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    Colby Brass

    Debra Webb

    Close Neighbors

    Dawn Stewardson

    Classified Cowboy

    Mallory Kane

    Christmas Nights

    Sally Wentworth

    Christmas Justice

    Robin Perini

    Christmas Fantasy

    Janelle Denison

    Christmas Elopement

    Anne Eames

    THE BOSS SAYS «BAH, HUMBUG.»Ever had a tall, dark and scrumptiously sexy boss? So desirable that you wish he'd be waiting under your Christmas tree on December 24, wearing nothing but a red ribbon around his neck? But so scroogelike that he's planning to cancel the company party, enforce the «no-dating co-workers» policy and spend the holidays shredding mistletoe?Sounds just like Carrie Sargent's boss. So how did the woman who was one eggnog away from saying «I quit!» ever get Cash Cunningham to merrily say «I do!» at a wedding chapel on Christmas Eve? … THE GROOM SAYS «I DO!»

    Christmas Countdown

    Jan Hambright

    Christmas Babies

    Ellen James

    Cheyenne Dad

    Sheri WhiteFeather

    Even champion bull rider Dakota Graywolf could not defy Cheyenne tradition. So when Annie Winters asked him to be her husband– and father to three Native American boys– he accepted with reluctance…and pride. Dakota expected his honor to bring a reward– his wife' s passion. He longed to know voluptuous Annie in every way, every night. But she held their paper marriage like a shield, protecting her innocence. Still, this modern warrior would have this woman in his marriage bed. And she would cherish him body and soul…But how long before Dakota realized the only way to capture Annie… was to love her?