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    Coming Undone

    Stephanie Tyler

    Oh no! Surfer–make that ex-surfer–Carly Winters can't believe she accidentally faxed an erotic letter to…a secure military line? Now navy SEAL Jonathon «Hunt» Huntington is at her door, fax in hand, asking her how the fantasy ends.Talk about fate… Because Carly's parents think Hunt is her new boyfriend, and Carly does need a wedding date ASAP. Hunt's ready to play–only on one condition. Carly's got to teach him to hang ten. Problem is it's been a while since Carly's career-ending accident and she's terrified of anything aqua. But with Hunt, letting go just may make her fantasy a reality!

    Coming Soon

    Jo Leigh

    Manhattan's sexy adults-only hotel is now a crime scene. And concierge Mia Traverse–self-described CSI addict–is on the case. Whether it's hunting down extra-soft pillows for a fussy guest or tracking down a murderer, Mia loves solving a mystery.With her grapevine connections and her plucky determination, she knows she can be a big help to the hot detective in charge.With just a few months left on the force, Bax Milligan needs all the help he can get on this high-profile whodunit. But he hadn't counted on vivacious, beautiful Mia becoming the Watson to his Holmes, reviving that old thrill of solving a crime…and triggering a few new thrills. Now the case isn't the only thing he wants to put to bed….

    Comanche Vow

    Sheri WhiteFeather

    Comanche Born…Comanche Bound Nick Bluestone had made a solemn vow to wed his twin brother's widow, raising their child the Comanche way. The desirable Elaina would be his wife, but Nick could never forget the decision had been his brother's, not hers. Elaina had convinced herself marrying Nick had nothing to do with their mutual attraction.What she felt for Nick was more intense…and much more dangerous. She'd lost her heart to a Bluestone once–did she dare allow her new Comanche husband entrance to her soul?

    Colorado Courtship

    Carolyn Davidson

    Choose A Man Or Be Left Behind!So said the code of the West for women alone on wagon trains. But newly widowed Jessica Beaumont had a baby on the way, and what kind of man would willingly take on another man's child? Apparently the rugged, handsome kind, for wagon-train scout Finn Carson staked his claim on her early…and swore never to let go!Finn Carson Was An Honest Manwho honestly wanted Jessica Beaumont to cherish and love forever. But would this fetching beauty accept him if she discovered his connection to the danger stalking her? Or would their chance at happiness be lost before it was truly found?

    Colonel Daddy

    Maureen Child

    COLONEL DAD… AND MAJOR MOM?Impossible! Could it be that Major Kate Jennings was going to be Major Mom? And the devastatingly handsome marine she'd had a long-distance relationship with was going to be a daddy – Colonel Daddy that is! Suddenly things were very complicated.Especially now that Colonel Tom Candello was her newly assigned boss… . Kate was sure the confirmed bachelor would offer her a marriage of convenience – after all, that was the honorable thing to do. Trouble was, how could Kate every agree to an in-name-only union when her heart had secretly ached for Tom all along?BACHELOR BATTALION: Defending their country is their duty; love and marriage is their reward!

    Collecting Evidence

    Rita Herron

    Colby Lockdown

    Debra Webb

    Colby Justice

    Debra Webb

    Colby Core

    Debra Webb

    Colby Control

    Debra Webb