Короткие любовные романы

Различные книги в жанре Короткие любовные романы

Чертов «ум»

Василий Александрович Кмита

Это произведение основано на переживании реальных событий, результат которых автор воссоздал ввиде отдельных сказок вопросом которых является получение высшего образования, строительство своего жилья, воспитание сына, отбывание наказания в местах лишения свободы, путешествия по миру, многоженство, спортивные увлечения и многое другое. Содержит нецензурную брань.

Слеза Востока

Светлана Валерьевна Додонова

Короли тоже иногда плачут. И правители арабского мира тоже страдают от иронии судьбы. Казалось бы, роскошь Востока гарантирует ее детям счастливое существование, но порой им приходится скрывать свою боль в агонии современного Запада. Повезет, если сможешь остаться собой и тем более найти любовь в странном мире, где подавляются чувства и господствует тирания.

Целитель и цилини

Денис Матусов

При заболевании в волшебном мире Мириэль обращайтесь только к сертифицированным единорогам.

Christmas Gifts

Trish Morey

Cinderella and the CowboyWith her newborn and toddler in tow, Elizabeth stepped onto the Ransom Homestead looking for the family she’d never had. When the children’s grandfather welcomed them with open arms, she was grateful, but a blue-eyed, hard-headed cowboy kept distracting her…The Boss’s Christmas BabyTegan is supposed to be pretending to be her twin, not sleeping with her sister’s sexy, powerful boss. The deception can’t last; she’s falling for this ruthless tycoon. How will James react when he discovers his mistress has a special seasonal delivery?Their Little Christmas Miracle Anna and Sam Kearney were blissfully happy until they realised the baby they longed for just wasn’t coming. Sam is back, convinced they belong together, and, working together on Christmas Eve, maybe there will be a little Christmas miracle for them…

To All the Cowboys I’ve Loved Before

D. R. Graham

Life just got a whole lot more complicated…Della is the perfect student. Hardworking, intelligent and hoping to make something of herself one day.But when she finds herself needing to move house, it seems that everything is conspiring against her. The only place she can afford seems too good to be true – her own room, close to campus, reasonable rent… the only catch? Her housemates are all men. And they are all cowboys.Knowing her parents would disapprove but wanting to make her own decisions, Della decides to stay. And soon, finds that great friends can come from unexpected places…as can love, too.

А за мечтою буду Я

Мария Рейнолдс

Что значит любить человека? Что, на самом деле, хуже ненависти? Почему любовь – такое приятное, нежное чувство, вдруг приводит Федора и Дарью к внутреннему опустошению? "А за мечтою буду Я" – новый рассказ Марии Рейнолдс про сложные отношения двух влюбленных сердец.

Married For His One-Night Heir

Дженнифер Хейворд

'You stole my son from me, Gia.'Now she’ll wear Di Fiore’s ring!Commanding Santo Di Fiore is stunned to see Giovanna Castiglione again. Her unexpected appearance at his luxurious party in the Bahamas leaves him craving answers. Why, after that one forbidden encounter, did she leave? But when Gia reveals the secret consequence Santo won’t let her go a second time. The Italian will claim his son—and Gia as his wife!

The Reunion Of A Lifetime

Fiona Lowe

They once had a summer of passion… But is it too late to walk down the aisle?Lauren Fuller hasn’t seen Charlie Ainsworth since he unexpectedly left Horseshoe Bay twelve years ago and burst their bubble of love. Now he’s back, and working together at her GP practice is torment – their chemistry reminds Lauren how good they were together. And when she learns the tragic truth that drove him away, can it finally reunite them forever?

Once Upon A Marriage

Tara Taylor Quinn

Anyone could be hiding a secret… Marie Bustamante does not trust or love easily. Growing up with a philandering father and an overprotective mother, she comes by her reservations honestly. So after only three months, how can she be falling for her best friend's bodyguard? This isn't like her at all. But Elliott Tanner is strong, gorgeous and…trustworthy. Honest. At least he seems to be. Of course, some things about him remain a mystery. Protecting the privacy of his clients is Elliott's job. That doesn't mean he's hiding anything from her. Does it?

Executive Protection

Jennifer Morey

AN FBI AGENT TAKES THE BIGGEST–AND MOST DANGEROUS–RISK OF HIS CAREER: LEAVING BACHELORHOOD BEHINDCrime investigator Thadius «Thad» Winston must protect his high-ranking political mother after she is shot and nearly killed. He is prepared for risks. What he isn't prepared for is Lucy Sinclair. Hired as his mother's nurse, Lucy is capable, compassionate and entirely inconvenient for Thad. He doesn't enivision a life of shared love or commitment, yet he can't deny the intense attraction growing between them. And when a stalker sets his sights on Lucy–possibly the same man who tried to kill his mother–Thad realizes just how much he has to lose.