Office 2021 for Macs For Dummies. Bob LeVitus


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Office 2021 for Macs For Dummies

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isbn 9781119840473

Автор произведения Bob LeVitus

Жанр Программы


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

Turn your Mac into a productivity powerhouse with Office 2021! Long gone are the days when Microsoft's powerful office suite was just for Windows users. Mac enthusiasts are also able to pop open ubiquitous apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on their preferred desktop or laptop! But if you're new to Microsoft Office on the Mac—or you just need a hand with some of its latest features—you should check out Office 2021 For Macs For Dummies. This handy guide will show you how to conquer the essentials of all the key apps that make Office 2021 such a productivity booster. You'll also discover: Brand-new features, like an improved dark mode and better accessibility capabilities How to share documents directly in a collaborative setting How Microsoft's Text Predictions work in various apps in Office 2021 Ideal for Mac-lovers who can't escape the lure of Microsoft's iconic office software, Office 2021 For Macs For Dummies is a can't-miss resource that will help you successfully blend the reliable computing power of your Mac or MacBook with the productivity power of Microsoft Office.