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The Stone of Shadows

R. A. Finley

Trouble comes this day…<br><br>When Thia McDaniel&#39;s great aunt Lettie sends her a polished crystal sphere and tells her to protect it at all costs, naturally she has some concerns…about the elderly woman&#39;s sanity. What else is she to think? Lettie is convinced the innocuous stone holds an otherworldly power which dangerous people will stop at nothing to get. <br><br>Unfortunately, Lettie is perfectly sane, and Thia finds herself caught up in a world beyond her imagining. A world of myth and magic, where a secret society seems to hold all the answers, an ancient sorcerer wants her dead, and an enigmatic charmer is either the last man she should trust&mdash;or the only one she can.

Ghost Orchid

B. W. Wrighthard

The Green Box

James F. Murphy, Jr.

77-year-old Bill Sullivan, on a whim, drove through Newton, Mass. and stopped at Boyd Park to visit the Green Box. <br><br>It was there, while WWII raged in Europe and the Pacific, that Sully and his friends waited eagerly for the park instructor to open the Green Box to the treasures of baseballs, gloves, bats, board games and a vast assortment of gems. <br><br>The Green Box was the meeting place where lessons were learned about prejudice, justice, life, death and the pain of first love lost.

Sand and Gravel

Clara JD Stites

Sand and Gravel is a dramatic and engaging novel about three generations as they struggle to protect&mdash;and finally&mdash;give new life to a farm that has been in the family for generations.<br><br>Amos, Caroline&#39;s husband, feels his only option to caring for his family is to sell the sand and gravel off of the farm, defacing the land and disrupting the family in the process.<br><br>All of the children flee the desolation but when Sarah returns at age 50, she finds a way to bond the family and conserve the land for future generations. The restoration of old buildings is is accurately portrayed and the conservation of the land takes on a whole new aspect.<br><br>Wonderful, memorable characters in a family dilemma that all readers can relate to.

Ten Teen Tales

Emma Lorival

TEN TEEN TALES are beautiful memories from my experience as a teacher. They are lessons of life that I want to share with teachers, students and parents who wish to enrich their lives and thrive. Here you have some excerpts from the book: <br><br>From CHAPTER ONE: There he was, flying through the air, three flips, he made, said an eyewitness. He felt his body dashed against the concrete of the avenue, but he cared for his vehicle so he stood up, walked … Later he exclaimed he was allergic to death, read how and why. <br><br>FROM CHAPTER FIVE: When they knew I was the teacher who gave their son that first &quot;A&quot; in the only subject where he was able to get it, they asked me in disbelieve how that happened. &quot;He&#39;s a good student, you can see it now,…&quot; Some parents are unaware of what they say to their children, their sayings are law for them, so now you might be conscious about it. <br><br>FROM CHAPTER SEVEN: I&#39;d rather be married to an Event Planner than to a lawyer, I prefer to prepare a joyful occasion instead of a great trial. Choose what you want to be what you want to do with lightened and clean heart, that way you&#39;ll enjoy your life.

Little Dogs Talk

George M.D. Cole

From a trucker who likes to export puppies to a politician&#39;s dynasty, and fantasies from a nude afternoon &ndash; Little Dogs Talk offers short stories and a radio play about power, death, sex and real people. <br><br>Little Dogs Talk &ndash; Fiction<br>Short stories & a radio play.

The Legend of Safehaven

R. A. Comunale M.D.

The sequel to R.A. Comunale&#39;s highly praised first novel, &quot;Requiem for the Bone Man,&quot; follows the continuing story of Dr. Robert Galen and his friends, Robert and Nancy Edison, as they adjust to semi-retirement on a mountaintop in northeastern Pennsylvania, raising and caring for the three orphaned Hidalgo children they rescued and adopted. Along the way, the six residents of the mountain interact with a variety of individuals&ndash;human and animal&ndash;who also are seeking sanctuary, and even redemption, on the property that becomes known as Safehaven. In ways mystical, magical and even heroic, Comunale once again envelops readers in a fictional world that is often harrowing, but always captivating.

Requiem for the Bone Man

R. A. Comunale M.D.

&quot;Requiem for the Bone Man&quot; is a moving, compelling first novel, told with the assurance and skill of a born storyteller. It is also a meditation on the art of healing, as seen in the adventures of its unforgettable central character, Dr. Robert Galen. From his youth as a streetsmart son of immigrants, to his career as a gifted physician, Galen is tough-minded yet compassionate. Above all, he is deeply human, willing to risk the pain of loss and failure that inevitably comes to those with an unshakeable commitment to a vocation and to friends and loved ones.<br><br>Author Robert Comunale, himself a doctor, has given us further proof, if any is needed, that fiction can often be the deepest form of truth.<br><br>&ndash;William Gavin, author of &quot;One Hell of a Candidate&quot;

It Is What It Is

Montez Jordan

The lure of the Charm City streets can be addictive. Money moves fast and the lifestyle that goes along with it moves even faster. No one knows that better than Cho, a Baltimore hustler who, along with his crew, dominates the city&#39;s drug game with an inventory that lines dope fiends up for blocks. But the notoriety and the privilege of being at the top comes with a long list of life-or-death consequences that Cho and the people he loves are forced to accept everyday. In this story of &#39;hood ambition, the fate of one man plays out against the inevitabilities of street life and the loyalty of homeboys tempted by greed. Paper or peace of mind, love or lust, honor or heartache even a fast life comes with choices.

Clover: A Dr. Galen Novel

R. A. Comunale M.D.

IT STARTED WITH A DEAD LADY…<br>That chance discovery, on a dingy river bank in New Jersey, changed the life of 8-year-old Robert Galen forever. It propelled him into a lifelong study of medicine, beginning under the sage counsel of his mentor, Dr. Agnelli. In turn, his medical career led him to two ill-fated marriages and one would-be recaptured romance. Then, alone and in near despair, Galen found a new reason for being, in his old friend Bob Edison, along with his patient wife, Nancy, and in the three, orphaned Hidalgo children, whom he rescued from the wrath of a hurricane. Together, the six&ndash;and a host of other injured souls&ndash;attained solace living at Safehaven, the often-miraculous refuge perched on the side of a mountain in the endless hills of northeastern Pennsylvania.<br><br>R.A. Comunale chronicled this deeply human saga in his first two novels, Requiem for the Bone Man and The Legend of Safehaven, both of which won him widespread praise for his vivid characters and sharp insights into the human condition.<br><br>Now, in the long-anticipated third installment of the series, Comunale brings the residents of Safehaven together once more, perhaps for the last time. Join them, and celebrate, Clover.