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Against the Grain. Lessons in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Cobra Beer

Karan Bilimoria

'Every bit as good as the beer itself.' Sir Richard Branson From selling the first cases of Cobra out of the back of a battered old Citroen 2CV along the streets of West London to exporting to over 40 countries around the world, Karan Bilimoria's vision of a less gassy beer has travelled a long way. Starting out with a heap of student debt, a complete lack of industry experience and parents desperate for their son to get a proper job, it could all so easily have gone wrong. But Karan's single-minded determination to succeed and his ability to inspire those around him to buy into his vision, turned Cobra, sip-by-sip, into the multi-million pound business it is today. Karan's story bottles the very essence of entrepreneurship: vision, drive, creativity and a relentless battle against all odds, to make the idea you so passionately believe in work. Against the Grain is packed with insights into finance, strategy, planning, luck, discipline, and generally doing the unexpected to build your own business, from someone who's been there and done it… and all with just a little less gas. 'Essential reading.' Richard Reed, Co-founder, Innocent Drinks 'An inspirational story.' Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer WPP 'Karan Bilimoria is one of the great entrepreneurs…' Jo Malone, founder of Jo Malone 'Inspiring! … worth the cover price for the «Financing Cobra» chapter alone.' Professor John Mullins, London Business School '… His story should inspire youth everywhere who are fired by the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.' Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Group

Small Business For Dummies

Eric Tyson

Make big sense of small business Small Business For Dummies has been a leading resource for starting and running a small business. Calling upon their six decades-plus of combined experience running small businesses, Eric Tyson and Jim Schell once again provide readers with their time-tested advice and the latest information on starting and growing a small business. This new edition covers all aspects of small business from the initial business plan to the everyday realities of financing, marketing, employing technology and management—and what it takes to achieve and maintain success in an ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape. Write a strategic business plan Start, establish, or rejuvenate a small business Hire and retain the best employees Get a small business loan If you’re a beginning entrepreneur looking to start and run your own small business, this book gives you all the tools of the trade you’ll need to make it a success.

Reading Financial Reports For Dummies

Lita Epstein

Reading Financial Reports For Dummies, 3rd Edition (9781119543954) was previously published as Reading Financial Reports For Dummies, 3rd Edition (9781118761939). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product. Discover how to decipher financial reports Especially relevant in today's world of corporate scandals and new accounting laws, the numbers in a financial report contain vitally important information about where a company has been and where it is going. Packed with new and updated information, Reading Financial Reports For Dummies, 3rd Edition gives you a quick but clear introduction to financial reports–and how to decipher the information in them. New information on the separate accounting and financial reporting standards for private/small businesses versus public/large businesses New content to match SEC and other governmental regulatory changes New information about how the analyst-corporate connection has actually changed the playing field The impact of corporate communications and new technologies New examples that reflect current trends Updated websites and resources Reading Financial Reports For Dummies is for investors, traders, brokers, managers, and anyone else who is looking for a reliable, up-to-date guide to reading financial reports effectively.

Start Before You're Ready. The Young Entrepreneurs Guide to Extraordinary Success in Work and Life

Mick Spencer

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with a counterintuitive approach to starting your own venture or taking your career to the next level Start Before You’re Ready offers entrepreneurs an inspiring new roadmap to success – one that runs against nearly everything you’ve ever been taught about business. Author Mick Spencer is living proof that success doesn’t always rest down the traditional path of formal education and deep pockets. At the age of 22, with nothing to his name, he founded ONTHEGO Custom Apparel (www.otgcustom.com), a customised apparel and uniform company. Since then he has built a worldwide network of movers and shakers and raised millions in venture capital. His company is now a multi-million-dollar player on the international stage, disrupting the slow-moving industry with a modern blend of technological disruptions and social responsibility. In this book, he presents a solid case that analysis paralysis and endless ‘preparation’ won’t get you anywhere – you have to take that leap and do what you really want to do. Indeed, start before you’re ready. Spencer challenges you to get outside your comfort zone and, although intimidating, his approach forces you to learn ‘on the go’ and focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t. Engrossing personal anecdotes coach you through the frustrations and challenges, while vital tools and clear strategies give you a concrete plan for making every day count, many of which have been taught to Mick by billionaires, global CEO’s and highly sought after founders. Chart your own path to success – even without a university degree or financial assets Focus on what you can do right now to achieve your goals Master self-reliance, overcome adversity and discover your true purpose Learn positive habits and build confidence to overcome challenges Starting your own venture or pushing the boundaries in your career is always a leap of faith. It’s saying ‘yes’ before figuring out how to deliver. It’s moments of self-doubt followed by fiery adventurousness and courageous optimism. You are at once inspired, vulnerable, motivated and proud – and you are capable of extraordinary things. Start Before You’re Ready equips you with the inspiration and practical advice you need to succeed in today’s entrepreneurial environment.

How To Present To Absolutely Anyone. Confident Public Speaking and Presenting in Every Situation

Mark Rhodes

Master the art of public speaking with a mind- and content-based approach to success How to Present to Absolutely Anyone is the ultimate guide to successful public speaking. Presentations, talks, and speeches are unavoidable in school, work, and even social occasions (have you ever had to deliver a wedding toast?)—but fear of public speaking is statistically more common than fear of death. Author Mark Rhodes once pretended he had crashed his car to avoid doing a presentation! Permanent avoidance will eventually hold you back, but mastering the art of the successful presentation can take you to new heights! This book shows you how Mark eventually learned to love public speaking: by setting himself up for a self-sustaining cycle of presentation success. It takes more than stage presence to make a great presentation—you need great content. Without it, you won’t get the result you’re after, and you will dread the next talk. But if your presentation stands on its own two feet and you manage to banish the stage fright, you get a taste of success that ignites your passion and gets you excited to present every time! Packed with practical advice for both mental anguish and content creation, this book approaches public speaking holistically to arm you with real skills for success: Build confidence, reduce fear, and develop the right mindset for public speaking Engage your audience from the start, and reduce first-minute jitters Develop great content that you look forward to presenting each time Go beyond simple body language to reach your audience in a more authentic, organic way Don’t mumble your way through a PowerPoint or try to put flash over substance. Craft an engaging, informative presentation that people want to see and that you want to present! This book covers performance anxiety, speaking skills, ideas/content, practice, preparation, and audience interaction. How to Present to Absolutely Anyone guides you from fear, to excitement, to success!

Как построить дистрибьюторскую компанию с нуля

Юрий Михайлович Ефимов

Эта книга поможет вам создать дистрибьюторскую компанию и построить свой бизнес с нуля. Она также хорошо подходит для наемных управляющих и топ-менеджеров компаний

Как я училась распоряжаться деньгами

Анатолий Иванович Торопкин

Книга будет интересна детям, студентам и взрослым. Она для тех, кто хотел бы открыть свой бизнес, но пока не решается, а также для тех, кому надоело жить от зарплаты до зарплаты, кто много зарабатывает, но столько же и тратит. Возможно, ею заинтересуются люди, которым когда-нибудь придётся выйти на пенсию или решить покупать квартиру по ипотеке. Она написана лёгким доступным языком в художественной форме. Вместе с двенадцатилетней девочкой Машей читатель проживёт целый месяц в Сочи.

Обязанности руководителя

Александр Александрович Высоцкий

В брошюре вы найдете ключевые данные, о том как эффективно выполнять работу руководителя. Не имеет значения, о руководителе какого уровня идет речь. Цель работы руководителя остается неизменной, меняются только инструменты. Так топ-менеджер компании использует стратегические планы, чтобы согласовать работу разных подразделений и нацеливать своих замов на определенный результат. А бригадир землекопов раздает задания рабочим прямо на строительной площадке, составляя план на неделю в рабочем блокноте. И тот и другой, по сути, делают одно и то же – добиваются, чтобы его подчиненные слаженно работали и создавали определенные результаты.


Александр Александрович Высоцкий

Некоторые руководители имеют негативный опыт участия в совещаниях и собраниях, поэтому считают такие мероприятия пустой формальностью. Даже руководители, осознающие важность совещаний, довольно часто совершают ошибки, из-за которых участники советов и совещаний вместо того, чтобы испытывать энтузиазм и желание выполнять поставленные задачи, падают духом и тратят какое-то время, чтобы «восстановиться» после такого совета. Эта брошюра поможет вам понять, как проводить советы и совещания, чтобы это способствовало улучшению результатов всей компании.

Live Life, Love Work

Kate Burton

The secrets to reclaiming your personal life and enriching your professional life—for the overstretched, overworked, and overanxious With the boundaries between professional and private life increasingly blurred by mobile technology, most people are simply finding it tougher to enjoy life either at home or at work. For those looking for a way out of the frustrating maze of daily life, bestselling author and respected communications coach Kate Burton offers the keys to achieving, in both one's professional and private life, a renewed sense of ownership, possibility, and meaning. In Live Life, Love Work, she poses such essential questions as «Whose Life Is It Anyway?» before offering readers an inspiring «Brave Action for Change.» Each step outlined in the book is linked to a discussion of one's physical, mental, inner, or spiritual world Other books by Burton: Personal Development All-in-One For Dummies and Building Confidence For Dummies Burton delivers custom-built corporate workshops and seminars for that boost motivation, self-awareness, communication, and health For those interested in enriching both their personal and work life, Live Life, Love Work offers practical, insightful tips on how.