Morion Necklace. Yuliya Alpagut

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Название Morion Necklace
Автор произведения Yuliya Alpagut
Жанр Драматургия
Издательство Драматургия
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9785005001733

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yes… Work, work … – old woman shook her head. – And when will he honor us with his presence?

      – I do not know, – Miranda shrugged. – I called him before leaving. He was very apologetic, but… He really couldn’t meet us. And, as I understood, today we will not see him. Maybe tomorrow…

      – He will not spend the night at home? – asked the old woman.

      – Most likely no. He will stay with a friend with whom he works. From there it is much closer to work. They need to finish something…

      – But tomorrow I will have to leave you, my dear, – interrupted her grandmother, – You know, your grandfather can’t even live a day without me!

      – I know, – Miranda smiled. – And so I do not understand why you went here?!

      – Just wanted to make sure that… well … – trying to find the right words, mumbled old woman.

      – That I can be here after what happened? – girl helped her.

      The old woman nodded. Miranda moved closer to her and, taking her hands in her, looked into her dim eyes.

      – Granny, everything is fine. – the girl said convincingly, – True! You can not worry about me!

      – Are you sure about that?

      – I’m sure, granny. Do not worry. All is well. So tomorrow you can safely go home to grandfather.

      – If you want, I can stay with you longer, – old woman offered.

      Miranda shook her head.

      – No! – she said, – I mean… I love you very much, but… You really need to go back to grandfather. He loves you so much! He will go crazy without you! And I… I need to be here alone for a while. Try to get used to the idea that Carey is no longer alive. Honestly, I even asked Aiden to stay with his parents for a couple of days. I need some time to put my feelings in order. To…

      – Ok, ok, – the old woman interrupted her, – I understand everything, my dear. You don’t need to explain anything to me. But, if you need something – call me! I will definitely come!

      – Ok, – Miranda smiled. – I hope I don’t need anything.

      – Is it because you don’t want to see me? – narrowing her eyes, the old woman asked jokingly.

      – Oh God! What a bore you are! – waving her arms, the girl said and laughed.


      Knocking on the door quietly and not waiting for an answer, Miranda looked into the guest room. An old woman stood near the window and looked out into the street.

      – Are you sleeping? – Miranda asked her.

      Old woman turned.

      – Of course I sleep! What else can I do when I standing on my feet?! – she said and laughed.

      – Granny, —Miranda said. – Enough! You’re laughing at me all the time!

      – What? I already can not laugh?

      – Here we go again! – the girl threw up her hands.

      – OK OK. Do not be angry. I won’t do that anymore!

      – I’m not angry, but… Thank you, – Miranda smiled.

      – At least… Today, – grinning, old woman mumbling.

      Miranda smiled and shook her head.

      – My dear, did you want something? – asked an old woman.

      The girl looked questioningly at her grandmother.

      – Well, what are you looking like this? Did you come for something? And, by the way, you knocked, but actually you should to wait for an answer before you entered.

      – Granny… I’m sorry … – Miranda uttered guiltily and lowered her eyes like a little naughty child.

      – Oh, my dear girl, do not apologize, – the old woman smiled, – You know, you can come to me without knocking. So what did you want?

      – Nothing, granny. I wanted to wish you good night.

      A little old woman came up to the girl. She raised herself to her toes and kissed Miranda on the cheek. The girl in response firmly hugged her.

      – Thank you, – Miranda said softly.

      – For what? – grandmother asked her.

      Miranda looked into her dim eyes, taking her face in her hand and said with a smile:

      – For the fact that I have you!

      – Oh stop it, – the old woman was suddenly embarrassed. And, after a short pause, she said:

      – My dear girl, go to sleep. It’s late.

      – Good night granny, – Miranda said and kissed her soft, wrinkled hand.

      – Good night, my dear. And… If you suddenly want to talk, or you can not sleep, do not be shy, come to me.

      – Okay, – the girl nodded her head. – But I’m going to sleep tonight. And I will sleep until the morning!

      – That is great! – the old woman said approvingly.

      Miranda once again wished her grandmother good night and left the room. The girl closed the door behind her and pressed her back to the door. She touched the necklace with her fingers, Necklaces that were hanging around her neck and which once belonged to her friend Carolyn. And whispered softly:

      – Oh, Carey… Well, I am at home…


      In the morning, after breakfast, Miranda’s grandmother started getting ready to go.

      – Granny, are you sure you don’t want me to escort you to the station? – asked the girl.

      – Sure, – old woman answered her. – Why do you need to go to the station, and then go back? Are you afraid that I will get lost and not get to the train?

      – Are you starting again?! – Miranda shook her head.

      The old woman took her small bag and put the belt on her shoulder.

      – Don’t bother yourself, honey. I already called a taxi, – she said.

      – Oh, granny! It’s not hard for me!

      – I know, honey, I know. But do not do this. So much time will be wasted!

      – Will not be wasted, – Miranda said. – We can talk to you about something along the way.

      – It’s only there… And back? And you still have not talked enough with me? – the old woman smiled.

      The girl shook her head.

      – No, – she said.

      – Don’t insist, honey. I still think that you should not go back and forth. And we can talk to you when I come home and call you. Better go somewhere…

      – Yes? Good. And where will I go so early?

      – That’s it! It’s too early! – suddenly the old woman said loudly, – Better get back in bed. You are very pale. Probably did not sleep at all!

      – Slept, granny, slept. And i slept well the first time in the last two weeks!

      – You’re not lying? – narrowing eyes, asked the old woman.

      – Did I ever lie to you? – Miranda offended.

      – Always, – grandma laughed.

      – Oh, stop it! So someone will hear you and