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    Diana Palmer

    After a devastating flood orphaned Noelle Brown, she thought her handsome and charming benefactor, Andrew Paige, could be the man of her dreams.So why did his steely-eyed older stepbrother, Jared Dunn, make her heart race and her breath catch in her throat? Desperado turned lawman, Jared had come home to Fort Worth, Texas, ready to leave his dangerous past behind. The green-eyed, feisty young woman his stepbrother had taken in wasn't the gold digger Jared had expected. Far from it—the unconventional, innocent beauty needed his guidance to learn the ways of high society, a task he found surprisingly enjoyable.When scandal threatened them all, Noelle would be forced to marry to save the family's honor. But which brother had truly captured her heart? With rivalry pitting brother against brother, one thing was for certain—this wouldn't be a marriage of convenience!


    Ana Seymour

    Mistress Sarah Fairfax was playing a dangerous game, for she had sworn to fight back against the injustices done to her people, a vow that had made her an enemy of the formidable Lord Rutledge, and put at risk not only for her freedom, but her guarded heart, as well.Lord Anthony Rutledge knew he would soon catch the thief who had brought his wealthy countrymen to their knees, for he was a man who loved a challenge… and Sarah Fairfax was fast proving that her enchanting beauty hid as many secrets as the north country moors.


    Jo Leigh

    Told that the only way to save her career is to co-write a book with sexy chauvinist Adam Maxwell, author Becky Stone needs a distraction!Could spending New Year’s Eve in the arms of a seriously stunning stranger be just the thing?


    Emily French

    Destiny Wore Many Disguisesbut Lady Brenna, pledged as bride in a match more alliance than love affair, saw true when Caer Llion rode up to her castle gates. This valiant knight was surely her mysterious betrothed, for he was her past–and Fate decreed he be her future…!An elfin girl upon the high battlements had once given him her favor–and eased his aching soul. Now Leon FitzWarren, famed as Caer Llion–the Ironheart, had returned to Wales, to those very battlements, and faced again the bewitching Brenna–the elfin sprite become woman–and holder of his heart…!


    Robyn Donald

    Bride's Bay ResortCompelled, charmed… and compromised! Mariel loved Bride's Bay Resort, its Sea Island location, its friendly staff. She'd jumped at the offer to translate there again – but soon wished she hadn't. For one thing, working for a security-conscious delegation was no job for a woman with a past.For another, there was Nicholas Leigh, the most commanding, charismatic man Mariel had ever met and – for her – the most dangerous! From the start a feral and magnetic attraction crackled between them. An affair with a delegate would be indiscreet enough. If Nicholas discovered her carefully covered past, too, it would destroy both their lives.For his sake – for hers, too – Mariel had to get out of this man's life… . But first she had to break the spell that bound them!

    Her Bodyguard

    Mallory Kane

    Heiress Recon

    Carla Cassidy

    Heavenly Husband

    Carolyn Greene

    Heated Rush

    Leslie Kelly

    With a big family reunion looming, Annie needs a date fast or she'll never live it down.Her solution?Bidding on Sean at a charity bachelor auction.His drop-dead gorgeous looks and captivating charm make him the perfect choice.But what secret is he hiding?

    Healing Hearts

    Cheryl Wolverton

    Fun-loving schoolteacher Tessa Stanridge needed a way to stay in Hill Creek–fast! Suddenly, like a gift from God, a white knight in the form of accident victim Drake Slater came to her rescue. The moment she saw the handsome rancher, she knew he was a man desperately in need of her loving care–just as she knew her life would never be the same.Drake was out to prove he was every bit the same rugged loner he had been before his accident. Trouble was, with Tessa around, even that wouldn't be enough. Now, it wasn't just that he wanted to learn to walk again–Tessa was the kind of woman who made a man want to be better than he was. And for this man, Tessa was turning out to be the best medicine of all.