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The Russian Operation

John J. Maresca

A fearless diplomat. A dangerous mission. And only one way out.
Joey Torino would be out-of-the-mould in almost any career. He is tough, independent, and doesn't shy away from confrontation. But he is an American diplomat, who has recently been suspended and recalled to Washington because of his involvement in a fight while assigned to the US embassy in Moscow.
In spite of his reputation, or because of it, the senior levels of the State Department choose him for an unusual and dangerous assignment. A diplomatic colleague from the US Embassy in Moscow has gone missing in the high mountains of the Caucasus, where a local rebellion is being suppressed by Russian military forces.
For the State Department, Torino is expendable. Sending him on this mission will show the US government is trying to find the missing diplomat, but it will also be a small gesture and will not alarm the Russian government.
Torino doesn't hesitate to plunge into the middle of the conflict. But he finds a complex situation, from which there is no easy way out and where the best conclusion may not be the one he has been asked to deliver.
When he chooses the dangerous path, the conflicting forces are closing in on him. Will the fearless Joey Torino find a way out?

Ministers of Fire

Mark Harril Saunders

Kabul, Afghanistan, 1979: CIA station chief Lucius Burling, an idealistic but flawed product of his nation’s intelligence establishment, barely survives the assassination of the American ambassador. Burling’s reaction to the murder, and his desire to understand its larger meaning, propel him on a journey of intrigue and betrayal that will reach its ultimate end in the streets of Shanghai, months after 9/11. A Chinese dissident physicist may (or may not) be planning to sell his country’s nuclear secrets, and in his story Burling, now living quietly as consul, recognizes the fingerprints of a covert operation, one without the obvious sanction of the Agency. The dissident’s escape draws the violent attention of the Chinese internal security service, and as Burling is drawn inexorably into their path, he must face the ghosts of his past misadventures and a present world of global trafficking, fragile alliances, and the human need for connection above all. Reminiscent of the best work of Graham Greene and John le Carré, Ministers of Fire extends the spy thriller into new historical, political, and emotional territory.


Александр Викторович Титов

Максим Самохин – владелец успешной юридической фирмы, получающий доход не всегда законными способами. Однажды в его кабинет заявляется следователь с увесистой папкой уголовного дела. Однако упрятать Самохина за решетку он не торопится, а начинает вымогать у него заведомо неподъемную взятку. Когда становится ясно, что требуемых денег не наскрести, следователь принуждает Самохина к участию в весьма неожиданном мероприятии. Максиму предстоит, используя свои опыт и талант ко всякого рода махинациям, организовать компанию по сбору средств на строительство в центре Москвы музея Сталина. Полагая, что конечной целью следователя является только получение названной суммы, Самохин с размахом принимается за дело.

Точка невозврата

Дмитрий Титарчук

Из Великобритании в Украину. Автор проводит параллели между двумя странами.

Погорелый театр

Дмитрий Титарчук

Как долго правительство Великобритании собирается скрываться за лживой пропагандой? Автор открывает новые факты.