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    Basic Training

    Julie Miller

    She wants him to what? That's Marine Corps captain Travis McCormick's reaction when his old friend Tess Bartlett asks for basic training in sex. He's back in his hometown to recover from injuries and is glad that sweet, easy-to-talk-to Tess will be his physiotherapist.But the last thing he expects is that she'll ask for a trade: she'll heal him if he'll bed her!Turns out inexperienced Tess wants to explore her sexual side. Travis is happy to comply–she's incredibly desirable and doesn't even know it. But when a fellow marine sets his sights on Travis's new recruit, he realizes that sexually liberating Tess may have been a tactical error. And he'll need all his seductive skills to make sure she's signing up for a permanent post in his bed–and no one else's!

    Bare Necessities

    Marie Donovan

    Nothing like he remembered. . . All it takes to be a super-hot lingerie designer is chutzpah and a healthy dose of talent. Right? So why is Bridget Weiss making ends meet selling custom bras and thongs to Chicago's triple-X dancers? And now Adam Hale, her brother's best friend, is in town and thinks she's a stripper, too! Maybe she'll just let him sweat over that mix-up. . .But everything he imagined- Truth is, Adam's been secretly lusting after sweet Bridget's bodacious curves for years. Just being near her is torture. But when she teases him with a private dance straight out of a VIP room, he's stunned by her bare heat. Tonight he'll follow her anywhere. Because tomorrow he's taking the lead. . . .

    Bachelorette Blues

    Robyn Amos

    HOW TO BEAT THE BACHELORETTE BLUES1. Find Mr. Right• Carefully make list of qualities needed• Narrow down choices to three polished, professional men• Ignore Max Winston's charms!2. Date Mr. Right• Attend social functions• Dress properly• Avoid Max Winston's gorgeous eyes!3. Plan for a wedding• Have long engagement• Organize the perfect ceremony• Stop fantasizing about walking down the aisle with Max Winston!Hmm. Maybe Shayna Gunther should rethink her list….

    Bachelor Mom

    Jennifer Greene

    SINGLE MOM SEEKING EXCITEMENT Being as straitlaced as a saint was getting Gwen Stanford absolutely nowhere. Just once she wanted to be positively wicked! So when Spense McKenna gave her a steamy kiss, she decided it was time to shake that good-girl image… .One minute Spense was asking his alluring neighbor for advice about his pint-size daughter, the next he was sweet-talking her into his arms. Sure, the thought of seducing Gwen had been on his mind from the first moment he'd laid eyes on her, but suddenly seduction wasn't the only thing on his mind…THE STANFORD SISTERS: Three sisters discover once-in-a-lifetime love and strengthen the bonds of family!

    Bachelor Cowboy

    Patricia Knoll

    First-time father!Sworn bachelor Luke Farraday's stubborn resistance to help or friendship–least of all from a woman–had been an infuriating puzzle to Shannon Kelleher since their first prickly meeting. Until Luke's sister left him temporarily in charge of his tiny baby nephew!To her amuesement, the usually independent tough guy was helplessly out of his depth–and desperate for Shannon's assistance. As she taught the reluctant «father» to feed and change little Cody, Shannon noticed a change in Luke. His defenses were melting—just like her heart. And slowly his story began to emerge….Marriage TiesThe four Kelleher women, bound together by family and love.

    Bachelor Cowboy

    Roxann Delaney

    Bull riding–and all the danger that comes with it–is in Dusty McPherson's blood.When an injury knocks him out of the rodeo and back home to Desperation, Oklahoma, all he can focus on is riding again. Until he's welcomed by a gorgeous redhead aiming a shotgun at him. To Kate Clayborne's surprise, the handsome trespasser is not only a farmhand hired to help maintain the Clayborne farm, he'd been her high school crush.Used to living on her own terms and without the help of a man, Kate is reluctant to work with Dusty. Being so close to him now means trusting him, relying on him…and dealing with the attraction between them. Can she trust her heart to an adventure-seeking bull rider whose life is full of risks?

    Bachelor Cop

    Gayle Kaye

    AWARD OF DISTINCTIONpresented to Officer Whit Tanner, midnight rescuer of lost children and missing mutts, for being the last single guy in the precinct, and intending to stay that way….CITATION OF SEDUCTIONpresented to Jill Harper, divorced mother of four-year-old Brody Harper, for capturing the attention of Officer Tanner, and threatening his bachelorhood….RECOURSE: ROMANCEMix marriage-shy officer with romance-weary mother, add a tiny smattering of wandering dog and matchmaking little boy, toss in some heady kisses and sultry looks, then stand back and wait for hearts to melt…and merge.

    Bachelor Boss

    Pamela Ingrahm

    MERGER IN THE MAKING…?Powerful CEO Philip Ambercroft prized efficiency, order–and no temptation in the office. So when he needed a temporary assistant, he decided to hire a no-nonsense, matronly type. But then he met the most qualified candidate….All-too-appealing Madalyn Wier had impeccable references and years of experience–and she soon had her handsome executive boss falling for her womanly charms. But Philip was determined to deny the attraction between them, especially since Madalyn was a single mother who had a daughter to consider. And the confirmed bachelor wasn't prepared to propose a marriage merger…was he?

    Baby Fever

    Susan Crosby

    BACHELORS & BABIES HOW TO CURE A CASE OF BABY FEVER Jasmine LeClerc had found the man to father her baby. Patrick O'Halloran was unattached, just passing through town… and in perfect physical condition. In fact, the millionaire was simply scrumptious, and Jasmine knew making a baby with Patrick would be more pleasure than business. But first she had to get him into bed.A one-night stand was not Patrick's style. But the sexy waitress served up enough passionate glances to make him change his mind. He happily invited Jasmine back to his room, and set out to fulfill both their fantasies… until Patrick learned he was the cure for Jasmine's baby fever!Bachelors and Babies: Three men get more than they ever expected when they connect with the woman of their dreams… . BACHELORS & BABIES

    Baby Dreams

    Raye Morgan

    CELEBRATION 1000 A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE BABY SHOWER… One minute, Cami Bishop was driving to a baby shower. The next, she'd been thrown in the slammer, courtesy of the county sheriff! How could she convince rugged Rafe Lonewolf she was innocent – when her thoughts about him were anything but? Thanks to a raging blizzard, Rafe was stranded at the jailhouse with his pretty prisoner.Thing was, Cami didn't act like a notorious outlaw. But she had come armed with a carload of baby loot and a hankering for happily-ever-after. For this confirmed bachelor, that was dangerous enough!THE BABY SHOWER: We're excited 'cause you're invited to celebrate the arrival of one bouncing baby – and three brand-new brides!CELEBRATION 1000: Come celebrate the publication of the 1000th Silhouette Desire, with scintillating love stories by some of your favorite writers!