Pharma and Profits. John L. LaMattina

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Pharma and Profits

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isbn 9781119881353

Автор произведения John L. LaMattina

Жанр Зарубежная деловая литература


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

High-level commentary on various facets of the pharmaceutical industry from a key leader in the field This book clearly explains the value that the pharmaceutical industry offers to society which is often underreported against the more negative topic of high drug prices. It also offers an overview for drug discovery and development professionals, highlighting the challenges that such drug hunters should be aware of when developing new drugs. Case studies to illustrate topics like hepatitis C, mRNA vaccines, insulin, and price controls are included to aid in seamless reader comprehension. Written by John LaMattina, former president of Pfizer Global Research and Development and well-known speaker and writer for the pharma industry, sample topics covered and questions explored within the work include: Fiscal consequences of curing hepatitis C mRNA vaccines and the race for a cure Why the government does not deserve a piece of Biopharma’s profits Paying for drugs whose ultimate value is unknown The impact of reduced revenues on R&DThis book is a must-read for biopharmaceutical professionals and executives who wish to gain high-level insight into key challenges that must be first understood, then overcome, within the pharmaceutical industry.