Политические детективы

Различные книги в жанре Политические детективы

The Triple Frontier

Marc Cameron

Пропаганда. Из цикла Старая фотография

Александр Эл

Мотивация – побуждение к действию, обусловливающее субъективно-личностную заинтересованность индивида к совершению действия и, или достижения цели. Из интернета…

Blood Demons

Richard Jeffries

BLOODS AND CRYPTS  Once again, America is under siege. A devastating terrorist attack has destroyed one of the nation’s most treasured landmarks. With Mt. Rushmore now reduced to a pile of rubble, Major Josiah Key, commander of the secretive Cerberus Unit, is dispatched to hunt down the mastermind responsible: the most fanatically evil extremist the world has ever known. And he’s hidden in the most isolated region of the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan. Climbing to the fiend’s remote, mysterious caves, the four-person Cerberus team encounters bloodless corpses that lead them to confront one of the greatest evils in human history: the Vetela… unholy creatures who inhabit the bodies of the dead and the source of all vampire legends. Their sole purpose is to guard the terrorist, and with his help, the Vetela, are finally ready to come into the light and lay waste to all humanity.

Welcome to Ord City

Adrian Deans

In 2023, Australia reversed its closed border policy and said to the world:<br /> ‘Welcome! You are free to come to Australia, but you must spend the first seven years in the Temporary Citizenship Zone around the Ord River.’<br /><br /> Seven years later, Ord City is a teeming Asian metropolis with 2.5 million people preparing for the First Wave – the first tranche of refugees gaining full citizenship – on Australia Day 2030. But mainstream Australia is passionately divided over Ord City, not least because of the risk of letting in terrorists, and dark political forces are bubbling to the surface.<br /> Agent Conan Tooley is sent up to Ord City to look into a routine gangland murder, but finds himself frustrated and confused by the questions that arise at every step. As the days to the First Wave count down, Conan encounters any number of people throwing up obstacles, including The Army of God (a Christian charity active in Ord City); a carload of young people travelling to Ord City for the Illumination Festival the night before the First Wave; and Asif, a deep cell terrorist with a deadly mission. There is also the Shadow Group – mysterious figures who seem to be pulling strings at high levels to achieve some hidden purpose.<br /> As the various subplots wind towards the explosive conclusion, the motives and values of all are profoundly challenged.

Курьер из Страны Советов

Нина Стожкова

Девяностые годы XX века. На обочине шоссе найден труп фотографа журнала «Страна Советов» Ивана Кузнецова. Вскоре добровольно уходит из жизни его жена Вера и погибают два сотрудника того же издания. Двадцатые годы XXI века. Цепочка смертей неожиданно продолжается. Лина Томашевская, когда-то работавшая в журнале «Страна Советов», догадывается: жизни людей забирают «деньги партии». Лина понимает: в одиночку ей не раскрыть опасные преступления и зовет на помощь друга… Все имена вымышлены, все совпадения случайны. Содержит нецензурную брань.

Last Days in Shanghai

Casey Walker

Luke Slade, a young Congressional aide, begins this business trip to China like all other international travel he&#8217;s endured with &#147;Lyin&#8217; Leo&#8221;: buried under a slew of diplomatic runarounds, non-functioning cell phones, and humiliation from the Congressman at every turn. But on day two, a new challenge rears its ugly head: Leo goes on a drunken bender and disappears into the night. Unsure what dubious business his corrupt and buffoonish boss had planned, Luke must piece together the Congressman&#8217;s lies while maintaining appearances with their Chinese contacts.Amidst the confusion, a little bleary from jet-lag and alcohol, Luke receives a briefcase full of money from the mayor of a rural Chinese province. Luke accepts the &#147;gift&#8221; in his daze, but when he later realizes his mistake and tries to return the cash, he discovers even more anxiety-inducing news. The mayor is dead.As Luke tries to unravel the complex minefield of corruption he&#8217;s tumbled into, he must also confront his own role in the events. Unwitting marionette? Fall guy? Or perhaps someone more capable of moral compromise than he would have liked to believe. Last Days in Shanghai is an unforgettable debut by a writer to watch. It&#8217;s both a hold-on-to-your-seat thriller and a pitch-perfect exploration of present day China&#151;the country&#8217;s rapacious capitalism, the shocking boom of its cities and the wholesale eradication of its traditions.

Anti Lebanon

Carl Shuker

It is Arab Spring and the fate of the Christians of the Middle East is uncertain. The many Christians of Lebanon are walking a knife-edge, their very survival in their ancestral refuge in doubt, as the Lebanese government becomes Hezbollah-dominated, while Syria convulses with warring religious factions. Anti Lebanon is a cross-genre political thriller and horror story embedded within these recent events, featuring a multiethnic Christian family living out the lingering after-effects of Lebanon's civil war as it struggles to deal with its phantoms, its ghosts, and its vampires.Leon Elias is a young and impoverished Lebanese man whose older sister had joined a Christian militia and has been killed. He becomes caught up in the recent «little war» in Beirut, when the Shi&#8217;a resistance/militia Hezbollah takes over most of the city. In this milieu&#151;the emptied streets of Christian east Beirut, the old shell-scarred sandstone villas, the echoing gunfire&#151;he becomes involved, only partly by choice, in the theft of a seriously valuable piece of artisanal jewelry, and is bitten&#151;like a vampire&#151;by its Armenian maker.Events take a ghostly and mysterious turn as the factions jostling for power in Beirut begin to align against him and his family, and he is forced to flee the sullied beauty of that wonderful and pitiful country, in this story of love and loss, of the civil war and the Arabization of the &#147;Switzerland of the Middle East,&#8221; and of contemporary vampires&#151;beings addicted to violence, lies, and baser primal drives.Carl Shuker is a remarkable writer. A storyteller in the tradition of Celine and J. G. Ballard, no one alive writes better sentences. Anti Lebanon will delight his fans and entrance anyone new to his fine work.

Countdown to Corruption

Glenn Edward Kirk

The Reader is introduced to Charlie Hall, a young Englishman, recently married, dealing with his first year as a Management Trainee in Corporate South Africa. He is invited to join a group of young South African men drawn from various associated industries to meet on a weekly basis for a social drink and general discussion. The agenda of these meetings changes and he quickly finds himself caught in a web of blackmail and corruption. Unable to extricate himself from this sensitive but explosive situation he becomes intimately involved in complex relationships across Africa, England and the United States. We are transported through a hub of terror, crime, rampant violent decimation of all wildlife and increasing discontent. The plot encompasses highly controversial solutions to Africa’s problems both political and financial and the sub-plots provide considerable insight into the challenges Charlie faces to achieve his objectives of a peaceful and united Africa.

The Blade of Gilgamesh

Jeff Edwards

Throughout the ages the possession of an unremarkable sword has seemingly been the magic that allowed dynasties to flourish. When a modern tyrant seeks to find the sword and use its power, The Fund find themselves in a race to locate this treasure and keep it safe from despotism.

Rockefeller & the Demise of Ibu Pertiwi

Kerry B Collison

In 1962, and one month following the disappearance of Michael C. Rockefeller off the southern coast of what was then known as Dutch Western New Guinea, Indonesia invaded and annexed the territory and commenced the systematic slaughter of indigenous Papuans, to pave the way for a massive wave of transmigrated Javanese.<br /> <br />With the meteoric rise of the new powerhouses, China and India, Indonesian-occupied West Papua's wealth of oil, gas and minerals precipitates an international power-play for control over the vast natural resources.<br /> <br />Decades have passed since the twenty-three year old Rockefeller disappeared – long presumed dead, when sightings of the heir are widely reported.<br /> <br />Demands for West Papuan independence gain momentum and Australia is again drawn into military conflict with the Indonesian Motherland, Ibu Pertiwi.