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The 50 Greatest Players in Chicago Bears History

Robert W. Cohen

In The 50 Greatest Players in Chicago Bears History , sports historian Robert W. Cohen ranks the top 50 players ever to perform for one of the NFL's most historic franchises. This work includes quotes from the subjects themselves and former teammates, photos, recaps of memorable performances and greatest individual seasons, as well as a statistical summary of each player's career with the Bears. The Bears' best are profiled here in what is bound to be a much discussed book among the team's broad fan base. An added bonus are the "honorable mentions," the next 25 players who have contributed to the Bears' astounding run as one of America's great sports teams.

Hike the Parks Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

Scott Turner

Whether you’re visiting for a day or exploring for a week, this guide provides intel on the best hikes and walks, as well as views, giant trees, camping, and more to help visitors make the most of these magnificent parks. Featured attractions are easily accessible from the parks’ main roads, and 40 carefully selected day hikes range from easy to challenging. Other features include: <ul> <li>Park basics: visitor centers, permits and fees, info on gateway towns, fun facts</li> <li>"Must-see" sights within the park</li> <li>Overview of the parks' flora and fauna</li> <li>Brief tips and advice for non-hiking activities</li> <li>Overview of park campgrounds and lodging</li> <li>Park and hiking safety</li> </ul>

Athlete Unleashed

Aaron Robinet

Back Cover

We all have two roads upon which we can choose. The first road is to allow our limiting beliefs such as fear, anger, and doubt to shackle us and hinder our ability to achieve our true desires in life. Athlete Unleashed helps you navigate the second road, which allows you to break free from those shackles, find your passion, and gives you the steps to unleash your best inner athlete!
Back when I was a high school baseball player, guidance and strength training for high school sports was not too advanced. The unfortunate truth is that for current athletes, the training practices have not advanced much. Current training practices are little better than general run-of-the-mill fitness for most of our athletes, and they deserve better. They deserve a program that allows them the chance to compete at the highest level they desire, while achieving peak health and fitness.
Whether you are attempting to make the team, or you are ready to achieve your next level of athletics, this is the book for you. Athlete Unleashed helps guide you to find your passion while guiding you in addressing the key components to become more successful. These components include developing the proper mindset, balancing your work effort with the appropriate recovery, specific nourishment for your needs, the right movement for your success, the steps for injury prevention, recovery from injury, and the planning for your season—as well as your future!

The Pelman System of Mind and Memory Training - Lessons I to XII


A step by step guide for anybody wishing to increase their memory. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.


Koon Teck Koh

Basketball: A Guide for Physical Education Teachers and Coaches is a valuable resource for those beginning to teach the sport or even seasoned coaches looking for a fresh approach to the game. The practical guide is a consolidated effort from two authors who have taught and coached the sport at various levels for many decades. Their aim is to share knowledge and sound pedagogical approaches in teaching and coaching basketball.This book will show you how to teach fundamental skills and concepts progressively through fun and innovative ways. It includes many modified games and examples of lesson plans aim to develop competent and confident learners through differentiated instruction. In this guide, Koh and Wang advocate the importance of taking a 'game-based' approach to develop good decision-making skills in the game. You will be able to select different types of content with a skill/concept, plan and deliver a teaching/coaching session to cater to different groups of learners.Complete with numerous tactics, skills and tips, Basketball: A Guide for Physical Education Teachers and Coaches is a wealth of information for instructors.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>A Brief History of Basketball</li><li>Equipment and Facilities</li><li>Playing Positions</li><li>The Basic Rules</li><li>Teaching/Coaching Approaches</li><li>Suggested Teaching/Coaching Sequences</li><li>FIBA 3 x 3: Modified Game</li><li>Samples of Basketball Skills Rubric</li><li>Sample Lesson Plans</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Physical education teachers, basketball coaches, basketball beginners and students, anyone interested in learning how to teach basketball.Basketball;Physical Education;Coaching;Plays00

How To Play Billiards

Tom Newman