The High Calling. Charles M. Sheldon

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Название The High Calling
Автор произведения Charles M. Sheldon
Жанр Словари
Издательство Словари
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doubtfully. "And I begin to feel a little afraid of meeting your folks."

      "Afraid? Why, you can't even look at mother without falling in love with her. And as for father he will take to you right off. I know he will, for several reasons."

      "But your sister?" Bauer looked up at the photograph of Helen on Walter's dresser. "Somehow I feel a little afraid of her. I don't believe I'll get along very well. Does she talk German? I feel a little more at my ease if I can talk what you call small talk in my own language."

      "No, I don't believe Helen knows enough German to talk it intelligently. But you needn't be afraid of her. She is interested in your coming as all the family are and she has asked me several questions about you," said Walter, not venturing to tell Bauer what the questions were.

      "Is that so?" said Bauer, looking pleased. Then after a moment he added,

      "It's awfully good of you to ask me to your home. I won't forget it."

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