Современная зарубежная литература

Различные книги в жанре Современная зарубежная литература


Roma J. Fiszer

Die Patin

Kerstin Gier

Die Mütter-Mafia

Kerstin Gier

The Trainer

Kimberly Crouse

Robert will have to win the bet because he's fighting for his livelihood, his friends, his business,and more importantly, if he loses, he will have to sleep with Vicky, boy will his wife be mad.

The Iliac Crest

Cristina Rivera Garza

On a dark and stormy night, two mysterious women invade an unnamed narrator’s house, where they proceed to ruthlessly question their host’s gender and identity. The increasingly frantic protagonist fails to defend his supposed masculinity and eventually finds himself in a sanatorium. A Gothic tale of destabilized male-female binaries and subverted literary tropes, this is the book's first English publication.

Pretty Things

Виржини Депант

Stunning Claudine and gloomy Pauline pretend to be one person so that Claudine can be famous, but just as things take off, Claudine commits suicide. Pauline hatches a new scheme, taking on her dead sister’s identity, inhabiting her apartment, and reading her emails—slowly realizing the cost of femininity is to dazzle on the outside while rotting on the inside.