Morion Necklace. Yuliya Alpagut

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Название Morion Necklace
Автор произведения Yuliya Alpagut
Жанр Драматургия
Издательство Драматургия
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9785005001733

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breakfast for us, – the man answered and got something out of the fridge.

      – I see. I mean, what are you doing HERE? Don’t you have to go to work?

      – I have to go. But today I decided to stay with you. Are you not happy?

      – I’m happy, but…

      The man looked at Miranda.

      – What “but”? – raising his eyebrows, he asked.

      – Nothing, – she shrugged. – Why didn’t you tell me yesterday that you would stay at home?

      – I was afraid that you will expel me, – Aiden smiled.

      Miranda also smiled back. She went to her beloved, rising on toes to reach his lips, because he was much taller than her, and gently kissed him.

      – Good morning honey, – she said.

      – From this it was necessary to start, – he smiled, – Good morning my love!

      – What’s for breakfast? – looking around, the girl asked.

      – What do you want?

      – Mmmmm…

      Miranda put her index finger to her lips, thinking and looked somewhere up.

      – Pancakes! – after some thought, she said.

      – Pancakes?! – Aiden looked at her inquiringly.

      – Aha, – Miranda nodded.

      – Maybe something simpler?

      The man looked at her pleadingly. Miranda laughed.

      – It’s simple! – she said.

      – Okay! I asked for it myself… Pancakes, so pancakes!

      After breakfast, Aiden’s cell phone rang. After talking to someone, he angrily threw the phone on the table. Miranda flinched from surprise and almost dropped her cup of tea from her hands, which she had not had time to finish.

      – Damn it, – he hissed.

      Seeing the frightened face of the girl, Aiden immediately apologized for this unexpected flight of his phone on the table.

      – What happened? – worriedly asked Miranda.

      – Nothing special. Do not worry, – the man calmed her, – Just these idiots can’t do anything without me! – he said loudly and indignantly.

      – What idiots? – Miranda asked.

      – Those around me! – clutching his head with both hands, said the man.

      He took a deep breath and, crouching next to the girl, took her hand in his.

      – I’m sorry, Miranda, but I have to leave.

      – Work?

      – Yes, but… If you say it, I will not go anywhere. In the end, at least once, they can do without me?!

      – Aiden, honey, don’t be mad, – the girl said softly and gently ran her hand over his cheek, – I don’t like it at all! Of course I want you to stay home, but…

      – But?!

      – But I’m not going anywhere! I will wait for you, as always. And these yours, as you call them “idiots”, will not wait! They will do something wrong, and then you will clear up the mess. And then, judging by the tone in which you just spoke with one of them and how angry you are now… I don’t know… It seems to me that now, in any case, you will be thinking about your work all day. Of course, you decide, but I think that you still better deal with your affairs.

      – You know, honey, I have the impression now that you openly expel me, – Aiden confessed.

      Judging by the expression on his face, he was not joking at all. Miranda even felt uncomfortable.

      – Aiden, honey, what are you saying?! Are you serious?

      The man nodded his head.

      – Want to stay? – she asked, – Stay! I’ll be happy!

      Aiden suddenly laughed.

      – Are you kidding me again? – leaping up from her chair, she cried out.

      Aiden also rose. And Miranda looked at him as menacingly as she could, and from that he laughed even louder.

      – Yes, – through the laughter said a man, – Oh no! Not! I’m not kidding! – calmed down a little, he said.

      – Then what does this laugh of yours mean? Did I really say something funny?!

      In response, Aiden shook his head.

      – What then? – crossing her arms over her chest, she said.

      – You did not say, but did!

      Aiden laughed again.

      – And what have I done that has caused you so hysterical laughter?!

      – At first you had such a sweet and slightly scared look on your face. And then you become angry, so funny! – still laughing, he explained.

      – Angry?! – the girl squealed indignantly. – You know what, Aiden?!

      Miranda put her fists on her hips.

      – Wait wait, – putting forward his palms, the man told her and, catching his breath, asked:

      – What?

      – Sometimes I want to strangle you! And so that I do not do it now, you better get ready faster and…

      – Ok, ok, – Aiden interrupted her, – I got it. I’m leaving!

      A man without looking away from Miranda, backed up to the exit and, staying in the doorway, said loudly:

      – Still, you’re very funny! Love you!

      – And I love you, – the girl smiled.


      – You really don’t want me to stay with you today? – asked Aiden already standing in the doorway and ready to leave the apartment.

      – Honey, – Miranda exhaled, – Again this question! I already told you! Or do you want to quarrel again?!

      – I want, – he answered smiling, – I love it when we are with you… No, not so! When you’re with me swearing!

      – Oh, enough! Enough! Go already! – gently shoving him in the chest, said the girl.

      – And kiss? – said Aiden and, taking her by the shoulders, pulled her to him.

      – You didn’t deserve it! – with her head up to look him in the eyes, said Miranda.

      – Me?! – he said, – I maybe not! But you…

      The man kissed his beloved.

      – When will you come? – Miranda asked when he finally let her go.

      – I do not know, – he shrugged, – I am afraid that today I will have to linger until late. I do not know for sure. I will call you. Okay?

      – Okay, – the girl nodded and, gently running her fingers over his cheek, said softly:

      – I love you!


      Aiden left somewhere around noon. And Miranda took up cleaning. Then she walked around the park a bit and returned home around four in the afternoon.

      The phone rang.

      – Grandma, it’s you! – answering the call, the girl was delighted. – I’m so glad you called! How are you?

      – Everything is good, my girl, – said the old woman, –