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    The Bitter Price Of Love


    Mistress for hire! Hunter Jamieson has been furious to discover that his cousin's intended bride was the same little gold digger who had run out on him only days before. And it seemed Reba Wyeth was up to her old tricks… . She needed money – fast. And marrying Eliot Thorson III seemed the perfect deal. He'd get a beautiful woman on his arm.Reba would get the cash. Simple. Only Hunter Jamieson stood in her way. She had made the mistake of falling for the man, only to have to say goodbye. She'd had her reasons, of course, but Hunter wasn't interested in explanations – only revenge! The wedding was off! If Reba wanted money she could have it, but on one condition – that she become his mistress!Of Trail of Love: «Amanda Browning's portrayal of one woman's difficult search for the truth packs a wallop in itself, but when paired with an obsessive love, readers get twice the fun.» – Romantic Times

    The Best Man's Plan


    IN THE NAME OF…LOVE?Dating Bryan Falcon was only supposed to be a decoy, something for the tabloids to latch on to and run with. Still, Grace Pennington never expected to actually have feelings for the hard-core businessman. And although she'd simply promised her twin sister that she'd «date» Bryan until her sister's nuptials and then say goodbye, Grace sensed an attraction between herself and Bryan that was hard to deny. But were Bryan's signals for real, or was he doing an excellent job of playing the doting boyfriend? Either way, Grace knew that–if she let him–Bryan Falcon could invade parts of her life she had fiercely protected for years.For that reason alone, they had to part ways, no strings attached–and no broken hearts…. Or so she thought.

    The Best Husband In Texas

    Lass Small

    MEN of the YEAR MAN of the MONTH"I won't rest 'til I make that elusive filly my bride." – Austin Farrell, prime Texas husband material Ranchin' man Austin Farrell had loved Iris Smith since childhood. Though he'd never said the words, he always believed he was the only man for her. Then she married… and was widowed. Not once, but three times!Now the gentle beauty was back in Texas, and Austin was determined to lavish her with tender, lovin' care. And prove to her that this cowboy would never leave his destined bride's side… .Some men are made for lovin' – and you'll love our MAN OF THE MONTH!

    The Bad Son

    Linda Warren

    The Baby Quilt

    Christine Flynn

    The Astrologer's Daughter

    Paula Marshall

    Bedding a lady…for his own gain!Sir Christopher Carlyon yearned to leave the dissipation of court, to have again the settled life he knew before the war. The only way was to accept a disgraceful bet from the Duke of Buckingham. If he could bed the astrologer's daughter, Celia Antiquis, the duke would give him the manor of Latter.When he met Celia she confounded all of Kit's expectations. She truly was the chaste woman of her repute, but also so very alluring! To seduce her would be a pleasure indeed, but how could Kit ruin her for his own gain?

    The Alaskan Rescue

    Dominique Burton

    A Place For Wild Hearts To HealSashi Hansen came to Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, to work herself closer to her dream: her own ballet studio. Instead, a wild bear has landed her in a nightmare. Her leg is broken, and she may never dance again. Her heart is broken with the loss of her best friend. And her mind… well, she’s confused.Her savior, Dr. Cole Stevens, is sending mixed signals. She’s never received such loving care – but it seems the healer needs healing, too, from his own, private pain and loss. Sashi’s ready and willing, but can’t get close. With everything that Alaska throws at him, why can’t this courageous bush doctor handle his own heart?

    The Adventurous Bride

    Miranda Jarrett

    A proper lady…and an improper lord!Lady Mary Farren is a sensible, practical country girl. But on her long-awaited Grand Tour, she's determined to find adventure. She's thrilled when the chance purchase of an unusual painting draws her into a mystery…and brings her to the attention of a handsome stranger!Lord Fitzgerald thought she was just another pampered British miss–until he was confronted by her keen intelligence. Knowing full well that an impoverished Irish peer was no match for a duke's daughter, John still couldn't tear himself away from the ravishing Lady Mary…or the painting, said to hold clues to a fortune in gold.Grand Passion on the Grand Tour!

    The Adventurer's Bride

    June Francis

    IN WANT OF A RESPECTABLE WIFE… Widow Jane Caldwell is practically destitute when famed explorer Nicholas Hurst seeks shelter – with his baby daughter hidden under his coat! Wounded and on the run from his enemies, Nicholas is as darkly attractive as she remembers and she can’t deny him aid.Adventurer Nicholas seeks to settle down, and Jane would make a highly respectable wife! But, cowed by duty for too long, Jane yearns for a love and passion Nicholas cannot give her… until he learns to open his heart.

    The Accidental Bodyguard

    Ann Major

    CELEBRATION 1000 MAN OF THE MONTHMR. JUNE The Man: Lucas Broderick – powerhouse lawyer. The Job: Millions had been left to a conniving «goody-two-shoes.» Lucas's mission? To break the will. Accident about to happen: Beautiful mystery heiress Bethany Ann Moran – a.k.a. Chandra. Lucas Broderick had been hired for the case of the century!The Moran family matriarch had died, leaving her fortune to Bethany Ann – the «dark horse» granddaughter. But Bethany never arrived to claim her inheritance… and coincidentally Lucas wound up with an alluring amnesiac hiding out in his house. Lucas knew the gorgeous stranger was trouble, but nothing would stop him from protecting her. Even though Chandra bore a remarkable resemblance to Bethany Ann Moran… .MAN OF THE MONTH: Can Lucas save her from the dangerous past? He has to – and this time he'll make Chandra his bride! Find out in this exciting Celebration 1000 MAN OF THE MONTH.