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    Essential Statistics for Bioscientists

    Mohammed Meah

    Dive into the most common statistical tests and software packages used for scientific data analysis and interpretation  In Essential Statistics For Bioscientists , experienced university and bioscientist Dr Mohammed Meah delivers easy access to statistical analysis and data presentation. It is a great resource for students in the field of life and health sciences to conceptualize, analyze, and present data. This book uses three popular and commonly used statistics softwares—Microsoft Excel, Graphpad Prism, and SPSS—and offers clear, step-by-step instructions for essential data analysis and graphical/tabular display of data.  Beginning with fundamental statistics terminology and concepts, including data types, descriptive statistics (central and spread of data), exploratory statistics (graphical display) and inferential statistics (hypothesis testing and correlation), the content gradually builds in complexity, explaining which statistical test is best suited and how to perform it.  A thorough introduction to basic statistical terms and building up to an advanced level of statistical application- ideal for those new to study of statistics Extensive application of three popular software packages- Microsoft Excel, Graphpad Prism and SPSS Numerous hands-on examples of performing data analysis using Microsoft Excel, Graphpad Prism, and SPSS Considers the limitations and errors of statistical analysis Essential reading for those designing and planning a research project in Biosciences Perfect for undergraduate students in the life and health sciences,  Essential Statistics For Bioscientists  will also earn a place in the libraries of anyone studying medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacy, and dentistry requiring a refresher or primer on statistical fundamentals.

    Fantasy Football For Dummies

    Martin A. Schulman

    Get in the game and start building your dream team Millions of people worldwide play fantasy football, and you can join the fun with Fantasy Football For Dummies . We’ll teach you the basics and give you the skills you need to create and manage your ultimate fantasy team. Learn how to scout and draft players, use the best strategies to compete against other fantasy owners, and win your fantasy league championship. You can easily manage your team and stay up to date on player stats with the how-tos and insider tips in this book. Check out this fun and entertaining guide to fantasy football and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful fantasy team owner, manager, and coach. Understand how fantasy football works Learn about the various fantasy league options Draft and manage your fantasy team, and change your roster effectively week to week Maximize your chances of winning with effective tips and strategiesThis Dummies guide—updated with the latest apps and rule changes—is for the millions of people who are already playing fantasy football today and want to improve their fantasy league performance, and it’s perfect for beginners interested in joining a league and learning the basics. Yes—that means you!

    String Theory For Dummies

    Andrew Zimmerman Jones

    Unravel the secrets of the universe and untangle cutting-edge physics Yes, you actually can understand quantum physics! String Theory For Dummies is a beginner’s guide, and we make it fun to find out about the all the recent trends and theories in physics, including the basics of string theory, with friendly explanations. Build a foundation of physics knowledge, understand the various string theories and the math behind them, and hear what the opponents to string theory have to say. It’s an exciting time to be alive in advanced physics, and this updated edition covers what’s new in the string world—the Large Hadron Collider, the Higgs Boson, gravitational waves, and lots of other big headlines. Unleash your inner armchair physicist with String Theory For Dummies . Brush up on the basics of physics and the approachable math needed to understand string theory Meet the scientists who discovered string theory and continue to make waves (and particles) in the physics world Understand what it’s all about with real-world examples and explanations Learn why string theory is called «The Theory of Everything»—and what it means for technology and the future Aspiring scientists or life-long learners will both be able to gain valuable information from this book. This accessible intro into string theory is for the theorists inside anyone.