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The Curtain

David T Maddox

Key political themes on the eve of a National election Convicting viewpoints on the erosion of Christian values in AmericaThis book paints a picture of what the Bible speaks of parallel worlds – one visible, the other invisible

An Army of Lovers

David Buuck

First book of fiction from acclaimed poet Juliana Spahr. Her previous books have received national review attention from the NY Times, Ms. Magazine, Publishers Weekly, The Believer, Chicago Review, Boston Review, Huffington Post, and elsewhere. Book excerpted last year in BOMB Magazine Characters in this book grapple with the role of an artist in modern culture, and will appeal to readers of Shelia Heti's «How Should a Person Be» and Ben Lerner's «Leaving the Atocha Station,» two very popular literary books that cover similar territory. Artists' work in book concerns torture and its aftermath–specifically Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, the ecological crisis, and other timely subject matter, such as Occupy.Novel references and reprints a number of excerpts from Raymond Carver's «What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.» Authors had to obtain permission from Random House to repurpose the content here. Will appeal to readers of the politically-inflected literature of Latin America and Europe, such as Cesair Aira's «An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter» & Roberto Bolano's «The Savage Detectives.»

Capitol Crimes

H.L. Katz

Ripped from today’s headlines, Capitol Crimes is a gripping tale of political intrigue, espionage and personal destruction. Callie Wheeler always seemed destined for great things. She landed the job of her dreams straight out of Law School and rose to prominence as the top lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Mike Ferguson is Callie’s fiancé and a CIA operative. He is in pursuit of terrorists who threaten to destroy America and in the process, discovers information that hits a little too close to home. Kacey Mercer is Callie’s best friend and a reporter at the Washington Post. She uncovers a story of political corruption that has Callie’s fingerprints all over it. As Callie’s charmed life begins to unravel, her enemies in Congress who have plenty of their own secrets to hide, pounce on her misfortune. It is only after Callie discovers how deep the corruption actually goes, that she is forced to choose between America’s demise or her own.

Flashes of War

Katey Schultz

Illuminating the intimate, human faces of war, this unique series of short stories by award-winning author Katey Schultz questions the stereotypes of modern war by bearing witness to the shared struggles of all who are touched by it. Numerous characters-returning U.S. soldier and pragmatic jihadist, Afghan mother and listless American sister, courageous amputee and a ghost that cannot let go-appear in Flashes of War, which captures personal moments of fear, introspection, confusion, and valor in one collection spanning nations and perspectives. Written in clear, accessible language with startling metaphors, this unforgettable journey leaves aside judgment, bringing us closer to a broader understanding of war by focusing on individuals, their motivations, and their impossible decisions. Flashes of War weaves intimate portrayals of lives affected by the War on Terror into a distinctive tapestry of emotional resonance. It builds bridges, tears them down, and sends out a universal plea for reconnection.

Escape to Africa

Henri Diamant

Henri lived only a few short years in Europe before the family moved to the Belgian Congo, a country deep in the heart of Africa. These were the early 1900?s, at a time when the colonial era was in full swing, the White Man ruled the native population with undisputed authority and many parts of the country were totally uncivilized. Henri adapted easily to his new surroundings and the Memoir chronicles his unique experiences with surprising verve and stirring prose. The reader’s imagination will be gripped by the account of witchcraft, superstition, strange rites, exotic animals and life in a remote post.

A Zero-Sum Game

Eduardo Rabasa

A satirical look at the origins of power, A Zero-Sum Game uses the highly-charged election for the presidency of a residents' committee and the influence of a powerful stranger to both expose those in power and sympathize with the individuals who find themselves caught in the paradox of empowerment and impotence that is modern consumer society and the democratic state.

Target in the Night

Ricardo Piglia

INTERNATIONAL ROMULO GALLEGOS NOVEL PRIZE 2011 (most prestigious prize given to a single novel in the Spanish language) NATIONAL CRITICS PRIZE 2011 (best novel of the year written in Spanish, awarded in Spain) THE BEST NOVEL IN SPANISH OF THE YEAR 2010 (chose by 55 critics & journalists of El País) Author taught at American universities for three decades, including at Princeton, and has deep connections to universities, bookstores, and with American writers First novel published in English in 12 years, huge anticipation among fans of Latin American literature and of his earlier works


Дмитрий Титарчук

Как работает система искусственного интеллекта в Великобритании. Это прогресс?

The Son and The Heir

Robin Solomon