty «plain Jane's» hidden feminine side. Now Dylan can't get her out of his head. But when he overhears a suspicious conversation, Dylan decides someone needs to keep an eye on Hannah…and he's just the guy to do it!

    The Danger Within

    Valerie Hansen

    TO: AL [email protected] FROM: COLLEEN [email protected] Boss, My reporter's nose smells a story brewing at the Double V Ranch.Word is that rancher Michael Vance has already lost several cows to a mystery ailment. This isn't the first odd thing to happen there, either –Michael's old foreman disappeared out of the blue, and his new one, Hector Delgato, is cagey. He bears watching.Meanwhile, Michael hired newcomer Layla Dixon as the housekeeper/vet while his injured housekeeper recovers, and the bohemian beauty is nothing like meat-and-potatoes Michael. I think romance might be in the air, but there is also something sinister starting up in Colorado Springs….