Muncie 4-Speed Transmissions. Paul Cangialosi

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Название Muncie 4-Speed Transmissions
Автор произведения Paul Cangialosi
Жанр Сделай Сам
Издательство Сделай Сам
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isbn 9781613252116

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       Front Cover:

       State-of-the-art replacement Muncie case components and gears set a new standard for rebuilding an old, worn-out Muncie 4-speed.

       Title Page:

       This is a completed SPEC-25. The special Teflon coating reduces internal friction and heat: The exterior becomes a non-stick surface and gasket surfaces clean up very quickly. Plans are in the works for new-style NASCAR synchro assemblies and more ratios, so a SPEC-35 will most definitely be in the future!

       Back Cover Photos:


       Usually the gear and 3-4 synchro hub dislodge if you hold third gear and gently tap on the front of the mainshaft. Later units have hardened hubs with extremely tight press fits, and you must use a press to remove them. If the gear and hub do not come off, do not use a hammer to try to remove them. The tip of the mainshaft is easily damaged. Use a press and bearing clamp on third gear for removal.


       Lift the countergear out of the case. If the case was damaged from a gear explosion, the thrust washers are often jammed from debris. If that has happened, stand the case on its front face, so that the loose gear doesn’t cock or move off center, and rotate it as you remove it.

       Bottom Left:

       The bronze synchro ring has a 6-degree internal taper that matches the taper on the gear’s synchro cone. As it is forced up against the cone, it eventually causes the output shaft to run at the same speed as the gear. It’s essentially a cone clutch.

       Bottom Right:

       I never press directly on gear surfaces. The lower gear has an old bearing race against it. This grabs closer to the inside diameter of the gear to prevent press-surface contact with the gear teeth.


       Main Cases

       Service Cases and Transmissions

       Extension Housings and Sidecovers

       Midplate Castings

       Ratio Identification

       Hardware and Tags

       Chapter 3: How Muncie 4-Speeds Work

       Forward Gears

       Reverse Gears

       Lack of Front Seal

       Design Features

       Diagnosing Common Problems

       Shifter Considerations

       Chapter 4: Inspection and Repair


       External Case Components

       Gears, Synchros and Shafts

       Bearings and Bearing Surfaces

       Chapter 5: Rebuilding Your Muncie

       Muncie Rebuild Kit

       Workflow Process

       Chapter 6: High-Performance Muncies

       Auto Gear Equipment

       High-Performance Gearsets

       Muncie Design Features