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    Expecting The Fellani Heir

    Lucy Gordon

    And baby makes three…It was a night she should never have surrendered to, but Ellie can’t regret the blissful hours she spent in Leonizio Fellani’s arms. The steely businessman showed her his softer side and it melted her heart…but working together means he should be off-limits!Then Ellie discovers she’s expecting, and she knows passionate, possessive Leonizio will want to make his heir legitimate! Leonizio demands marriage to claim his child, but first he needs to prove to Ellie that above all he wants her as his wife…

    Enticing Benedict Cole

    Eliza Redgold

    AN ARTIST, A LADY, A SECRET PASSION…When Benedict Cole shuns her request for painting lessons, Lady ‘Cameo’ Catherine Mary St Clair takes matters into her own hands. She arrives at Benedict’s studio – only to be mistaken for a model! It’s an opportunity she just can’t turn down…Benedict knows better than to let intimacy interfere with his work, yet he can’t quell his fascination for the mysterious Cameo. And after one daring night together everything changes. Will Cameo still be his muse when Benedict discovers who she really is?

    Engaged to the Single Mom

    Lee McClain Tobin

    The Daddy WishSingle mom Angelica Camden's determined to fulfill her sick son's every wish. At the top of the list is moving back to her hometown to be near family. His second request? Lots of dogs! Gathering her courage, Angelica asks her former fiancé, a veterinarian with a dog rescue farm, for a job. Though they're growing close again, Angelica can't bear to tell handsome, honorable Troy Hinton the painful truth about why she fled town and broke his heart. Yet when he discovers her son's biggest wish is for a father, Troy's shocking suggestion of marriage may just make all their dreams come true.

    Doctor at Risk

    Alison Roberts

    An injured doctor… and his determined nurse!Dr. Ross Turnball and Nurse Wendy Watson fell in love on an Urban Search and Rescue course. It ending explosively, with a dramatic mission to rescue people from a bombed shopping mall—and an accident that nearly claimed Ross's life. Now Ross struggles to regain her health—and he's terrified he'll lose Wendy's love. Wendy knows that as long as she's with Ross nothing else matters. But can she persuade him of that?

    Diary Of A War Bride

    Lauri Robinson

    The land girl and the US OfficerJuly 1942Dear Diary, Despite the war raging around me, I find I can’t stop thinking about the American officer Sergeant Dale Johnson. I’ve never known anyone as brave, kind and handsome! But I promised myself I wouldn’t care this much about a man again—especially when he could be transferred at any time. Yet that only makes me want to relish our time together. Now, fighting my heart feels like the biggest battle…

    Dear Deceiver

    Mary Nichols

    The only thing that Dominic could be certain he knew about Emma was that she had been lying to him. He wasn't even sure that Emma Woodhill was her real name. So why on earth was he falling in love with her? Especially when he was already engaged to someone else?Despite all this, Dominic was determined to discover the truth and give Emma all the help she needed….

    Dark Ransom

    Sara Craven

    Mills & Boon proudly presents THE SARA CRAVEN COLLECTION. Sara’s powerful and passionate romances have captivated and thrilled readers all over the world for five decades making her an international bestseller.DARK RANSOMCaptive brideCharlie Graham had come thousands of miles across the world – the Amazon promised excitement, adventure and new hope. But she hadn't counted on being kidnapped by one of Brazil's richest rubber planters, Riago da Santana, and held in his castle!Of course, the kidnapping was a misunderstanding, and nobody could have predicted the torrential rains that flooded the river, stranding everybody. But that hadn't stopped the black sheep of the Santana family from sweeping Charlie away. He seduced her, awakened her senses and demanded she become his bride!

    Cruel Legacy


    Penny Jordan is an award-winning New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of more than 200 books with sales of over 100 million copies. We have celebrated her wonderful writing with a special collection of her novels, many of which are available for the first time in eBook right now.One man's life has come to an end, but for those left behind, it's just the beginning. Especially for four women….Philippa – Stripped of her wealth and social standing, Philippa must prove to everyone – and to herself – that she is a woman who can stand alone.Sally – Faced with mounting family pressures that alienate her from her husband, Sally finds herself tempted by another man.Elizabeth – Torn by her need to support her husband and her emerging desire for independence, Elizabeth battles to come into her own.Deborah – Her new promotion leaves her to deal with a jealous lover and a ruthless boss – forcing her to take a hard look at the future.

    Cowboy Crush

    Liz Talley

    Cowboy for hirePro bull rider Cal Lincoln is back home in Coyote Creek, Texas, recovering from an injury and bored out of his mind. Then she walks in—a stunning brunette with sinfully kissable lips. She was definitely not a local. Suddenly things are lookin' up…Maggie Stanton can't let herself—or her starved libido—get distracted by a broad-shouldered cowboy with a sexy-as-all-hell smile. She needs to fix up the dilapidated ranch she’s inherited and sell it fast. If that means hiring Cal to help, she will—temptation be damned. But she and Cal can’t deny their attraction and agree to work hard on the ranch during the day and then play hard at night. Even knowing that every wild rodeo ride usually ends with someone getting hurt.

    Courthouse Steps

    Ginger Chambers

    WELCOME TO TYLERJUDSON'S ON TRIAL!Forty years after his wife's disappearance, Tyler patriarch Judson Ingalls has been arrested and charged with her murder! All eyes are trained on the proud Ingalls family as the dramatic courtroom battle grips America's favorite hometown.SHE'S HER GRANDFATHER'S DEFENSE COUNSELAmanda Baron knows she'll need all her courage and skill to defend her grandfather, Judson, against notorious state prosecutor Ethan Trask. She knows Judson is innocent, even though she only has to prove reasonable doubt.AND THE PROSECUTOR IS DISTRACTEDEthan Trask is convinced of Judson's guilt. But Amanda's shrewd courtroom strategy surprises him … and her quiet dedication charms him. He's determined to convict her grandfather, but he knows that if he succeeds, Amanda will never forgive him….