Политические детективы

Различные книги в жанре Политические детективы

The Blade of Gilgamesh

Jeff Edwards

Throughout the ages the possession of an unremarkable sword has seemingly been the magic that allowed dynasties to flourish. When a modern tyrant seeks to find the sword and use its power, The Fund find themselves in a race to locate this treasure and keep it safe from despotism.

Rockefeller & the Demise of Ibu Pertiwi

Kerry B Collison

In 1962, and one month following the disappearance of Michael C. Rockefeller off the southern coast of what was then known as Dutch Western New Guinea, Indonesia invaded and annexed the territory and commenced the systematic slaughter of indigenous Papuans, to pave the way for a massive wave of transmigrated Javanese.<br /> <br />With the meteoric rise of the new powerhouses, China and India, Indonesian-occupied West Papua's wealth of oil, gas and minerals precipitates an international power-play for control over the vast natural resources.<br /> <br />Decades have passed since the twenty-three year old Rockefeller disappeared – long presumed dead, when sightings of the heir are widely reported.<br /> <br />Demands for West Papuan independence gain momentum and Australia is again drawn into military conflict with the Indonesian Motherland, Ibu Pertiwi.

The Song of Mawu

Jeff Edwards

Genocide in the African country of Sontaria causes a surge of escaping refugees to seek sanctuary in neighbouring Namola.<br />In Namola, The Fund uses all its resources to build a state-of-the-art facility and to move the refugees from their disease ridden camp on the border.<br />However, President for Life Joseph Lattua has other plans for the new encampment and evicts the refugees, moving his brother's army into the quarters.<br />Justine Small and her fellow board members must regain control of their camp or many more refugees will die. They recruit exiled Namolan surgeon Daniel Zibu and convince him to return to the country of his birth in order to defeat Lattua's army and oust the tyrant.<br />Without an army, can The Fund and Zibu succeed in their wild scheme, and who will be made to pay the ultimate price? Who will the moon goddess Mawu smile upon?

The Timor Man

Kerry B Collison

Canberra bomb toll 'horrific' – Amongst those believed killed were the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia, the Indonesian Chief of Army Staff, the Indonesian Minister for Foreign Affairs and… <br /> <br />Tension between Australia and Indonesia, the world's largest Moslem nation, brings the two countries to the brink of war. East Timor's sovereignty and rich oil fields shared by the two neighbouring countries become key elements in one man's ambitions. General Nathan Seda, a powerful Indonesian Officer, has a dangerous plan in which he enmeshes Stephen Coleman, a career Intelligence Officer with the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.<br /> <br /><b><i>The Timor Man</i></b>, an absorbing thriller, provides a controversial perspective on events in Indonesia from the abortive coup d'etat of 1965 to the present day.

Crescent Moon Rising

Kerry B Collison

At a time when Australians are wavering in support of a proposed US-led invasion of Iraq, more than six hundred US Marines rotating on R &amp; R in Bali suddenly disappear; then, Kuta erupts in a fireball and Australia falls into line with America's demand to become part of the 'Coalition of the Willing'.<br /> <br />Based on indisputable fact, a step by step account of the Bali bombers, the rise of extremist Islamic militancy across Asia and what the future might hold when terror is unleashed on Australia's doorstep, 'Crescent Moon Rising' relates the rise of militant Islam across Asia and how the US and other foreign intelligence agencies missed opportunities to arrest not only the instigators of the September 11 attacks on the USA but also those who created the Jemaah Islamiyah and carried out the Bali bombings. The Bojinka Plot is uncovered in Manila but the US ridicules the contents found on a white Toshiba laptop discovered after an apartment fire. The computer files lay out an assassination plot against the Pope who would visit that week, and the detailed plan to hijack 11 aircraft and crash these into the World Trade Towers and other US targets. The timing of this event was January 1995.

Cut to the Chase

Ray CW Scott

Harry Wallace is asked by the Australian Intelligence Service to collect and deliver a small package during a business trip to Indonesia. This simple task becomes a nightmare when he unwittingly becomes a target of the security police and narrowly avoids arrest.<br /> <br />He needs all his wits to deliver the package to the Australian Embassy and does so successfully.<br /> <br />Harry returns to Australia, but the Jakarta episode comes back to haunt him when he travels to England. An Indonesian national is found murdered in London and Harry is framed over the death.<br /> <br />What connects this event to Harry's earlier visit to Indonesia?<br /> <br />Desperate to prove his innocence, pursued by police and a menacing emigre organisation, Harry embarks on a dangerous journey.


Stafford Ray

An international tale of intrigue and conspiracy. Originally conceived as a play set in The White House, this political thriller is impossible to put down.<br /> <br />Harry Fromm, ambassador for the US, finds himself party to an international conspiracy to solve the twin problems of overpopulation and climate change by destroying half the world's population. Pursued by the CIA across the US and into Canada, he is aided and protected by his Russian friend Yuri. When Harry and Yuri are arrested by Canadian Police, the violent deaths of more than three billion people seem inevitable.


Joaquin De Torres

The second American Revolution lasted just three years.<br><br>For three years the nation experienced an economic tsunami, political stability, judicial equality and social prosperity on levels never before seen in our history.<br><br>The secret society of assassins &ndash; PIPER&#39;S, INC. &ndash; America&#39;s vigilant watchdog, had all but eliminated the puppet masters of our corrupt Congress, eviscerated the overseers of a degenerate criminal justice system, and culled most of the corporate Capitalist oligarchy.<br><br>So terrifyingly efficient were PIPER&#39;S, INC.&#39;s methods of retribution that the nation entered a cultural renaissance, and the &#39;American Dream&#39; – once a national joke – became an international success story. But the story has changed.<br> <br>Under President Sanchez, a new Supreme Court and a political system guided by a rewritten Constitution – corruption, duplicity and the national crime rate plummeted. <br><br>This left PIPER&#39;S, INC. running out of criminals, missions and relevance. Now downsizing its once-feared yet celebrated Ghost forces, it&#39;s now become a particularly opportune time to turn the tables and destroy the heralded organization for good.<br><br>From within.<br><br>A force unseen throughout history has waited for this very moment. A slow poison now seeps into the cracks of the organization&#39;s once-mighty armor. <br><br>An Achilles Heel has been discovered, and after three years, the betrayal of PIPER&#39;S, INC., and the utter destruction of its place in history, now lay in the hands of just one man.<br>

Margaret River Winery

Alexi Venice

Rogue Patriot

Mike Trial Trial

North Korea is readying a ballistic missile for launch and intelligence sources have informed Admiral William Hallam, Chief of Naval Operations Western Pacific, that the missile may be tipped with a nuclear warhead. Yet Admiral Hallam&#39;s orders, direct from the President of the United States, are to take no action to stop the launch. <br><br>Acting without authority, Admiral Hallam sends a clandestine SEAL team into North Korea to disable the missile&#39;s guidance. If the mission succeeds, the missile will do no damage, but the North Koreans will blame the United States for invading their territory, and Admiral Hallam will be court marshaled. But if the mission fails, it could mean all-out war on the Korean peninsula that will almost certainly pull China and the United States into the conflict.