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Матрица стройности. Хроника одного эксперимента

Ирина Аскерова

Секрет стройности. Можно ли похудеть без диет, запретов и физической нагрузки? Моя история о пути к себе красивой.

It All Began with Wilt

Cecil Mosenson

Having coached one of the best basketball players to have ever played the game is a great accomplishment, but Cecil Mosenson has a bigger story to tell. In It All Began with Wilt the reader gets to see the power of a coach, the power of a man, and the power of a friend. Armed with the ability to coach and teach, Cecil worked his way through highly acclaimed and successful coaching positions, awards on every level, administrative opportunities, and, ultimately, into the lives of countless teenagers. His kids still thank him for the impact that he had—in sports and life. His inspiration now extends past the court into a wonderfully wrought memoir. Cecil Mosenson shares his life of coaching—starting with Wilt. “I was talking to the other coach and the officials when I happened to glance at Wilt. He had adorned himself with a golf hat, a shimmering white silk scarf and dark sun glasses, I called him over and told him very directly…” (Adam) “Even through the anguish that my father caused, I never wanted it to end. I loved every minute of it, even with the disappointments, the embarrassments, the endless valleys, and that one peak that will live with me forever.” “As if by magic, all the fans stopped in their tracks, turned around, and started back into the stands. It looked to me as if he were holding the Ten Commandments in one hand and the other hand was pointing upwards into the heavens. He was the Charlton Heston of the basketball world.” “This is about the people Mosenson touched, and those who touched him. It began with Wilt, but it hardly ended there.” ―Phil Jasner, Philadelphia Daily News NBA Sports Writer

Hidden Hunger and the Transformation of Food Systems

Группа авторов

Hidden hunger is not about providing enough calories, it is about a lack of micronutrients, which has life-long consequences for the children who are mostly affected. This begins with physical and cognitive developmental disorders and continues with an increased risk of non-communicable diseases and the occurrence of obesity. The book compiles the contributions of the Fourth Congress on Hidden Hunger 2019 as original articles. The focus of the congress was the problem of malnutrition and overweight, which can coexist and is termed a “double burden”. Part of the book deals with the causes of malnutrition and the challenge of achieving an agricultural system that is more focused on food quality. Another part discusses the causes and intervention approaches to tackling childhood obesity, especially in connection with malnutrition. All in all, this publication is a summary of important work by highly renowned authors on the topic of the congress: “Hidden Hunger and the Transformation of Food Systems: How to Combat the Double Burden of Malnutrition?” Like its two predecessors, the book fills an important gap by summarizing the essential aspects for science, applied research, and politics at a high level.

Global Landscape of Nutrition Challenges in Infants and Children

Группа авторов

Malnutrition among children remains a persistent problem around the world. This publication aims to map the challenges within the global landscape of childhood nutrition and considers the importance of nutrition both prior to conception and in children beyond two years of age. Session I provides an updated picture of malnutrition around the world, the recent progress that has been made in eliminating malnutrition in all its forms and several data limitations to track such progress. The role of milk in early life is covered in session II. The chapters describe different aspects of cow’s milk and the possible role of optimized plant proteins as an alternative to dairy ingredients in treating children with severe acute malnutrition. Session III considers the ramifications of environmental constraints to healthy child growth. The chapters cover the issue of how persistent gut damage and systemic inflammation can precipitate malnutrition as well as the putative effects of alterations in the gut microbiota. This overview of diverse issues is relevant to the epidemiology, biology of nutrition in early life, programmatic implications, and future directions.

The Impact of Nutrition and Diet on Oral Health

Группа авторов

Most oral diseases are preventable, yet they remain the most globally common noncommunicable disorders, affecting people throughout their lifetime. Lifestyle, including diet and food choice, is central to the occurrence of oral disease. Nutrition and diet can impact the development and status of the oral cavity as well as the progression of illness. Also, poor oral health can influence the ability to eat and, consequently, to maintain an adequate diet and nutrient balance. This book, consisting of 14 chapters, provides current information on the impact of nutrients (macro- and micro-elements and vitamins) and diet on oral health and vice versa (i.e., the impact of oral health on diet/nutrition). It also reviews possible oral health effects of probiotics as well as relationships between genotype and diet, which are important for determining oral disease risk. This book is a helpful resource for under- and postgraduate students. It will also be useful to dentists and nutritionists/dietitians as they integrate nutrition education into medical practice.

Mountain Bike: Park City

Jared Hargrave

Park City, Utah, is the world’s first International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) gold-level ride center. Already famous for its ski resort, the city features over 400 miles of singletrack. Its mountain-bike friendly infrastructure includes two lift-serviced, downhill mountain bike parks (Deer Valley and Park City Resort); a free, bike-friendly shuttle system; and numerous outdoor shops that rent and sell gear. But it’s the singletrack network around Park City that is the real attraction–epic ascents and descents, long traverses, technical sections, man-made features, steep climbs, gentle grades, flowing downhills, and stunning views. There’s a ride here for every ability! Each route includes: <ul> <li>Trail type, distance, elevation gain/loss, high point</li> <li>Estimated ride time, technical difficulty, aerobic intensity</li> <li>Route overview, detailed mileage log, options to shorten or extend when available</li> <li>Photo, map, trailhead GPS coordinates</li> </ul> It’s the perfect time for a detailed guidebook to Park City trails for mountain biking locals and tourists alike.

Washington Wildflower Hikes

Nathan Barnes

From flower-filled alpine meadows to streams lined with delicate Scouler’s corydalis blooms, and from lakes covered in water lilies to Dr. Seussian drifts of bear grass, Washington offers something for every hiker–and flower lover. Brothers Nathan and Jeremy Barnes lead hikers on 50 trails to seasonal floral displays, ranging across varied landscapes. Features include: <ul> <li>Basics of wildflower identification</li> <li>Tips for photographing wildflowers</li> <li>“Hike Finder,” which includes flowering season, trail difficulty, distance, and more</li> <li>50 detailed wildflower profiles, including common and botanical names, description, botanical background</li> <li>Stunning images throughout</li> </ul> Along with its showcased species, each handpicked route includes a detailed topo map, turn-by-turn route description, history of the area, and list of other wildflowers found along the trail.

Тренируемся дома. Мощная система упражнений без спецусловий

Марк Лорен

В этой книге Марк Лорен (профессиональный тренер спецназа) делится принципами своей потрясающе эффективной программы – простые упражнения, для которых требуется лишь сопротивление вашего тела, плюс правильное питание позволят вам выглядеть идеально за очень короткие сроки. Вооружившись нашими мотивационными техниками, программой тренировок и советами по питанию, вы очень скоро добьетесь заметных результатов, занимаясь всего по 30 минут в день 4 раза в неделю – хоть в гостиной, хоть в гараже, хоть в парке, хоть в офисе. Упражнения в этой книге делают ваши мышцы более сильными, чем при занятиях в спортзале, позволяют сжечь больше калорий, чем при аэробных нагрузках, и они более безопасны, чем первые и вторые, а также позволяют избежать серьезных повреждений и развивают чувство баланса. Выберите свой уровень подготовки – нулевой, базовый, мастер или профессиональный спортсмен – и начинайте работать над собой, следуя понятным описаниям упражнений, которые проработают каждую мышцу вашего тела – от шеи до пяток. Забудьте о платных абонементах в спортзал – они вам больше не понадобятся. Лучший фитнес-тренажер уже при вас – ваше собственное тело. В формате PDF A4 сохранен издательский макет книги.