Check!. Nikolay Lakutin

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Название Check!
Автор произведения Nikolay Lakutin
Жанр Короткие любовные романы
Издательство Короткие любовные романы
Год выпуска 2018

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gonna hang out with Tanya after all?

      Probably not. Put the insect in place and that our communication will end, a small loss. Girls, you with me, I hope?

      – Of course – chorused girlfriend.


      Tanya came home in a hectic mood. Not that she's worried about the whole situation. It just kind of came crashing down. Daughter the second week did not spoil calls, sending from summer camp rare reports that all is well. She also took call. The neighbor's dog tore her favorite pants, falling off the leash, the benefit went without injuries and bites. Things were going awry at work. The defective goods, the customers are too demanding, scrupulous and meticulous. Will order goods for ten thousand, and will exhaust nerves on all hundred. And Yes, husband has worked hard on some project and not paying enough attention to Tanya. It wasn't always like this, but now… it's a lot.

      Tanya decided not to tell her husband anything about her bowed to this silly dispute, at least not yet. Can be gently the topic suitable conversation, gently and casually, make it clear that one of her friends at work somehow suspiciously interested in the Affairs of her husband. That is to say to throw the bait from afar. But now that she was not going to do. The plan was to relax!

      Evening Friday met the lady of the another surprise. The upstairs neighbor had a pipe burst, fortunately Daniel came home early, had to take action, but a few water stains on the ceiling are still unable to avoid.

      – I always disliked the apartment, even if only because that's such possible cases – told Daniel over dinner – however, got off easy. Today in the Elevator with Petrovich met, they plan a couple of weeks to begin repairs.

      – Well, Yes, it is high time the apartment is completely lost view of – said Tanya.

      – I agree, but I don't. Get ready for the hammer, or rather its echoes. Electrician will do new, wall batter, toothing laid. In General, stock up on nerves.

      – Hello, pleased – to heavy exhale quietly replied Tanya.

      – What's new at work?

      Tanya, not expecting such a question, looked up at her husband and almost gave myself a look, fortunately, that at that moment he looked at the plate. Quickly moving his gaze to the window, she for a while thought, thought to say, but decided not to, replying:

      – Fucked.

      – So would and told, that all as always.

      Danil gave his wife a sympathetic smile. Dinner ended in silence.


      During the six years of life together, there was a lot of pleasant, good, intriguing. But coffee in bed-the first time.

      – Exclaimed Tanya, stretching on the bed inhaling the aromas of the drink unexpectedly. What day is it today?

      – Saturday-smiling, Danil answered, sitting next to a plate of fruit slicing.

      – I know that Saturday-playfully the wife answered-I about this solemn gesture. For a reason, right?

      If ' said Daniel.

      – Nuuu – – sitting comfortably leaning on the back of the bed and picking up a Cup of coffee, prepared to listen to the lucky girl.

      – Did you know your husband was awesome?

      – I knew, of course.

      – I only found out about it today. An hour ago.

      – Do not understand?

      – Some lady in the social. the nets have been giving me compliments all night. This morning, I went to your profile and there… First thought was wrong, but then I realized that actually wrote to me. I've never heard such compliments in my life. It is clear that flattery, but still nice. I don't know what she wants yet, but I thought, what am I so awesome, and I've never even brought Breakfast to bed with a woman I love?

      – Fair-happy with the outcome of the situation rendered a verdict Tanya.

      I'm improving!

      – You're not just awesome, you are the most awesome, most beloved, my most!!! – at these words, the Cup of coffee was set aside and a platter with meats remained nothing how to wait humbly in the wings. At the same time, was clearly not up to it…

      The weekend was quite busy. Danil and Tanya visited her daughter in the camp, brought her all sorts of Goodies. We looked at what young people live and with a feeling of nostalgia of the gone irrevocably youthful years with the nonsenses and expectations, went home. Going to the movies and walking down a quiet alley added to the fun this weekend. Any questions regarding the appeared in the social network of admirers Tanya ask is not, it is clearly understood who is behind the monitor.

      In the social network of Daniel came only on Tuesday. He wasn't an active user. So, went sometimes to watch the news friends, if necessary, to transmit something and that, in General, it was over. In profile yet several unread messages:

      – Hi.

      After a while.

      You didn't answer me. It's not good to make a girl in love suffer. I know you're married, I know we're not meant to be together, but I just can't help myself. I've been following you around, watching you come out of the driveway this morning, get in the car, and drive away. For you these minutes mean nothing, they gave me such a rush of feelings and warmth, which are difficult to describe in words. Probably, in order to understand them, you need to be a woman. You didn't like me at all?

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