Morion Necklace. Yuliya Alpagut

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Название Morion Necklace
Автор произведения Yuliya Alpagut
Жанр Драматургия
Издательство Драматургия
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9785005001733

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I’ll just change clothes. And do not dare to go anywhere!

      Miranda threatened her grandmother with a finger, turning and wanted to leave, but heard how the old woman quietly hissed:

      – Well, yes, of course, I will stand here and wait…

      – Did you say something? – turning sharply, Miranda asked her.

      – No no! Nothing! It probably seemed to you! – An old woman replied to her and made such an innocent look that Miranda could not restrain a smile.

      – Oh yeah! Of course! Come on, give me that! – said the girl and grabbed the bag that the old woman was holding tightly.

      – Oh no! My bag! Why do you need it?

      – Come on, come on! I know you! Now I will leave, so you will immediately run away!

      – Run away? Am I a criminal? – the old woman was indignant.

      – Not! I will be a criminal if I let you go alone!

      – Oh! Oh my God! What is the problem to get to the station, – slamming her hand on her leg ironically said the old woman.

      – Stop you bicker or you’ll really be late, – muttered Miranda and quietly pulled the bag.

      – Yes… It’s no use arguing with you! You are the same as your mother!

      – Yes! Which is the same as her mother! – narrowing her eyes, said Miranda and the old woman finally gave up.

      – Okay go change clothes, – she said, – I will wait for you. But only five minutes!

      – If you are not going to leave without me, then be so kind…

      – What else?

      – Do not hold the bag!

      The old woman opened her fist. The girl quickly left with her grandmother’s bag and returned a few minutes later.

      – Ok! I’m ready! – she said loudly, – Let’s go!

      – Come on, let’s go. It was already time to get out! – said the old woman and opened the front door.

      2. Vision

      Miranda accompanied her grandmother to the train station. Said goodbye to her and put her on the train. Old woman left.

      Sitting in a taxi, the girl suddenly realized that she absolutely did not want to go back home now. It was a warm June morning, and she decided to stroll through the park near her house. Then she went to the café. Went shopping. Walked around the city a little more and returned home only in the evening. Closing the front door behind her, Miranda casually tossed her keys on the shelf in the hallway and threw off her shoes.

      – Oh… I’m so tired, – she exhaled.

      Somewhere in the apartment her mobile phone rang.

      – Oh my God! – exclaimed the girl, – I completely forgot about Aiden and Granny!

      Miranda ran into the kitchen, where the bell rang from.

      – Hello! – grabbing the phone, she said loudly.

      – Oh my God, Miranda! Finally! Why didn’t you answer the calls? – excitedly asked Aiden.

      – Sorry, sorry, honey! I escorted Granny to the station and then went shopping… I completely lost track of time… I forgot the phone at home… Sorry…

      – Uh, Miranda … – he exhaled, – Thank God you’re okay! I did not know what to think!

      – Forgive me, – apologizes Miranda.

      – When we meet, I will glue the phone on your hand, – said the man.

      – Oh, well, you started talking like grandma! – exclaimed Miranda.

      – This is all because your dear grandmother destroyed my brain today! Do you know how many times she called me?

      – Yes… I can imagine … – exhaled Miranda.

      – Honey, I have to work. I’ll call you later. Please hold the phone nearby. Ok?

      – Okay.

      – And call your granny! She is very worried!

      – I’ll call, – Miranda said and turned off the phone.

      A few seconds later she called her grandmother. After hearing from her beloved old woman the story of how much she was worried until she could get through to her, and how did she get to the house, and how grandfather met her, and many other things, Miranda completely exhausted.

      – Grandma, I’m so tired … – she squeaked.

      – Oh … – said old woman. – My dear, i talk too much… It’s late. Go. Do your business and go to bed. Be sure to call me tomorrow. And do not forget the phone!

      – I will not forget, – Miranda assured her. – Aiden is going to glue it to me.

      – It is right, – supported grandmother, – Good boy!

      – Always knew you would get along, – the girl smiled.

      – Yes, yes… Go, honey. Do not forget to call me tomorrow!

      – I will not forget, – Miranda said and turned off the phone.


      The girl went into the bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

      – You’re so pale, Miranda, – she said to herself and tapped on the mirror with her index finger.

      – You need to take a bath. Yes Yes! This is a good idea! A hot bubble bath is what you need right now! – she talked with her reflection.

      – Today you and I will be alone here. And tomorrow… And, probably, the day after tomorrow… Although… Maybe this is too much? – Miranda thought. – I do not know… I already missed Aiden. The last time I saw him was a week ago, when he took me to the station … – she said and, taking a deep breath and opened the tap.

      A strong jet of water gushed into the bath. Slightly twisting the mixer, Miranda adjusted her temperature and plugged the drain with a silver stopper.

      Taking off her jersey, the girl caught a glimpse of herself in a fogging mirror. “Something is wrong…” – flashed through her head. She undid her pants and stooped to pull them off. Throwing clothes in a basket of dirty laundry, Miranda turned to the mirror and looked at her reflection again.

      – Something is not right… You are strange, Miranda… What’s wrong with you? – the girl said softly, bringing her face to the mirror and wiped it with her hand.

      – Oh my God! – bounced back sharply, she exclaimed in horror, not looking away from her reflection.

      – How is this possible? It can’t be … – Miranda whispered and put her hands on her chest, where her heart was now beating so hard.

      From the mirror, Miranda watched her startled reflection. And only one thing distinguished them from each other. She, Miranda, had blue eyes, and her reflection had brown eyes. Same as hers, now deceased, friend.

      “Carey” – the girl thought and covered her face with her hands.

      – I’m probably losing my mind, – she said softly and took a deep breath.

      “This is a hallucination… a hallucination… There can be no such thing… Really?! I’m just tired… I just need to rest… That’s all… Everything is fine… Everything is good …», – she calmed herself. “You need to open your eyes and see… Now I will look