Политические детективы

Различные книги в жанре Политические детективы

The Terrible Twos

Ishmael Reed

Ishmael Reed's sixth novel depicts a zany, bizarre, and all-too-believable future where mankind's fate depends upon a jolly old gent named St. Nicholas and a Ristorasta dwarf named Black Peter, who together wreak mischievous havoc on Wall Street and in the Oval Office. This offbeat, on-target social critique makes marvelous fun of everything that is American, from commercialism to Congress, Santa Claus to religious cults.

Questioning Return

Beth Kissileff

Student Wendy Goldberg spends a year in Jerusalem questioning the lives of American Jews who “return” both to Israel itself and to traditional religious practices. Are they sincere? Are they happier? The unexpected answers and her experiences (a bus bombing, a funeral, an unexpected suicide, a love affair, a law suit),lead her to reconsider her own true identity.

Death Card

Nick L. Sacco

A United States president mad with power declares himself dictator, suspends the Constitution and declares war on the American public. Unleashing a reign of terror, the United States citizens find themselves victims of a tyrannical ruler harsher than Stalin or Hitler. In the Midwest, the general of a nuclear armed Air Force base fights back and members of the DEATH CARD militia rise up to challenge the president’s private army. Read DEATH CARD today before it is banned by the government TOMORROW! About the Author: Nick L. Sacco served in the United States Marine Corps where he was trained to be a silent but deadly USMC sniper. Nick is also a retired police motorcycle officer from Kansas City, Missouri. He is a proud ultraconservative and an American patriot who travels full-time across the country, constantly remaining off the grid and outside the reach of government spying and intrusion. Nick Sacco is an at-large member of the United States Marine Corps League and former Commandant of the Kansas City, Missouri Detachment. He was also the founder and President of the first Fraternal Order of Police Chapter in Kansas City, Missouri. Along with his smoking hot girlfriend Marcy, Nick remains on the move, seldom remaining in the same location for more than a few days, and always vigilant of government threats to our freedoms.

'Das Haus' the House and the Son of the Rabbi

Sean Ryan Stuart

Das Haus, (The House) is a story spanning almost seventy years, and is partially based on TRUE EVENTS as told to the author by our hero Erik Goldmann (Fictitious name) and the author’s father-in-law. At the request of Erik, many of the characters and locations were changed to protect the survivors of that long ago Holocaust known as World War II. It has become a NOVEL partially based on some true events. The setting is modern day, with flashbacks to WWII Germany. This book recounts the story of an American journalist’s attempt to investigate the resurgence of Fascism throughout the world, and especially in Germany. It is actually two books in one. The story switches back and forth from modern day to WWII. It shows how Fascism is still alive and well in Germany, Europe and even in the USA. It connects a modern day investigation, to the horrors of the past. Direct experiences by the author are incorporated into the novel, and make for an exciting personal adventure by our characters. Although many of the characters are real, it had to be written as a novel based on some true events. It is the amazing adventure of two young Jewish-German children growing up in an idyllic small village near the Belgium frontier. Their lives suddenly and forever changed by the “Night of the Crystal” and their detention in Buchenwald concentration camp. His eventual release and escape to America. How a brave young man, Erik, was given another chance to redeem himself by joining the American Army on December 8th, 1941. His amazing true adventure of fighting in North Africa, Sicily, Italy; landing at Normandy and fighting all the way across France, Belgium and surviving the “Battle of the Bulge.” On February 25th, 1945 he was given command of an Army infantry unit, and allowed to liberate his own village six years after his deportation. The incredible circle of life was rejoined and completed. Unfortunately he was the only Jewish survivor of his village. The spiritual quest for his family, and the rest of the Jews of Niedergeyer (Fictitious) eventually leads him to a meeting with the American journalist researching modern day Fascism. It is an exciting journey into hell and back again. A mixture of Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan. About the Author: Sean Ryan Stuart is a Southern boy by birth and heritage, however as the only son of a professional military man, he traveled extensively throughout the world and lived in Europe, Germany, Spain, North Africa, Japan, Korea and many other countries for over twenty-five years. He is militarily retired, and 100% disabled from the Army. He also spent six years in the Air Force as an Air Policeman, and was a Counterintelligence Special Agent in the Army. Additionally he closely worked with various local civilian, state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the world in an undercover capacity. This association with civilian law enforcement extended to, and included his last seven years in the military. He also spent over twelve years with the Sacramento Police Department as a Reserve officer. Mr. Stuart has had extended training in the field of security, OPSEC, private investigations (Licensed in California), counter-terrorism and linguistics. He is fluent in six languages and proficient in several more. He has been used as a technical advisor in Hollywood. Mr. Stuart currently lives in California and has taught classes at the college level, and specialized in Russian Organized Crime, terrorism and other related subjects.

Sunshine on an Open Tomb

Tim Kinsella

Set in fall 1988, <i>Sunshine On An Open Tomb</i> shuttles between two storylines: the creation of The CIA as a result of the Texas/Kingdom oil connection, and a love triangle involving the moon. Our narrator is the brooding runt of a political dynasty whose father is about to be appointed Prez. He is thoughtful, but has trouble expressing himself due to his many physical defects as a result of inbreeding. Desperate for content at the advent of the 24-hour news cycle, even our narrator is suddenly of interest to The Media. So after years of living freely among The Barbarians, The Family hides him away in one of its secret hideouts. Exhausted by the shape-shifting estate and his irresolvable love life, our narrator cloisters himself deep in the estate’s bunker and constructs a tomb around himself out of soup cans. Here he gets to work correcting the best-selling, so-called objective biography of The Family.