10,000 NOs. Matthew Del Negro

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Название 10,000 NOs
Автор произведения Matthew Del Negro
Жанр Банковское дело
Издательство Банковское дело
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9781119691853

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      Table of Contents

      1  Cover

      2  Introduction

      3  CHAPTER 1: Getting Started Keep It Simple, Stupid Before You Take Your First Step, Ask Yourself Why You're Moving Everybody Needs Some Billy Sometimes

      4  CHAPTER 2: Work Ethic Nature versus Nurture Getting to Know Fear The West Wing Experience Nobody Walks on the Hill!

      5  CHAPTER 3: Performance, Anxiety, and Instinct Two Sides of the Same Coin You Can Take the Kid Out of the Black Box … Doesn't Take Much to Be Knocked Off Course There Are Hit Shows … and There Are Hits in Shows Instincts: Trust Your Gut

      6  CHAPTER 4: Discipline and Training The Game Is Won or Lost Before You Even Take the Field Buy Speed If You're Gonna Talk the Talk, Ya Gotta Walk the Walk The Right Way Is the Way that Works for You

      7  CHAPTER 5: Risk Conquer or Die Don't Take It Personally, Take It Professionally What Goes Up Must Come Down Free-fallin'

      8  CHAPTER 6: Perseverance Perseverance Is for Everyone Sometimes Life Is Going to Pancake You Is Your Biggest Break a Few Doors Down the Hallway?

      9  CHAPTER 7: Reframing It's Not the Canvas, It's What You See in the Canvas There's No Business Like Show Business Out of Work? Start a Podcast!

      10  CHAPTER 8: Surrender The Art of Fighting Without Fighting The “All Is Lost” Moment Is Not Only in Movies Grown Men Shouldn't Punch Walls Take Your Medicine and the Cure Will Find You

      11  CHAPTER 9: Transformation The Caterpillar, the Cocoon, and the Butterfly There Are No Small Parts, Only Small Actors A Cobbled-Together “Career” Breathing in Rarefied Air

      12  CHAPTER 10: Leadership You Can't Have Leadership Without Relationships Don't Be a Grinch: Serve Humility: Next-Level Leadership Delegating: The Art of Getting Help Big Star Does Not Mean Oversized Ego

      13  CHAPTER 11: Meditation and Relaxation Welcome to the New Age Being a Straight-A Student Is Overrated “You Are Enough”

      14  CHAPTER 12: Belief and Faith Don't Be the Guy (or Gal) Who Woke Up on Third Base Thinking He Hit a Triple Create Your Own System for Gratitude Why Not Me? Losing the Battle but Winning the War Keep Your Own Scorecard and Start with Easy Wins You Don't Need a Scorecard to Know If You Won or Lost

      15  CHAPTER 13: The Subconscious Dreamwork A Hollywood Nightmare of Self-Sabotage

      16  Chapter 14: Just Be a Good Person Live the Golden Rule Nice Guys Don't Always Finish Last