Essential Oils For Your Health And Beauty. Lyudmila Ananieva

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Название Essential Oils For Your Health And Beauty
Автор произведения Lyudmila Ananieva
Жанр Спорт, фитнес
Издательство Спорт, фитнес
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9788873040989

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      This book offers you:

      1. Medicinal properties of Essential Oils and how they can help.

      2. Cosmetic properties.

      3. Recipes of homemade cosmetics with Essential Oils.


      The essential oil of orange represents liquid of yellow or orange color.

      Influence on a human body

      Fresh and sweet orange aroma always was very attractive to people, and it was used for treatment for a long time. The modern researchers showed that the main medicinal properties of this oil are evident in such areas:




       immune stimulating;



      Internal use of this oil is recommended for improvement of work of intestines, increases appetite, lowering of arterial pressure, improvement of metabolism, a decrease of pains. Orange oil must be accepted no more than two drops in a glass of any drink and 2 times per day, not more often.

      1. The essential oil of orange is very efficient for rinsings when angina, stomatitis, and inhalations. Rinsing requires one drop of substance for a glass of water. For steam inhalation take 3 drops of oil for a glass of very hot water.

      2. Dry inhalation - 3 drops of means has the calming and anti-inflammatory properties, but inhale aroma with closed eyes.

      3. Orange oil is used for scrubs, applications compress at joint pains, spasms and spastic pains, cold and angina. Also on gums or a painful tooth, 1:1 orange essential oil with any vegetable oil.

      4. Massage at headaches, cold, a premenstrual syndrome: 3 drops orange mixed with basic oil on a spoon; if the mix is intended for children (for example, for soothing massage), then 1 drop of an essential oil on a 1 teaspoon basic oil is required.

      5. For compress: 3 drops of an essential oil add to a teaspoon with vegetable oil.

      The soothing and relaxing effect of ingredients of oil of orange when suffering from sleeplessness, a stress, an overexcitement. It is very good to use it in a bath, with aroma lamp:

      dose: a ratio – 1 drop on 5 square room meter

      five drops of oil which can be mixed with salt, milk, soda or other emulsifier for a bathtub;

      In a cosmetology, orange oil finds application as very effective remedy fighting against cellulite. It is used at massage (the same, as well as for a medical pulverizing), and also in the form of wrappings. For carrying out wrappings it is necessary to add 5 drops of substance to two tablespoons of any anti-cellulite cream or to 2 tablespoons of cosmetic clay mixed with the water. Such anti-cellulite mixture is applied on problem places and is kept on the body for several hours. Oil of orange restores the elasticity of skin and refreshes it, promotes a resorption of acne, clarifies pigments. This means is especially useful for dry skin and hair, and also when dandruff. It is added to cream, a mask or shampoo just before the use.

      For face care it is necessary to take 3 drops orange oil and 1 tablespoon basic oil, for shampoo the dose can be doubled.

      Orange oil miraculously influences hair: it accelerates its height, eliminates dryness and dandruff, adds gloss and silk effect, besides, gives light pleasant aroma. If you desire long hair, orange essential oil stimulates its growth.

      Several ways how to use it:

       add to shampoo or conditioner : 3-5 drops of oil

       apply few drops on your hair brush,

       use for the preparation of hair mask (mix, for example, on a teaspoon sweet-almond oil with few drops of orange essential oil and keep it warm on your hair not less than half an hour, then wash away with shampoo).

      For nails

      Use it regularly to rub on nail plate and a cuticle. So nails will be stronger and brilliant, protected from dryness and fragility. Carry out such procedure no more, than once a week to avoid allergy.

      For hands : add 1 tablespoons of sea salt and 5 drops of oil in warm water, keep your hands there for a while.

      For Face

      Oil of orange is irreplaceable in fight against many face skin problems.

       For skin with inflammations will be useful such calming mask: beat egg to white add 1 tablespoon of blue clay and 3-4 drops of orange oil.

       Dry tired skin will appreciate a mask from olive oil mixed with orange oil in a proportion 2:1.

       Acne and spots: is good to use orange oil as the real antimicrobial means. It is enough to put of it as points on the inflamed places. Do it only once a day,because it can provoke strong irritation.

      For a body

      And finally – recipes against cellulite on the basis of orange oil.

       add honey and several drops of orange oil to a coffee thick mixture. Use mixture as a scrub for problem zones.

       Also it can be used as basis for anti-cellulite wrapping. Several drops with basic oil on problem places, enjoy wonderful aroma for hour , then wash away with water.

      Basil basil1

      Action:potent antioxidant and anti-microbical, anti-inflammatory.

      Basil essential oil fights against virus, bacteriemic and fungic infections, prophylactics of flu and hair strengthening.

      Action of basil essential oil

      potent antioxidatic and antimicrobic of wide range influence (bacteria, viruses, fungi), anti-inflammatory, anti-sclerosis, desensitizing, antiallergenic, wound healing,anti-anxiety.

      Face, skin, body and hair care

      Having antioxidant properties the oil is widely used in anti-aging cosmetics and its excellent for the care of a problematic skin. Basil oil is a potent natural antioxidant.

      It is necessary to care for face and body daily, to clear and hydrate them in the morning and in the evening. It will help to prevent wrinkles, spots, and an early baldness. The odorous liquid is included in composition of gels and lotions, enriches scrubs, masks, creams.


      Recipes for beauty and health


      Action: Clears, hydrate, and tones up sluggish, dim skin. Recipe: Basil oil — 10–12 drops. Day cream —