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Literature and the Cult of Personality

Gregory Maertz

The construction of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as an Anglo-American sage and literary icon was the product of a cult of personality that lay at the center of nineteenth-century cultural politics. A reconstruction of the culture wars fought over Goethe’s authority, a previously hidden chapter in the intellectual history of the period ranging from the late eighteenth century to the threshold of Modernism, is the focus of Literature and the Cult of Personality. Marginal as well as canonical writers and critics figured prominently in this process, and Literature and the Cult of Personality offers insight into the mediation activities of Mary Wollstonecraft, Henry Crabb Robinson, the canonical Romantic poets, Thomas Carlyle, Margaret Fuller, George Eliot, Matthew Arnold, and others. For women writers and Jacobins, Scots, and Americans, translating Goethe served as an empowering cultural platform that challenges the myth of the self-sufficiency of British literature. Reviewing and translating German authors provided a means of gaining literary enfranchisement and offered a paradigm of literary development according to which 're-writers' become original writers through an apprenticeship of translation and reviewing.
In the diverse and fascinating body of critical writing examined in this book, textual exegesis plays an unexpectedly minor role; in its place, a full-blown cult of personality emerges along with a blueprint for the ideology of hero-worship that is more fully mapped out in the cultural and political life of twentieth-century Europe.

Mind Presentation in Ian McEwan's Fiction

Karam Nayebpour

This book explores the central fictional minds in three of Ian McEwan's most popular narratives. Mind presentation constitutes the main part of characterization in the second phase of McEwan's writing, where his plot structure depends to a large degree on the presentation of the characters’ mental workings. In Amsterdam (1998), Atonement (2003), and On Chesil Beach (2007), the construction process of the fictional minds, the degree their functioning is impacted by their experiences, and the way their mental aspect controls their behavior and relationships are critical to the stories. Relying on insights and methods from Cognitive Narratology, this study follows two purposes: It firstly analyzes the function of fictional minds and their operational modes in these narratives. Secondly, it explores the impact of the characters' experiences on both their mental functioning and their behavior, especially with view of their relationships. Nayebpour reveals that the plot structure of these narratives highly depends on the lack of a sound balance between the two aspects of the represented minds (intermental/joint thought and intramental/individual thought) as well as on the dominance of the intramental one. The tragic atmosphere in these narratives, Nayebpour argues, is the result of this imbalance.

An Interesting Life, So Far

Bruce King

Finally, Bruce King, acclaimed literary critic, presents his autobiography and offers fascinating insights into his life as bon vivant and literary critic.

The Holocaust in the Central European Literatures and Cultures


This volume addresses a problem of high controversy: Relating the Holocaust to poetic and aesthetic phenomena has often been seen as a taboo, as only authentic testimonies, documents, or at least ‘unliterary’, prosaic approaches were considered appropriate for dealing with the topic. However, from the very beginning of Holocaust literature and culture, there were tendencies towards literarization, poetization, and ornamentalization. Nowadays, aesthetic approaches—also in provocative, taboo-breaking ways—are more and more regarded as important instruments to evoke the attention required for keeping the cataclysm in the collective memory.
The contributions of the volume using examples predominantly from Polish, Czech, and German Holocaust literature and culture focus on selected aspects of this complex of problems, such as: poetry of concentration camp detainees; lyrical poetry about the Holocaust; poetical tendencies in narrative literature and drama; ‘ornamental prose’ about the Holocaust; devices and functions of aestheticization in Holocaust literature and culture.

The Rise of Autobiographical Medical Poetry and the Medical Humanities

Johanna Emeney

In this fascinating book, Johanna Emeney examines the global proliferation of new poetry related to illness and medical treatment from the perspective of doctors, patients, and carers in light of the growing popularity of the medical humanities. She provides a close analysis of poetry from New Zealand, the USA, and the UK that deals with sociological and philosophical aspects of sickness, ailment, medical treatment, care, and recuperation.

Zycie i twórczosc Gabrieli Zapolskiej


Das vorliegende Buch unter dem Titel Leben und Werk von Gabriela Zapolska ist ein Sammelband von Skizzen, die 2011 während der vom Institut für polnische Literatur organisierten wissenschaftlichen Konferenz an der Nikolaus Kopernikus Universität zu Thorn (Polen) vorgetragen wurden. Gabriela Zapolska (1857-1921) ist eine der bekanntesten Autorinnen der polnischen Moderne. Ihr Leben und Werk wirkt inspirativ auf den Geist der nachfolgenden Generationen der Literaturforscher. Zapolska ist nicht nur als Autorin von Malaszka, Przedpiekle [Die Hölle der Jungfrauen], Ich czworo [Dummheit im Quadrat], Zabusia [Die kleine Kröte] oder Moralnosc Pani Dulskiej [Die Moral der Frau Dulska] bekannt, sondern auch als Schauspielerin und Schülerin des Meisters des französischen Theaters – Antoine sowie als Kunstsammlerin. Ihre Sammlung der europäischen Malerei erregte nicht nur in Polen Aufsehen. Als Schriftstellerin führte Zapolska in die Literatur der polnischen Moderne einen neuen Heldentypus ein – einen gewöhnlichen Menschen: Einen Arbeiter, einen Bewohner einer Häuserzeile, einen Lakaien. Die Autorin von Malaszka griff in ihren Romanen vornehmlich diejenigen Themen auf, in denen der Gefühle Reichtum, schwere Lebensentscheidungen zum Vorschein kamen. Ihre realistische Prosa war von psychologischen Elementen gesättigt, wohingegen das Drama die Konflikte des bürgerlichen Lebens schilderte. Zwei Perspektiven: Durch die psychologische Strömung und den bürgerlichen Realismus bestimmt, die in Zapolskas Werk gegenwärtig sind, lassen sie als eine Repräsentantin der europäischen künstlerischen Strömungen sehen.

Learning Japanese Kanji Practice Book Volume 2

Eriko Sato, Ph.D.

This is an invaluable study guide and practice book for learning basic Japanese kanji. Learning Japanese Kanji Practice Book is intended for beginning students or experienced speakers who need to practice their written Japanese. Kanji are an essential part of the Japanese language and together with kana ( hiragana and katakana ) comprise written Japanese. This book presents the kanji characters that are most commonly used. All the kanji and related vocabulary words in this book are those that students are expected to know for Level 4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Characters that appear in the AP Japanese Language and Culture Exam are flagged. Readings, meanings, and common compounds are presented. The correct method of writing each character is clearly indicated, and practice boxes with strokes that can be traced are provided, along with empty boxes for freehand writing practice. Lots of exercises are included to give students the opportunity to practice writing sentences containing the kanji. Indexes at the back allow you to look up the characters by their readings and English meanings. This kanji book includes: Step-by-step stroke order diagrams for each character. Special boxes with grid lines to practice writing characters. Words and phrases using each kanji. Romanizations ( romanji ) to help identify and pronounce every word.

Basic Mandarin Chinese - Reading & Writing Textbook

Cornelius C. Kubler

A complete beginning-level course for written Mandarin Chinese designed to teach you to read and write Mandarin quickly and efficiently! The Basic Mandarin Chinese series offers a complete introductory course superior to any other language product for Chinese. These books teach spoken and written Chinese separately, allowing you to focus on the area most important to you, and to learn the spoken and written forms of Chinese at different speeds depending on your available time and interest. The free audio recordings included with this book reinforce the content and make the learning process easy. Whether you're learning Mandarin for work, travel or other reasons—the Basic Mandarin Chinese approach of having two separate but integrated «tracks» helps you to learn the language more efficiently and more successfully. Key features of this Chinese textbook and online material include: Learn to read and write the 288 highest-frequency characters and over 700 words Designed to have you reading and writing simple, connected Chinese sentences quickly Both simplified and traditional characters are taught; you may choose to learn either or both Features a variety of fonts and styles—typeset and handwritten—preparing you to use Chinese characters in different contexts, from reading signs to texting on your phone The online material included with this book includes over 6 hours of audio recordings by various native speakers, including recordings of all the reading selections, new characters, and vocabulary. This textbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the Basic Mandarin Chinese—Reading & Writing Practice Book which provides a range of drills and exercises designed to enhance your proficiency in reading and writing Mandarin Chinese quickly.

Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters Volume 2

Yi Ren

Reinforce your written Chinese with this practice book for the best-selling Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters. Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters helps students quickly learn the essential Chinese characters that are fundamental to the language. This character workbook is intended for self-study or classroom use and presents 135 high-frequency characters and over 405 prevalent words using these characters. These are the characters and words students need to know if they plan to take the official Chinese government HSK Level 2 Exam or the Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese Language and Culture Exam. Each character is presented in a straightforward way. A step-by-step diagram shows how to write the character and boxes are provided for freehand writing practice. The meaning and pronunciation are given along with the key vocabulary compounds and an example sentence. Review exercises reinforce the learning process, and an index at the back allows you to look up the characters according to their English meanings or romanized Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation. Key features of this Chinese workbook include: Designed for HSK Level 1 and AP exam prep Learn the 135 most written Chinese characters Example sentences and over 405 vocabulary items Step-by-step writing diagrams and practice boxes

Essential Japanese Kanji Volume 2

University of Tokyo, Kanji Research Group

Essential Japanese Kanji, Volume 2 is an easy approach to learning the most basic kanji encountered in everyday situations in Japan. This new edition Packed with fun quizzes and useful exercises and has been repackaged in a more compact, value-for-money size while losing none of the content that has made it a long-selling favorite. Key features of Essential Japanese Kanji include: Introductory quizzes to introduce everyday situations in which the Kanji are used A vocabulary section to help you understand the readings and meanings of each Kanji New character charts presenting all the Kanji clearly and systematically Definitions, readings, stroke orders and compounds for each character Practice sections help you to improve your skills Advanced Placement Exam practice questions follow the format of the College Board examEveryday tasks like finding a street address or buying a train ticket in Japan require a basic working knowledge of kanji—the Japanese system of writing based on Chinese characters. Essential Japanese Kanji, teaches you the kanji you'll actually need in everyday situations in lessons prepared by teachers from the prestigious University of Tokyo.