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Microsoft Project Fundamentals

Teresa S. Stover

Get a firm grip on one of the most popular project management applications on the market today In Microsoft Project Fundamentals: Microsoft Project Standard 2021, Professional 2021, and Project Online Editions , accomplished project management leader Teresa Stover delivers a hands-on introduction to Microsoft’s popular project management software filled with real-world examples and plain-language guidance. The book walks you through how to plan, schedule, manage resources, track progress, and more. In the book, you’ll: Learn principles and best practices of project management while mastering Microsoft Project capabilities, calculations, and views Understand how task durations, dependencies, and date constraints power the project schedule Manage human, equipment, and material resources, including availability, cost, and task assignments Adjust the project to optimize for the project finish date, budget, and resource allocation Use Microsoft Project to manage waterfall or agile projectsIdeal for anyone seeking to unlock the potential of Microsoft’s leading project management software for their own project work, Microsoft Project Fundamentals is an essential resource for those new to Microsoft Project and project management, as well as previous users and seasoned project professionals looking for a refresher in the latest features of the newest version of Microsoft Project.

Artificial Intelligent Techniques for Wireless Communication and Networking

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT TECHNIQUES FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION AND NETWORKING The 20 chapters address AI principles and techniques used in wireless communication and networking and outline their benefit, function, and future role in the field. Wireless communication and networking based on AI concepts and techniques are explored in this book, specifically focusing on the current research in the field by highlighting empirical results along with theoretical concepts. The possibility of applying AI mechanisms towards security aspects in the communication domain is elaborated; also explored is the application side of integrated technologies that enhance AI-based innovations, insights, intelligent predictions, cost optimization, inventory management, identification processes, classification mechanisms, cooperative spectrum sensing techniques, ad-hoc network architecture, and protocol and simulation-based environments. Audience Researchers, industry IT engineers, and graduate students working on and implementing AI-based wireless sensor networks, 5G, IoT, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and robotics in WSN, and related technologies.

Smart City Infrastructure

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SMART CITY INFRASTRUCTURE The wide range of topics presented in this book have been chosen to provide the reader with a better understanding of smart cities integrated with AI and blockchain and related security issues. The goal of this book is to provide detailed, in-depth information on the state-of-the-art architecture and infrastructure used to develop smart cities using the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain security—the key technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. The book outlines the theoretical concepts, experimental studies, and various smart city applications that create value for inhabitants of urban areas. Several issues that have arisen with the advent of smart cities and novel solutions to resolve these issues are presented. The IoT along with the integration of blockchain and AI provides efficient, safe, secure, and transparent ways to solve different types of social, governmental, and demographic issues in the dynamic urban environment. A top-down strategy is adopted to introduce the architecture, infrastructure, features, and security. Audience The core audience is researchers in artificial intelligence, information technology, electronic and electrical engineering, systems engineering, industrial engineering as well as government and city planners.

Machine Learning Paradigm for Internet of Things Applications

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MACHINE LEARNING PARADIGM FOR INTERNET OF THINGS APPLICATIONS As companies globally realize the revolutionary potential of the IoT, they have started finding a number of obstacles they need to address to leverage it efficiently. Many businesses and industries use machine learning to exploit the IoT’s potential and this book brings clarity to the issue. Machine learning (ML) is the key tool for fast processing and decision-making applied to smart city applications and next-generation IoT devices, which require ML to satisfy their working objective. Machine learning has become a common subject to all people like engineers, doctors, pharmacy companies, and business people. The book addresses the problem and new algorithms, their accuracy, and their fitness ratio for existing real-time problems. Machine Learning Paradigm for Internet of Thing Applications provides the state-of-the-art applications of machine learning in an IoT environment. The most common use cases for machine learning and IoT data are predictive maintenance, followed by analyzing CCTV surveillance, smart home applications, smart-healthcare, in-store ‘contextualized marketing’, and intelligent transportation systems. Readers will gain an insight into the integration of machine learning with IoT in these various application domains.

Excel Macros For Dummies

Dick Kusleika

Save time and become an Excel wizard with the world’s leading Excel macro guide Do you love Excel and all the things you can do with it, but wish you could just work…faster? Excel macros—automated workflows that save you time and energy—might be just what you need. In Excel Macros For Dummies , you’ll learn over 70 of the most productive, time-saving macros in less time than it takes to back up the files on your computer! Every chapter in the book gives you practical info and exercises you can put to work immediately, alongside step-by-step instructions and guidance on how to customize Excel to fit your every need. Inside, you’ll find: Automations that take your Excel productivity to the next level, and beyond Fully updated macros compatible with the newest version of Excel included in Microsoft 365 Careful explanations of the basics as well as tips for the advanced user With something for everyone, Excel Macros For Dummies is the productivity supercharger you’ve been waiting for. Grab a copy today!