Essential Oils For Your Health And Beauty. Lyudmila Ananieva

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Название Essential Oils For Your Health And Beauty
Автор произведения Lyudmila Ananieva
Жанр Спорт, фитнес
Издательство Спорт, фитнес
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9788873040989

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Reduces viscosity of oily skin , deeply clears, purifies.Recipe: Basil oil — 10–12 drops. Jojoba oil — 50 ml. Application:Mix components, put it on the cleaned face.

      Hair toner

      Action: Improves microcirculation , stimulates body growth of hair, adds gloss.Recipe:Coconut milk — ½ glasses.A castor oil — 3 tablespoons.Oil jojoba — 15 drops.Basil oil — 5–7 drops.Application. Mix components and apply on skin,leave for 10 minutes. Then wash away with shampoo, having added to 50 ml of shampoo 15 drops of oil of basil.

      Precautionary measures.

      When drawing on the skin the distinct phototoxic effect is observed.And is forbidden to apply at pregnancy and the increased coagulability of blood. An excessive use can depress nervous system. Can cause irritation to people with sensitive skin.

      Bergamot bergamot1

      Bergamot oil has many useful properties. It is applied as calming, resolvent means for massage of fatigue skin, and also as an antiseptic.

      Bergamot oil also helps to normalize secretion grease and sweat glands, has the ability to narrow skin pores.

      Bergamot essential oil in a cosmetology

      Massage: Stir 5-7 drops of oil of bergamot with 10 g of the basic oil, apply as massage of the body.

      Cosmetics enrichment: add 1 to 5 drops of oil of bergamot to any cream, tonic, conditioner. It will enrich any means, having given it the new qualities contented in bergamot.

      Purifying agent for skin:dissolve in 1 tsp of grape oil 5 drops of oil of bergamot and the same quantity of thyme oil. This means can be rubbed into skin daily anytime.

      Body oil: take sweet-almond oil (50 ml) as basis, add to it 5 drops -bergamot, 5 drops - lemon essential oil, 3 drops -neroli essential oil and 1 drop - rosemary oil. This means has the refreshing and cooling effect.

      Means for aging skin:add 15 ml of glycerin to 75 ml of distilled water, than implicate 5 drops - geranium and 5 drops - bergamot, and also 3 drops - sandal oil. Mix all very well, put everything on a face for the night. This mixture cleans greasy luster skin, normalizes fat metabolism of sebaceous glands.

      Means for hair care: apply 1 drop - bergamot oil on a massage brush and just brush hair. Hair will gain gloss and unforgettable aroma.

      Means for hands and nails: apply 1-2 drops - bergamot oil on hands skin, including nails. Your hands will receive excellent means, cooling, and rejuvenescence effect.


      Treatment by bergamot oil

      Classical recipe: take 1 tablespoon of honey drip 2-5 drops of bergamot oil 30 minutes before taking food. It will help to get rid of an inflammation of "ear-throat- nose" area, will influence well on the bladder. This means is also applied to decrease high temperature, to strengthen the appetite and to exterminate intestinal parasites.


      Bergamot essential oil and sun are incompatible! Therefore, after any procedure with bergamot oil it is forbidden to go out when sun is shining– skin can receive an undesirable pigmentation. For this reason, bergamot essential oil is not used in cosmetics.

      Don't use when suffering from acute diseases of digestive tract, pregnant and epilepsy.

      Vanilla vanilla1

      Action: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,calming (sedative),anti-depressive.

      Essential oil of vanilla is the excellent oil, possessing the very strong energizing action.

      Application in the cosmetics:

      Has a rejuvenating and good impact on skin, making it stronger, elastic and tightened, promoting its regeneration and is water resistant. Removes an inflammation, eliminates nervous rash and irritation. Has the whitening and delustering effect.

      For face and body skin and hair

      Vanilla essential oil is widely used for the care of facial skin and body. Cream and masks often contain this oil. The useful components feed and hydratate cells, removes an inflammation, makes skin silky and elastic.

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