Sea Adventure Novel. Фредерик Марриет


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Sea Adventure Novel

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isbn 4066338130358

Автор произведения Фредерик Марриет

Жанр Языкознание


Издательство Bookwire

Midshipman easy is an open-hearted joyful led, who joins the navy of admiral Nelson lead by the romantic ideals planted in his head by his father, a philosopher. Having gone through Napoleonic wars, Mr. Easy matures, learns the officer craft, meets new friends and true love. Through the storyline, he gradually casts off his father's ideals of equality and the reuse of the property. His friend, an escaped slave and former African prince helps him get out of trouble he encounters while serving on several British ships. Having matured, Easy comes back home, takes up and revives the family business, and finally proposes to the love of his life.