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Optimization and Machine Learning

Patrick Siarry

Machine learning and optimization techniques are revolutionizing our world. Other types of information technology have not progressed as rapidly in recent years, in terms of real impact. The aim of this book is to present some of the innovative techniques in the field of optimization and machine learning, and to demonstrate how to apply them in the fields of engineering.<br /><br /><i>Optimization and Machine Learning</i> presents modern advances in the selection, configuration and engineering of algorithms that rely on machine learning and optimization. The first part of the book is dedicated to applications where optimization plays a major role, and the second part describes and implements several applications that are mainly based on machine learning techniques. The methods addressed in these chapters are compared against their competitors, and their effectiveness in their chosen field of application is illustrated.

Государственные и муниципальные учреждения: учет в «1С:Бухгалтерии государственного учреждения 8» на практических примерах (+ epub)

Е. А. Кадыш

В книге представлены актуальные вопросы ведения бухгалтерского учета различных хозяйственных ситуаций, возникающих в деятельности государственных и муниципальных учреждений в соответствии с нормативными документами по бюджетной классификации, бухгалтерскому учету и отчетности. Хозяйственные операции рассмотрены на практических примерах с использованием редакции 2 «1С:Бухгалтерии государственного учреждения 8». Четвертое издание книги обновлено и дополнено с учетом актуальных нормативных документов по бюджетному учету и отчетности, а также соответствующих изменений, которые были внесены в редакцию 2 «1С:Бухгалтерии государственного учреждения 8». Книга может оказать большую практическую помощь бухгалтерам государственных и муниципальных учреждений для ведения качественного учета с применением программного продукта «1С:Бухгалтерия государственного учреждения 8», а также рекомендована для использования в учебном процессе и подготовки к аттестациям «1С:Профессионал» и «1С:Специалист-консультант» по прикладному решению «1C:Бухгалтерия государственного учреждения 8». Дополнительно после приобретения книга будет доступна в формате epub.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Группа авторов

INTERNET OF MEDICAL THINGS (IOMT) Providing an essential addition to the reference material available in the field of IoMT, this timely publication covers a range of applied research on healthcare, biomedical data mining, and the security and privacy of health records. With their ability to collect, analyze and transmit health data, IoMT tools are rapidly changing healthcare delivery. For patients and clinicians, these applications are playing a central part in tracking and preventing chronic illnesses – and they are poised to evolve the future of care. In this book, the authors explore the potential applications of a wave of sensor-based tools—including wearables and stand-alone devices for remote patient monitoring—and the marriage of internet-connected medical devices with patient information that ultimately sets the IoMT ecosystem apart. This book demonstrates the connectivity between medical devices and sensors is streamlining clinical workflow management and leading to an overall improvement in patient care, both inside care facilities and in remote locations.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Группа авторов

INDUSTRIAL INTERNET OF THINGS (IIOT) This book discusses how the industrial internet will be augmented through increased network agility, integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and the capacity to deploy, automate, orchestrate, and secure diverse user cases at hyperscale. Since the internet of things (IoT) dominates all sectors of technology, from home to industry, automation through IoT devices is changing the processes of our daily lives. For example, more and more businesses are adopting and accepting industrial automation on a large scale, with the market for industrial robots expected to reach $73.5 billion in 2023. The primary reason for adopting IoT industrial automation in businesses is the benefits it provides, including enhanced efficiency, high accuracy, cost-effectiveness, quick process completion, low power consumption, fewer errors, and ease of control. The 15 chapters in the book showcase industrial automation through the IoT by including case studies in the areas of the IIoT, robotic and intelligent systems, and web-based applications which will be of interest to working professionals and those in education and research involved in a broad cross-section of technical disciplines. The volume will help industry leaders by Advancing hands-on experience working with industrial architecture Demonstrating the potential of cloud-based Industrial IoT platforms, analytics, and protocols Putting forward business models revitalizing the workforce with Industry 4.0. Audience Researchers and scholars in industrial engineering and manufacturing, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, robotics, safety engineering, safety-critical systems, and application domain communities such as aerospace, agriculture, automotive, critical infrastructures, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, smart transports, smart cities, and smart healthcare.