The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras. Jules Verne


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The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras

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isbn 9783746746333

Автор произведения Jules Verne

Жанр Языкознание


Издательство Bookwire

"The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras" (French: «Voyages et aventures du capitaine Hatteras») is an adventure novel by Jules Verne in two parts: «The English at the North Pole» (French: «Les Anglais au pôle nord») and «The desert of ice» (French: «Le Désert de glace»).
The novel was published for the first time in 1864. The definitive version from 1866 was included into Voyages Extraordinaires series («The Extraordinary Voyages»). Although it was the first book of the series it was labeled as number two. Three of Verne's books from 1863-65 («Five Weeks in a Balloon», «Journey to the Center of the Earth», and «From the Earth to the Moon») were added into the series retroactively. Captain Hatteras shows many similarities with British explorer John Franklin.