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    Fonseca's Fury

    Эбби Грин

    It’s HOT in the jungle…The last time Luca Fonseca saw Serena DePiero he ended up in a jail cell. The Brazilian billionaire has since clawed back his reputation, but he’s never forgotten her. So when Luca discovers Serena’s working for hischarity his anger is reignited!Serena has changed. Finally in control of her life, she refuses to let Luca intimidate her. She’ll deal with whatever her new boss throws at her—from a rainforest trek to the social jungle of Rio!But she can’t handle the passion that flares hotter than Luca’s fury. Especially when it threatens to consume them both!Abby Green’s BILLIONAIRE BROTHERS duetBook 1: Fonseca’s Fury Book 2: The Bride Fonseca NeedsOne raised in luxury in Brazil, the other on the streets of Italy…Two women will bring these brothers together—but is it enough to restore their brotherly bond?Praise for Abby GreenFonseca’s Fury 4.5* RT Book Review Green’s emotional tale is a tearjerker. Her former wild-child heroine and charismatic, disdainful hero skate the fine line between love and hate perfectly. The trek through the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and the treatment of the social/ecological issues impresses.Rival’s Challenge 4.5* TOP PICK RT Book Review Green’s lust-at-first-sight to love story is sensational. Her charming, broken hero and determined heroine rule every page with their palpable sexual tension, lively repartee and viscerally carnal love scenes.

    The Earl's Irresistible Challenge

    Lara Temple

    Could this infamous rake……finally have found his Countess?Part of The Sinful Sinclairs. When Lucas, Lord Sinclair, receives a mysterious summons from a Miss Olivia Silverdale he’s sceptical about helping her. But Olivia, although eccentric, is in earnest about her quest to restore her late godfather’s reputation. Lucas’s curiosity is piqued—and not just by Olivia’s intelligent eyes and lithe form. A new challenge quickly presents itself: keeping Miss Silverdale at arm’s length!

    The Reunion Of A Lifetime

    Fiona Lowe

    They once had a summer of passion… But is it too late to walk down the aisle?Lauren Fuller hasn’t seen Charlie Ainsworth since he unexpectedly left Horseshoe Bay twelve years ago and burst their bubble of love. Now he’s back, and working together at her GP practice is torment – their chemistry reminds Lauren how good they were together. And when she learns the tragic truth that drove him away, can it finally reunite them forever?

    The Thirty List

    Eva Woods

    Everyone has one.That list.The things you were supposed to do before you turn thirty.Jobless, broke and getting a divorce, Rachel isn’t exactly living up to her own expectations. And moving into grumpy single dad Patrick’s box room is just the soggy icing on top of her dreaded thirtieth birthday cake.Eternal list-maker Rachel has a plan – an all new set of challenges to help her get over her divorce and out into the world again – from tango dancing to sushi making to stand-up comedy.But as Patrick helps her cross off each task, Rachel faces something even harder: learning to live – and love – without a checklist.Praise for The Thirty List'A fresh new voice in romantic fiction' – Marie Claire'Warm, witty and lots of fun – a fantastic new voice in women's fiction' – Melissa Hill'There’s a whole “list” of reasons I loved this book – and I know you will too!' – Fabulous magazine

    Once Upon A Marriage

    Tara Taylor Quinn

    Anyone could be hiding a secret… Marie Bustamante does not trust or love easily. Growing up with a philandering father and an overprotective mother, she comes by her reservations honestly. So after only three months, how can she be falling for her best friend's bodyguard? This isn't like her at all. But Elliott Tanner is strong, gorgeous and…trustworthy. Honest. At least he seems to be. Of course, some things about him remain a mystery. Protecting the privacy of his clients is Elliott's job. That doesn't mean he's hiding anything from her. Does it?

    The Gunslinger's Untamed Bride

    Stacey Kayne

    She’s come for his life…Feisty Lily Carrington wants revenge for the murder of her father. She’s finally tracked down the killer – and she’s going to make him pay… He’ll fight to keep it… Juniper Barns is now a hard-working sheriff, protecting the lives of those in need. But he can’t outrun his violent past any more. It’s time to stand and fight.Only his opponent is beautiful Lily – a vulnerable girl looking for vengeance, who’s in danger of losing her heart to the one man she’s forbidden from loving…

    Executive Protection

    Jennifer Morey

    AN FBI AGENT TAKES THE BIGGEST–AND MOST DANGEROUS–RISK OF HIS CAREER: LEAVING BACHELORHOOD BEHINDCrime investigator Thadius «Thad» Winston must protect his high-ranking political mother after she is shot and nearly killed. He is prepared for risks. What he isn't prepared for is Lucy Sinclair. Hired as his mother's nurse, Lucy is capable, compassionate and entirely inconvenient for Thad. He doesn't enivision a life of shared love or commitment, yet he can't deny the intense attraction growing between them. And when a stalker sets his sights on Lucy–possibly the same man who tried to kill his mother–Thad realizes just how much he has to lose.

    The Accused

    Jana DeLeon

    After working as a cop in New Orleans, Carter’s latest mission back in Mystere Parish seems simple: someone – or something – starts stalking Alaina, the beautiful defence lawyer he’s supposed to be watching.But, as Carter searches for the truth, he finds himself attracted to the woman he’s protecting. Alaina’s allure haunts him as no spectre ever could…

    Case File: Canyon Creek, Wyoming

    Пола Грейвс

    What was supposed to be a quiet vacation in scenic Wyoming turned deadly when Hannah Cooper became the target of a serial killer. Although she survived the attack, the ordeal was far from over. But she wasn't alone. Not when Riley Patterson appointed himself her protector.Beneath Riley's strapping, solemn exterior hid a hard-driving sheriff who would stop at nothing to catch a killer. He promised Hannah safety, but it was the danger he posed that drew her in. Riley was as much a mystery as the man who sought to take her life. Trapped on his ranch, with no one but each other to trust, only justice could set them free…and possibly separate them forever.