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    Summer in the Land of Skin

    Jody Gehrman

    Twenty-five-year-old Anna–restless, famished and emotionally numb–is following the long-cold trail of her father, a celebrated luthier, whose death has always haunted her.She's tracked his former business partner to a sailboat on Bellingham Bay, determined to pry from the old man the secrets of their guitarmaking trade, and maybe a few answers about her father.Anna catches an echo of her musical father in Arlan, guitar player for a local band. Soon she's living on his sofa, hanging out with his girlfriend–having friends for the first time, even. And if Anna's new friends do drugs, read her journal and leave open a few too many bedroom doors, who's to say they aren't real friends? And if Anna has feelings for Arlan, who's to say where her loyalty lies?During a single summer's worth of days, gin-soaked and colored with longing, Anna rediscovers her senses, shut down since her father's death, and finds that the only way to get free of her past is to embrace it.

    St Piran's: Daredevil, Doctor...Dad!

    Anne Fraser

    The Playboy of St Piran! Air rescue doc William ‘Mac’ MacNeil is St Piran’s resident daredevil…and playboy! He’s used to women falling at his feet – everyone except new nurse Abby Stevens!Mac’s roguish charm gives Abby butterflies – but are they in anticipation of his delicious kisses…or of the bombshell she’s about to drop that will turn his life upside down?St Piran’s Hospital Where every drama has a dreamy doctor… and a happy ending

    St Piran’s: Rescuing Pregnant Cinderella

    Carol Marinelli

    Will St Piran’s Cinderella get her happy-ever-after?Single and pregnant, Dr Izzy Bailey is nervous on her first day back at St Piran’s Hospital. Is everyone talking behind her back? It seems the only person to quieten the gossip—and the tiny babies—is neo-natal nurse Diego Ramirez.Diego can see the walls around Izzy’s heart, but this knee-wobblingly charming Spaniard finds a way to make her smile. Until she goes into labour dangerously early…Watching Diego cradle her fragile newborn baby in his strong, tanned arms makes Izzy think this just might be the beginning of a fairytale for all three of them…St Piran’s HospitalWhere every drama has a dreamy doctor…and a happy ending

    Seduced Into Her Boss's Service


    This tycoon plays to win!When widower Stefano Gunn meets trainee lawyer Sunny Porter he’s instantly sure of two things – she’s the perfect person to take care of his daughter and is by far the most sinfully seductive woman he’s ever seen!Once Stefano has ruthlessly coaxed Sunny to trade her lawyer’s robes for a nanny’s apron, he turns his attention to their undeniable attraction. Sunny might be reluctant to breach the barrier between professional and personal, but this billionaire didn’t get where he is by running from a challenge. And in this game of seduction he will win…Discover more at www.millsandboon.co.uk/cathywilliams

    Scene of the Crime: Mystic Lake

    Carla Cassidy

    When FBI profiler Amberly Nightsong is sent to Mystic Lake to consult with local cops about three ritualistic murders, the last thing she expects is to be a piece in a madman's sick puzzle. Luckily, she has a sexy lawman on her side.Sheriff Cole Caldwell offers his protection–and stirs an awareness that leaves her breathless.Cole, a widower, had shut himself off from the possibility of loving again. But as he works side by side with the single mom, he's drawn to Amberly and will do anything to erase the fear in her eyes. And as the danger intensifies in the form of a killer's twisted calling card, his vow to keep her and her young son safe will be put to the ultimate test.…

    Scene of the Crime: Bachelor Moon

    Carla Cassidy

    FBI profiler Sam Connelly had come to Daniella Butler's remote Louisiana bed-and-breakfast to escape the consuming horrors of his job – and the dark demons he fears lurk in his own soul. But finding a dead body on her property changes everything. There's no room in his life – in his heart – for a family. Or so he thinks, until a killer's threat places his irresistible innkeeper and her young daughter under his protection.Now, as the obsessed psychopath inches closer to possessing Daniella, Sam must call upon his elite skills to track his target and keep the beautiful blonde and her child safe. Defending them becomes his greatest challenge. Losing them is not even an option.

    One Night She Would Never Forget

    Amy Andrews

    One night to rewrite the rule book! Spontaneity is not in Miranda Dean’s vocabulary. Life as a single mum with a demanding career leaves no time for anything impulsive! But that’s before the appearance of the delectable Dr Patrick Costello!Miranda has been resisting all men’s charms, but there is something about Patrick – his gentle eyes, his cheeky smile, the feeling that she’s always known him… So when he takes her by the hand she knows this will be one night she’ll never forget!

    One Month to Become a Mum

    Louisa George

    Jessie Price has lost her only chance at motherhood – it’s a constant hurt, until she meets sinfully sexy single dad Dr Luke McKenzie and his gorgeous little girl.Luke’s intoxicating kisses and his daughter’s adoring hugs have Jessie longing for the impossible. But she’s a temporary locum, the clock’s ticking – and there’s only a month to make all her wishes come true…