Self-Coaching Leadership. Angus I. McLeod, Ph.D.

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Self-Coaching Leadership

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isbn 9780470516201

Автор произведения Angus I. McLeod, Ph.D.

Жанр Малый бизнес


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

Generally, leadership is about influencing people to make big things happen. Management is a process of organizing people to get things done. They are different skills, but equally critical to success in today’s workplace. The key is to know which approach works best in which situation. Written in a clear, simple style, Self-Coaching Leadership redefines and demystifies the journey to leadership. Angus McLeod’s no-nonsense thinking, straightforward approach and practical tools enable readers to more easily identify when a leader is needed – and coach themselves toward improved influence, performance and effectiveness.