Morion Necklace. Yuliya Alpagut

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Название Morion Necklace
Автор произведения Yuliya Alpagut
Жанр Драматургия
Издательство Драматургия
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9785005001733

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And Aiden arrived yesterday, and… I realized how much I missed him! So no parents!

      – Right, my girl. You do not need to be alone, – the old woman supported her.

      – Yeah … – Miranda exhaled, – I no longer want to be here alone… At night…

      The girl put her hand on her chest. There, where Carolyn’s necklace hung. She wanted to stroke smooth and warm stones.

      – Oh no! – she suddenly exclaimed, – Only not this!

      – Honey, what happened?! – old woman got worried.

      – It seems… I lost Carey’s necklace!

      – Oh, Miranda … – the old woman exhaled with relief, – You scared me so much! I already thought that something serious had happened!

      – I’m sorry, granny, I did not want to scare you, – Miranda apologized and immediately asked:

      – Isn’t that serious?

      – I think not.

      – But this necklace is so important to me!

      – I know, honey, I know. Maybe you just forgot where you put it?

      – Granny, it’s been on me all day! Yesterday… It was exactly on me… And today… And now it is not… I remember exactly that I did not take it off!

      – Maybe you just forgot, – suggested the old lady. – Look for it. You will find it, – she assured.

      – It would be good … – Miranda said frustratedly, – The main thing that I did not lose them during the walk. Then I will never find them for sure!

      – Miranda dear, – after a short pause the grandmother called, – I have to go. I, probably, will call you in the evening.

      – Ok, granny.

      – And do not worry, my girl. You will surely find it! You will see!

      – I hope so, – Miranda said.

      Saying goodbye to her grandmother, she turned off the phone and, sprawling in an armchair, stared at the ceiling. She tried to remember where she could lose a necklace. Or perhaps she really took it off herself and just forgot about it.

      – It was on me yesterday… I got up in the morning. Washed my face. Took it from the nightstand. Put on me. It was on me. I probably went to sleep in this… I do not remember that I took it off myself last night … – she said out loud.

      Frustrated, Miranda turned the whole apartment upside down in search of a necklace that was very dear to her. But she did not find it.

      The phone rang, but the girl, upset by the loss, did not pay any attention to it.

      – Oh, Cary! Have I really lost it?! – flopping on the sofa and covering her face with her hands, she whispered and burst into tears.

      A few minutes later the phone rang again. The phone rang loudly and rattled. And Miranda, who did not want to talk to anyone now could not stand those annoying sounds.

      – Who else is there?! – she mumbled wiping away tears and nevertheless answered the call.

      – Hello! – picking up the phone she said.

      – Miranda? – asked a male voice.

      – Yes it’s me Aiden, – answered girl. – Who else?

      – You have a strange voice, – noticed a man, – Something happened?

      – Nothing nothing happened, – she lied. – Did you want something?

      – I wanted to know, how are you?

      – Everything is good.

      – I will stay late at work. Go to bed without me. Okay?

      – Okay.

      – Are you sure everything is fine? – he asked again.

      – Yes, honey, I’m just a little tired, – she told him.

      – Tired? – asked Aiden, – What are you doing?

      – Nothing special. Just I decided to make a big cleaning, – Miranda again lied and looked with horror at the living room, in which she herself had recently turned everything upside down.

      – Big cleaning?! – asked Aiden.

      – Something like that … – the girl exhaled, – Well, can I go?

      – Go, go. My cinderella, – he laughed. – I’ll be home around midnight. Love you!

      – And I love you, – Miranda said, and turned off the phone.

      She looked around again, and with a heavy sigh, said quietly:

      – I hope I have time to clean it all before you came…

      5. I want to live…

      It was twenty to eleven in the evening, when Miranda finally brought the apartment in perfect order. Before Aiden’s return, there was just over an hour. The girl quickly prepared to eat. She had a snack and tiredly flopped down on the sofa in the living room.

      – Oh God, i’m so tired, – she whispered and, throwing her head back, closed her eyes.

      Suddenly something slammed loudly. With a scream of fright, Miranda jumped on the sofa and the lights in the room went out. In the dark, she again heard the voice of her deceased friend, who again quietly called her.

      – Miranda… Miranda … – whispered, once a sister beloved, but now terribly frightening her, voice.

      – Carey? Is that you? – peering into the darkness, the girl asked.

      – Miranda … – came from somewhere.

      – Carolyn! Where are you? I can not see you!

      Miranda cautiously got up from the sofa and quietly went to the switch to turn on the light. But there was no light.

      – Miranda … – the voice hissed terribly.

      The girl pressed her back against the wall and again began to peer into the darkness of the room.

      – Miranda…

      – Carey! Please! You’re scaring me! Tell me where are you?

      – I’m here, Miranda … – the voice hissed, and the girl instinctively turned to the chair.

      There was a figure sitting in the chair. A dim streak of light entering the room through the gap between the thick curtains did not allow Miranda to make out her face.

      – Carey? Is that you? – Miranda asked quietly.

      But there was no answer. In horror, the girl rushed to the door leading into the corridor. But the door slammed by itself. And no matter how hard Miranda tried to open the door, nothing came of it.

      – Stupid … – hissed voice, – You can not run away from me…

      – Who are you? – turning sharply, the girl screamed, – What do you want from me?

      In response, silence again. The figure slowly rose from the chair and took a step forward. In horror, Miranda rushed to the window and, opening the curtains, looked at the woman standing near her. The dim light from the street allowed the girl to see her face. There, near the chair, stood her dead friend Carolyn. She just as alive and smiled. But her smile was not the same as that of Carey, kind and sweet. The smile of the dead Carolyn was cold and angry. So creepy that Miranda, who was already terribly frightened by what was happening, had goosebumps running through her body.

      – I was waiting for you, my dear friend … – a pale woman hissed terribly, –