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    The Detective's Secret Daughter

    Rachelle McCalla

    AN OLD FLAME…WITH A NEW SURPRISEIt’s been ten years since Victoria Evans left Owen Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald Bay behind. Now she’s returned, looking for a safe place for her and her nine-year-old daughter. A daughter who bears a striking resemblance to Owen. Why would Victoria keep their child a secret?Owen wants answers, but has to focus on the murder that’s rocked Fitzgerald Bay. And when Victoria is threatened, he’s determined to solve the case—and keep mother and child safe. Because Owen won’t lose them all over again. Fitzgerald Bay: Law enforcement siblings fight for justice and family

    The Cowboy Lawman

    Brenda Minton

    A Love Worth Fighting ForWhen Slade McKennon comes looking for Mia Cooper, the Dawson sheriff’s only mission is to keep her safe. But the wounded DEA agent isn’t ready to trust the man whose past is so entwined with hers. Slade lives by his own code of honor—one that prevents the widowed father from pursuing the woman he’s known most of his life.But for the first time in ages, Mia feels safe. And she’s finally starting to seal up the scars on both her body and heart. Can Slade and his sweet but aching son provide the healing touch of love? Cooper Creek: Home is where the heart is for this Oklahoma family

    The Pregnancy Surprise

    Kara Lennox

    Reece Remington needs some fun in his life, and Sara Kaufman is just the woman for the job. While he's helping her temporarily run the local B and B, she plans to show him a side of the Texas coastal town the tourists never see. Until the sexy, straitlaced CPA shows Sara a side of him she never expected to see! Reece came to Port Clara to set his uncle's charter business back on course, then hop the next plane back east.But Sara's tempting him to rethink his priorities. And when a night of passion leaves them both yearning for more, he wonders how he can ever leave. Especially with the big surprise that's awaiting them both…

    A Wife for the Baby Doctor

    Josie Metcalfe

    Falling for the consultant! Junior doctor Dani Dixon is nervous about working with consultant Joshua Weatherby on his prestigious neonatal ward. Not only does he have a reputation as an exacting task master – he’s also the man who stole her heart! Josh has always kept Dani at a distance, believing he still has a duty to protect the abandoned girl he once knew.But all grown-up, and working side by side with him, Dani now has a chance to show Josh that she doesn’t just need looking after any more – she wants him to love her as only a husband can…Join Josie Metcalfe for the first book in her new neonatal duet…

    The Playboy Firefighter's Proposal

    Emily Forbes

    From playboy to bridegroomDr Sarah Richardson has never thought of herself as beautiful after a childhood heart transplant left its scar. She’s always kept her mind firmly on work – until firefighter Ned Kellaway arrives on the scene…Charismatic, courageous and irresistibly sexy, Ned has always been the centre of female attention – and loves every minute of it! But something in Sarah’s innocent grey eyes mesmerises him, and for the first time in his life Ned realises he wants far more than a fling!Now it’s up to this too-hot-to-handle firefighter to show Sarah that her beauty, inside and out, has melted away his playboy streak and he wants to give her his heart – for good!

    The Lady Travelers Guide To Larceny With A Dashing Stranger

    Victoria Alexander

    She must secure her future A lady should never be obliged to think of matters financial! But when Lady Wilhelmina Bascombe's carefree, extravagant lifestyle vanishes with the demise of her husband, her only hope lies in retrieving a family treasure – a Renaissance masterpiece currently in the hands of a cunning art collector in Venice. Thankfully, the Lady Travelers Society has orchestrated a clever plan to get Willie to Europe, leading a tour of mothers and daughters…and one curiously attentive man.He must reclaim his heritage Dante Augustus Montague's one passion has long been his family's art collection. He's finally tracked a long-lost painting to the enchanting Lady Bascombe. Convinced that the canvas had been stolen, he will use any means to reclaim his birthright – including deception. But how long before pretend infatuation gives way to genuine desire?Now they're rivals for a prize that will change everythingWillie and Dante know they're playing with fire in the magical moonlit city. Their common quest could compromise them both…or lead them to happily-ever-after.

    A Bond Between Strangers

    Scarlet Wilson

    The mistake that changed their lives… Yesterday John Carter and Lily Grayson were strangers. Now, following an IVF mix-up, their genes are bound together for ever—only someone else is carrying their child! John's only thought is to get his baby back… until he realises that Lily is the person he truly needs to complete his life…The Most Precious Bundle of AllTears, triumphs and a tiny miracle

    The Right Side Of The Law

    Wendy Rosnau

    Kristen Harris was desperate to uncover the truth about who she had been before her memory was stolen from her. Her search had led her to the New Orleans waterfront and the most compelling–and perhaps the most dangerous–man she could ever have imagined….Blu Dufray seemed to know every dark and deadly secret from the French Quarter to the Louisiana bayou country–and every way to stir a woman's deepest desires. And even as he helped her chase away the shadows shrouding her past, he was making her dream of a future–in his arms….But what if the truth of her past threatened this growing love–and even their very lives…?

    The Mediterranean Tycoon

    Margaret Mayo

    Peta James was finding it difficult to juggle single motherhood with the demands of her new boss, Andreas Papadakis. So when the Greek tycoon made a surprising offer, it seemed like the perfect solution to all her problems….Andreas needed a live-in nanny, and for her own son's sake, Peta was tempted to accept the job– if only this undeniably gorgeous man wasn't so difficult to please! She decided to take a chance on living with the boss– only to realize there was more on his mind than just a professional relationship….

    The Vineyards of Calanetti

    Barbara Wallace

    Her knight next door!After a horribly public divorce, Louisa Harrison has escaped to Tuscany craving peace and quiet. But gorgeous local tycoon Nico Amatucci sends her heart into overdrive…especially when he kisses her!Nico comes to Louisa’s rescue when their romance makes headlines, but Louisa’s determined to prove she’s no damsel in distress! Being in Nico’s arms makes her feel stronger than she’s ever felt before, but is she brave enough to entrust him with her just-healed heart?The Vineyards of Calanetti Saying 'I do' under the Tuscan sun…