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    The Childhood of Theodore Roosevelt

    Stratemeyer Edward

    Edward L. Stratemeyer (1862-1930) was an American publisher and writer of children's fiction. He was one of the most prolific writers in the world, and a founder of the Stratemeyer Literary Syndicate, where he hired journalists to write stories based on his ideas. Stratemeyer created many well-known fictional book series for juveniles, including The Rover Boys, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew series. Excerpt: "The life of Theodore Roosevelt is one well worth studying by any American boy who wishes to make something of himself and mount high on the ladder of success. The twenty-sixth President of our country is a fine type of the true American of to-day, full of vim and vigor, quick to comprehend, and equally quick to act, not afraid to defend his opinions against all comers when satisfied that he is in the right, independent, and yet not lacking in fine social qualities, physically and morally courageous, and with a faith in himself and his God that is bound to make for good so long as he clings to it."

    The Wedding Chest Mystery (Musaicum Vintage Mysteries)

    Dorothy Fielding

    A gift of an ornate Chinese chest ends up becoming the coffin of the receiver. Who killed him? And, why was his body put inside the same chest that was supposed to be exhibited in a party? Chief Inspector Pointer must solve the clues to this locked-room mystery and find the killer before it's too late! Excerpt: "Mr.Farrant to see you, sir, Very urgent.Mr. William Farrant." The private inquiry agent smoothed his forehead and nodded as he glanced at a calendar of social events which his clerk prepared for him daily. A moment later a young man was shown in. He was of big build, but moved with a step so noiseless that even now, when he came forward and shook Schofild's outstretched hand, no footfall could be heard, and the room had parquet flooring."

    The Charteris Mystery (Musaicum Vintage Mysteries)

    Dorothy Fielding

    Rose Charteris' dead body at the bottom of a sand pit let the onlookers believe that probably she died due to a freak accident… But Chief Inspector Pointer is deeply suspicious as there are many people who will directly benefit from her murder! Excerpt: "Cockburn thought that the colonel looked vexed. An old scar on his forehead blazed a bar of crimson. A sign of anger. Yet he could hardly be annoyed with the girls for knowing where the professor was. But already the colonel had puzzled him on the courts. Generally a fine player—to-day! Cockburn eyed him as he cut a cigar unevenly, and decided that something was up. It was not Colonel Scarlett's habit to chip a Corona like that. Nor to hold it so tightly that it leaked. Nor to smoke it at a pace which would turn it into an overheated cabbage stalk."

    The Edda (Norse Mythology)

    L. Winifred Faraday

    The Edda is a thoroughly researched study on the Norse mythology through the analysis of an Old Norse work of literature written in Iceland during the early 13th century. Edda is considered the fullest and most detailed source for modern knowledge of Norse mythology. Scholarly approach and conducted research have allowed the author to determine the age of the different versions of various myths.

    A New England Tale (Romance Classic)

    Catharine Maria Sedgwick

    Jane Elton is left orphaned by both of her parents who die due to unpredictable ailments.After this traumatic experience, Jane is taken in by herselfish and overbearing aunt Mrs. Wilson's. Faced with a repressive Calvinism practiced by her aunt, and the conservative and rural mentality of her new New England home, Jane longs to break free. She grows up to be a beautiful young woman who catches the eye of many gentlemen lurking around Mrs. Wilson's residence. Still struggling to identify with who she really, while constantly conflicting with her aunt, Jane chooses one of her wooers and marries him out of desperation, although her heart is with another man. Her struggles continue in form of a romantic triangle threatening to end fatally, with many other obstacles standing in the way of her happiness.

    The Abandoned Room (Musaicum Murder Mysteries)

    Charles Wadsworth Camp

    Bobby Brown's grandfather is murdered and no one knows how did the killer enter the locked room? Excerpt: "The night of his grandfather's mysterious death at the Cedars, Bobby Blackburn was, at least until midnight, in New York. He was held there by the unhealthy habits and companionships which recently had angered his grandfather to the point of threatening a disciplinary change in his will. As a consequence he drifted into that strange adventure which later was to surround him with dark shadows and overwhelming doubts."

    Bertha's Christmas Vision: 20 Holiday Stories

    Alger Horatio Jr.

    Bertha's Christmas Vision – An Autumn Sheaf is a collection of 20 charming and warmhearted Christmas stories. Table of Contents: Little Floy; or, How a Miser was reclaimed My Castle Miss Henderson's Thanksgiving Day Little Charlie Bertha's Christmas Vision Wide-Awake The First Tree planted by an Ornamental Tree Society The Royal Carpenter of Amsterdam Our Gabrielle The Veiled Mirror Summer Hours The Prize Painting The Child of the Street Lost and Found Geraldine The Christmas Gift My Picture Gottfried the Scholar Innocence Peter Plunkett's Adventure

    The Maid of Honour (Historical Novel)

    Wingfield Lewis

    "The Maid of Honour" is a historical novel set in the turbulent times of the French Revolution. Extract: "The queen was enchanted with the success of her protégée, who was speedily surrounded by an increasing circle of danglers who minced with toes turned out, shook back their costly ruffles, and lisped the most honeyed compliments from morn to dewy eve. She enjoyed her new position vastly, was blithe as a young bird, and gazed fearlessly on into a future, which seemed an interminable vista paved with roses. Nor was she the least spoilt by adulation. She liked flattery, as every pretty woman does, but looked forward at no very distant period to the sober, substantial enjoyment of calm domestic happiness. When it pleased her parents to provide a spouse, she was prepared to take him to her heart as a dutiful daughter should, and lavish on him all the treasures of a young and guileless affection."

    Isabel Clarendon (Historical Novel)

    George Gissing

    Isabel Clarendon is a young woman who gets married and enjoys all the traits that life offers, but it doesn't lasts. Her husband gets ill and goes through three years of agony before he dies. Isabel, whose mother also died, then meets Bernard Kingcote, lonely and eccentric man who is left to make a way in the world without the bourgeois advantage of family money. Unaware of that they have already met very long time ago, the two become friends and their relationship slowly develops to something more. However, with Isabel's relived tragedy and Kingcote's eccentric ways, their relationship encounters troubles.

    Love & Lust in Regency Novels: Collection of Historical Romance Books

    Georgette Heyer

    Musaicum Books presents to you this meticulously edited romance ollection. Content: Fantomina (Eliza Haywood) The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless (Eliza Haywood) The Fortunate Foundlings (Eliza Haywood) Belinda (Maria Edgeworth) Patronage (Maria Edgeworth) Dangerous Liaisons (Pierre Choderlos de Laclos) Evelina (Fanny Burney) Cecilia (Fanny Burney) Camilla (Fanny Burney) The Wanderer (Fanny Burney) Mary: A Fiction (Mary Wollstonecraft) Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austen) Mansfield Park (Jane Austen) Emma (Jane Austen) Persuasion (Jane Austen) Miss Marjoribanks (Mrs. Olifant) Phoebe, Junior (Mrs. Olifant) Vanity Fair (William Makepeace Thackeray) Pamela (Samuel Richardson) Anti-Pamela (Eliza Haywood) Shamela (Henry Fielding) Powder and Patch (Georgette Heyer) The Black Moth: A Romance of the XVIIIth Century (Georgette Heyer)