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    A Question of Honour

    Kate Walker

    A runaway princess…It should be easy. Karim Al Khalifa, Crown Prince of Markhazad, has one task: retrieve rebellious princess Clementina Savanevski from her hideout in England and return her home to be wed…to another man.His to find or his to keep?It is not for Karim to notice her alluring scent, those seductive curves, the enticing glances she sends his way. No, his family’s honour – and his own – requires Clementina to be delivered pure and untouched to her unwanted bridegroom. And he must resist all temptation to keep her for himself!Discover more atwww.millsandboon.co.uk/katewalker

    A Passionate Proposition

    Susan Napier

    Scott Tyler might want a red-hot affair with Anya Adams–but that doesn't mean he likes her.On the contrary, he's managed to get her suspended from her brand-new job! Realizing he's gone too far, Scott offers Anya temporary employment at his home. But having her around every day is playing havoc with his self-control.Soon all he can think about is making Anya a proposition–that she share his bed, night after night, to their mutual satisfaction…

    A Kept Woman

    Sheri WhiteFeather

    THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF CAGES. Once the glamorous mistress to a high-powered mob boss, Natalie Pascal was now a kept woman of a very different sort. Her new keeper: U.S. Marshal Zack Ryder, the handsome man assigned to give her a new identity and a chance to cleanse her torrid past. Soon, only her guardian's presence could comfort her, only his touch could chase away her nightmares.Zack always played by the rules and that meant never getting involved with a witness. If Natalie's cover was compromised, she'd be given a new life – one he'd know nothing about. But trying to deny his desire for the vulnerable beauty was compromising his very ability to see danger approaching.By succumbing to Natalie's siren song, Zack could destroy his career and maybe his own safety. Now, who was keeping whom?

    It Started At Christmas...

    Janice Lynn

    All she wants for Christmas is…him!This Christmas, Dr McKenzie Sanders knows exactly what she wants in her stocking—her gorgeous colleague, Lance Spencer. He’s a sexy, brilliant, caring doctor and, best of all, he’s just as averse to walking down the aisle as she is!They agree to indulge in a sizzling fling that will absolutely not end in wedded bliss. But even the best laid plans can go awry… Will risking their hearts lead to wedding bells?

    A Deal For Her Innocence


    'This is crazy! You’re my potential client!'But can Ellie ignore Niccolo’s scandalous suggestion?Strait-laced Ellie Wilson only has eyes for her job…until she meets outrageously gorgeous Niccolo Rossi and is persuaded to step out of her comfort zone! When they jet off to his deluxe Caribbean resort Ellie’s advertising pitch suddenly involves her playing girlfriend to his notorious playboy. But soon seduction may be the only item on Niccolo’s agenda…

    The Warrior's Damsel In Distress

    Meriel Fuller

    Enchanted by his captive!The Lady of Striguil is fleeing from the tyrant who stole her birthright, and threatens her still. Disguised as a nursemaid, Eva is horrified when her enemy’s handsome brother rides into her life, unveils her…and takes her captive!The Count of Valkenborg is on a mission to fulfil his dying brother’s wish and return the runaway. But the warrior hasn’t counted on the battle Eva will spark between his duty and his growing desire for her…

    The Prairie Doctor’s Bride

    Kathryn Albright

    Reunited…Natalya Montgomery had thought she was over Alexei Delandros, but working with him again rekindles old feelings and promises of the intense ardour they once shared. But if Natalya once held Alexei’s heart, now she only holds his contempt…For revenge!Natalya’s love almost destroyed Alexei, their lust having blinded him to the truth about her. But the formidable Greek won’t be fooled again! Natalya will pay for her betrayal in the most passionate way Alexei knows, and his vengeance will be all the more sweet…

    The Last Honorable Man

    Vickie Taylor

    THE LAST MAN SHE WANTED…Del Cooper was the only person who could spare Elisa Reyes from a fate worse than death. Though she had every reason to distrust the Texas Ranger accused of accidentally shooting her fiancé, Elisa knew that without his help her unborn child had no future. And so she made a deal with the devil–and accepted Del's honor-bound proposal.AND THE ONLY MAN SHE NEEDED…Elisa thought a paper marriage would be enough. But that was before Del put his career on the line to protect her. Before his lips unleashed all her pent-up desires. And suddenly Elisa knew that nothing Del could offer her would be enough–without his whole heart!

    Daredevil, Doctor...Husband?

    Alison Roberts

    Falling for her daredevil doc… Summer Pearson thinks she knows all about daredevil paramedic Dr. Zac Mitchell–his playboy antics are the talk of the town! But in fact he's the total opposite…and utterly irresistible!Zac was expecting a warm welcome from pint-size Summer Pearson, yet all he's got so far is winter. But when buttoned-up Summer finally lets him in she captivates Zac in ways no woman has done before.So when Summer's past finally comes knocking can Zac convince her that he's here to stay?

    Yuletide Redemption

    Jill Kemerer

    A Mother’s Christmas WishAfter an accident leaves Celeste Monroe to raise her baby nephew, all she wants is to provide one-year old Parker with a happy life. She hopes taking a job caring for an injured Sam Sheffield will help fulfill that goal. But Sam’s determination to avoid the world throws a wrench in her plans. Despite his best efforts, Sam can't take his eyes off the pretty caretaker. Her strength and loving nature has him falling for her—and her baby. But he refuses to burden them with a man who’s not whole. Can Celeste convince Sam he's daddy—and husband—material in time for them to celebrate Christmas together?