Healthy Aging For Dummies. Sharon Perkins


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Healthy Aging For Dummies

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isbn 9780470292594

Автор произведения Sharon Perkins

Жанр Здоровье


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

Look to this book for advice, techniques, and strategies to help people stay vigorous and healthy as they grow older. People are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about managing their health as they age. Healthy Aging For Dummies explains how people can embark on a healthy lifestyle that will enable them to feel young, both mentally and physically, even as they’re getting older. It covers tips and advice on choosing the ideal physician; starting an exercise program; learning to meditate; taking the right vitamins and herbs; dealing with or preventing heart disease, cancer, and dementia; replacing negative thinking with positive thinking; and building memory and learning skills.