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    Randall Wedding

    Judy Christenberry

    Gruff as a bear with a thorn in his paw, cantankerous loner Russ Randall simply didn't need the aggravation of playing hero to a stranded lady and her adorable toddler. Yet the code of honor held by all Randall men wouldn't allow him to do anything less than bring mother and child into his home and give them shelter from the raging storm.When Russ learned Isabella Paloni was in a heap of trouble, something greater than honor had him proposing marriage–although Russ would deny with his last breath that he had any passion left in his hardened heart. But when they sealed their fate with a kiss, Russ wondered if this Randall wedding would lead him to a love greater than he'd ever known….

    Randall Riches

    Judy Christenberry

    The Randall Saga Continues…Trapped like a hog-tied calf in a greasy spoon, champion bull rider Rich Randall had no choice but to accept the help of pretty diner waitress Samantha Jeffers to get himself, and his broken ankle, out of the one-horse town and home to Wyoming. In exchange, Rich would assist the feisty lady in her escape from the nefarious advances of her burger-slinging boss. But Rich was quick to inform Samantha there'd be no romantic strings attached to their bargain–and she was quick to laugh in his face! Which soon had the playboy wrangler wondering why she was immune to his legendary Randall charm, and eager to change her mind…any way he could!

    Randall Pride

    Judy Christenberry

    The Randalls are back! A new generation will discover the meaning of family…and the power of love.Though not a Randall by blood, rodeo star Toby Randall had always been fiercely loyal to his adoptive family. And his desire to never disappoint them had caused Toby to deny himself the only woman he'd ever loved. He'd left home, determined to erase sweet Elizabeth from his mind. But now she was engaged, safely out of temptation's way, making it clear for him to return to his Wyoming roots.Yet one look at the man Elizabeth was set to marry and Toby knew he had to stop her wedding. She belonged with him. And nothing, not even Randall pride, could make him walk away….

    Protecting Peggy

    Maggie Price

    When FBI special agent Rory Sinclair saw the woman who ran the guest house where he was staying, she wasn't the apron-clad lady with graying hair tucked in a prim bun he'd envisioned. Not even close.Peggy Honeywell was a young single mom whose seductive gaze nearly froze him in his tracks. Going undercover to expose the danger looming at the Colton-endowed Hopechest Ranch wasn't nearly so hard as pretending he didn't ache to take this wary widow in his arms and make every room in her house theirs–exclusively. And for the first time in his life, this hardened lawman felt like more than his job was at stake…because protecting Peggy would be a lifetime commitment!

    Primal Calling

    Jillian Burns

    Television-program host Serena Sandstone already has her bags checked for her flight out of Anchorage when she sees the White Wolf – and his animal attraction is overpowering.Serena attributes her intense interest in sexy, scruffy bush pilot Max Taggert to journalistic instincts about his shadowy past. Right. She's prepared to go pretty far to get his story – and he's prepared to let her.Before long, they're feeling the heat in the Land of the Midnight Sun, until Max's past triggers a fight for survival neither of them ever expected!

    Personal Protector

    Debra Webb

    Atlanta's most beloved news reporter wants her new cameraman fired. Why? Because she can't even glance at the sexy Latino without wanting to touch him to see if he feels as hot as he looks. He's a distraction she can't afford…not when her first priority is staying alive.But what Piper Ryan doesn't know just might save her life.Because Ric Martinez is more than just a cocky cameraman with a knack for protecting Piper and making her melt with desire. He's an undercover agent on the biggest bodyguard assignment of his career: her!

    Parents Wanted!

    Ruth Dale Jean

    Instant family?Jessica Reynolds has a wonderful daddy. Matt Reynolds is big, strong, handsome and kind. But when it comes to girl stuff he… well, he could use help! Her best friend, Zach, has a great mother. Laura Gilliam is sweet, pretty and single…. What if she and Zach could get her dad and his mom together?Unfortunately there's just one problem with the young matchmakers' plan–Matt and Laura find each other infuriating! In fact, the only thing they have in common is that they'd do anything for their children…but they never expected that to include marriage!

    Operation: Reunited

    Linda Johnston O.

    THERE WAS NO WAY OUT…Alexa Kenner knew it was wishful thinking to believe John O'Rourke, the kind, curious stranger staying at her inn, was really Cole Rappaport, the Special Forces agent she'd loved and lost two years ago. Since then Alexa had been caught in a deadly game with a man who'd stop at nothing to get what he wanted. And with forces conspiring against her, Alexa had become a prisoner in her own home….UNTIL NOWFor when the handsome stranger took her into his arms he assured her with a touch she remembered, a kiss she could never forget that Cole Rappaport was very much alive. For now, at least.

    Old Boyfriends

    Rexanne Becnel

    Road Trip for Three?They were three girlfriends whose love lives had seen better days, and they were driving to a reunion in New Orleans, the town they'd left behind.MJ, a gorgeous younger woman whose older husband died in the bed of…well, let's just say he died in a compromising position; Bitsey, an overweight housewife who can't believe that's all there is; and Cat, a twice-divorced designer whose pristine present is small compensation for her past.The trophy wife, prom queen and trashy girl had a vision: the men of their present didn't hold a candle to the boys in their past.

    Official Escort

    Jean Barrett

    HIS CHRISTMAS MISSIONMitchell Hawke had closed the doors of the Hawke Detective Agency to take some much-needed time off when a top secret delivery arrived on his doorstep just days before Christmas. This was no ordinary package, but a witness in desperate need of protection from a brutal mobster–the beautiful Madeline Raeburn. A woman Mitch had every reason not to trust.But with a killer who seemed to know her every move, Madeline broke through Mitch's barriers when she placed her body and soul into his keeping. Now they faced a journey fraught with peril–and unexpected passion. A passion Mitch had to resist to keep Madeline alive.