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    The Virgin Spring

    Debra Brown Lee

    Though scarred by fire and betrayal, Gilchrist Mackintosh was laird of Clan DavidsonDespite those who questioned his right. And to secure his position, he must wed a Davidson woman, quickly.Then he stumbled upon the mysterious Rachel by the virgin spring, half drowned, half dressed and unable to recall her own name. Who was she? Englishwoman? Witch? No matter who she was, Rachel had managed to see beyond his scars, right to his heart. But with Gilchrist bound to marry another and Rachel's identity a mystery, love between them was forbidden. Yet he would risk his position as laird in order to save her from a traitor in their very midst….

    The Virgin Beauty

    Claire King

    THE 6'2" VIRGINThe new town veterinarian had a lot to offer–striking good looks, sharp wit and a fantastic intellect. Yet so far, no man had been able to see beyond Grace McKenna's considerable height. So the virginal beauty couldn't contain her amazement when rancher Daniel Cash paid her some much-needed attention. Trouble was, she didn't know if Daniel's attraction was real–or motivated by a startling situation.Grace knew that only she could save Daniel's family name. And as she fought to keep herself out of temptation's way, she also fought her feminine need to give in to her own desires. Could she trust Daniel with her most precious gift and embrace her womanhood for once…for always…forever?

    The Veranchetti Marriage


    Four years ago, Alex Veranchetti ended his marriage to innocent Kerry when he believed her to have cheated on him. But Kerry had no memory of that night and the hurt caused by Alex during their breakup was almost impossible to bear.But now her husband is back, demanding full custody of their child, or marriage… again!Kerry hardens her heart against the arrogant tycoon, but soon the passion that brought them together reignites, reducing her resistance to ash. Back in her husband's bed, Kerry hopes to prove her innocence… even if it risks her heart once more.

    The Venetian's Midnight Mistress

    Carole Mortimer

    Step into a world of sophistication and glamour, where sinfully seductive heroes await you in luxurious international locations.One-night mistress Niccolo D’Alessandro has never seen eye to eye with spirited redhead Daniella Bell. So he’s shocked when he discovers that the mystery woman he’s just made love to after a Venetian-style masked party is Dani herself! Pregnant bride Their night together was the most amazing of Dani’s life, but with a failed marriage behind her she’s never wanted to wed again. Niccolo has other ideas…When Dani announces she’s pregnant with his baby, the uncompromising Italian has only one demand: she will become his wife!

    The Venadicci Marriage Vengeance

    Melanie Milburne

    Wedded for revenge, bedded for pleasure! Gabriella St Clair is desperate: she and her family face financial ruin. One man can help her. But he’s the very man who wants to see her beg…Merciless tycoon Vinn Venadicci had a heart once. But after an encounter with the young, spoilt hotel heiress Gabriella, any feelings he had were locked away…for ever.Now she’s on his doorstep – pleading. He could send her packing. Or finally have a little vengeance of his own. After all, Gabriella Venadicci has quite a ring to it…

    The Vásquez Mistress

    Sarah Morgan

    Step into a world of sophistication and glamour, where sinfully seductive heroes await you in luxurious international locations.Raul’s rules: Life is infinitely more pleasurable if there is someone warming his bed…Marriage and above all babies are strictly off the agenda! When young and innocent Faith arrives at his luxurious Argentinian estancia, Raul instantly resolves that she will make the perfect mistress!Dressed in diamonds by day, and lying between Raul’s silk sheets by night, Faith is swept away by her lavish new lifestyle amongst the Argentinian polo jet-set. But then she discovers that, quite by accident, she has done the one thing Raul has expressly forbidden…Now Faith must face Raul and tell him that she, the Vásquez mistress…is expecting the Vásquez heir!

    The Valentine Child


    Wedlocked! Would Valentine play Cupid? When Zoe's baby arrived on February 14, it seemed only natural to call him Valentine! But as far as Zoe was concerned, Valentine had been the only romance in her brief marriage to Justin Gifford.And since Justin had harshly declared that he never wanted to see her again, she hadn't had the chance to tell him that he had a son… . But then the unthinkable happened: Valentine became desperately ill and Zoe knew that she would do anything to save him – even if that meant seducing her own husband!"Jacqueline Baird burns up the pages" – Romantic Times

    The Valentine Affair

    Mary Lyons

    Sex, lies and Valentines!Alexandra Pemberton had promised her newspaper a Valentine exclusive: the story of Leo Hamilton's whirlwind engagement to Fiona Bliss. By fair means or foul – and more likely foul! – Fiona had succeeded where many had failed, and got the world's most determined bachelor at least halfway to the altar! Alex was impressed! She was also – she had to admit – jealous as hell!Eight years ago Leo had almost seduced Alex – almost. It had never been enough. And dogging Leo's all-too-attractive heels, Alex realized that she wanted Leo as an exclusive, all right – exclusively hers! Mary Lyons writes sharp, sophisticated and sexy stories that will leave you chuckling and breathless for more!

    The Unlikely Wife

    Cassandra Austin

    She'd Grown Up In Frontier Forts, so if she couldn't handle a harmless kiss with a soldier, who could?Rebecca Huntington blithely declared. But she hadn't planned on her heart being captured by the likes of officer Clark Forrester, a gentleman whose «casual» kisses were anything but! If Lieutenant Clark Forrester wasn't careful, he would find himself marching down the aisle with Rebecca Huntington.And while a woman who could ride astride, beat him at chess and unnerve him just by deepening her dimples was a fascinating pastime, wooing the boss's daughter and a court-martial could go hand in hand!

    The Unlikely Mistress

    Sharon Kendrick

    Mills & Boon are proud to present a thrilling digital collection of all Sharon Kendrick’s novels and novellas for us to celebrate the publication of her amazing 100th book! Many of these books are available as e books for the first time.More than just one night…Sabrina Cooper needed to breathe. Evading months of grief over her fiancé’s death she fled to Venice. For just one night, she sought escape with the irresistible multi-millionaire playboy Guy Masters – before returning to England.Guy was furious when he woke the morning after the spectacular night before, with only Sabrina’s engagement ring to show for it. Tracking her down was easy. Convincing her to stay in his London apartment while she recovers from her grief, was not particularly difficult… Resisting the intoxicating connection between them? Impossible!