Малый бизнес

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Малий бiзнес, велика гра

Александр Высоцкий

У цій книжці описані основні інструменти управління, які здатні позбавити вашу компанію від організаційного хаосу і підняти на новий щабель розвитку. Кожен розділ містить опис одного з таких інструментів та приклади його роботи. Ви не знайдете у цій книжці якихось надскладних систем для корпорацій – тільки практичні та прості інструменти, що здатні вивести бізнес на новий системний рівень. Ця книжка не про те, як вигадати геніальну ідею для бізнесу, а про те, як організувати роботу компанії, щоб вона працювала, як справжня команда, і була здатна втілити вагому ідею.

48-Hour Start-Up

Fraser Doherty

Family Business on the Couch

Elizabeth Florent-Treacy

The challenge faced by family businesses and their stakeholders, is to recognise the issues that they face, understand how to develop strategies to address them and more importantly, to create narratives, or family stories that explain the emotional dimension of the issues to the family. The most intractable family business issues are not the business problems the organisation faces, but the emotional issues that compound them. Applying psychodynamic concepts will help to explain behaviour and will enable the family to prepare for life cycle transitions and other issues that may arise. Here is a new understanding and a broader perspective on the human dynamics of family firms with two complementary frameworks, psychodynamic and family systematic, to help make sense of family-run organisations. Although this book includes a conceptual section, it is first and foremost a practical book about the real world issues faced by business families. The book begins by demonstrating that many years of achievement through generations can be destroyed by the next, if the family fails to address the psychological issues they face. By exploring cases from famous and less well known family businesses across the world, the authors discuss entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial family and the lifecycles of the individual and the organisation. They go on to show how companies going through change and transition can avoid the pitfalls that endanger both family and company. The authors then apply tools that will help family businesses in transition and offer their analyses and conclusions. Readers should draw their own conclusions from careful examination of the cases, identifying the problems or dilemmas faced and the options for improved business performance and family relationships. They should ask what they might have done in the given situation and what new insight into individual or family behaviour each case offers. The goal is to avoid a bitter ending.

Starting an Online Business All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Joel Elad

If you’ve thought of starting an online business or if you’re already selling online, here’s how to get your share of online customers. This second edition of Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies covers everything from creating a business plan and building a customer-friendly site to marketing with Facebook and MySpace. There’s even a section about setting up shop in the virtual world of Second Life. Eleven handy minibooks cover online business basics, legal and accounting, Web site design, online and operating, Internet security, boosting sales, retail to e-tail, storefront selling, fundraising sites, niche e-commerce, and e-commerce advanced. You’ll learn to: Build a business plan that translates your ideas into a profitable enterprise Choose software to help you manage taxes, balance sheets, and other accounting chores Create a Web site that helps your business make money Fill orders, pack and ship merchandise, and manage stock Set up, budget for, and implement a plan to protect vital computer equipment Use PR and advertising tools that best promote your business online, including Google AdWords Choose what sells best in Second Life and earn real money from your virtual store Market through niche communities, find and use special marketing tools for nonprofit organizations, and apply successful mobile marketing techniques Inside the book, you’ll even find a Google AdWords gift card worth $25 to help spread the word about your online business!

Конкурентные компетенции руководителей высшего и среднего звена образовательных организаций системы высшего образования

А. И. Васильев

Статья посвящена проблематике исследования концепции конкурентных компетенций, и ее применения к руководителям высшего и среднего звена вуза. Описаны широкий и узкий подходы в определении содержания концепции конкурентных компетенций. Автор подчеркивает теоретическое различие конкурентных компетенций организации и конкурентных компетенций индивида. Конкурентные компетенции организации раскрываются в рамках ресурсного подхода к фирме. Конкурентные компетенции индивида раскрываются в рамках компетентностного подхода к управлению персоналом. Применительно к компетентностной модели руководителей высшего и среднего звена вуза применяется структурирование на универсальные, общепрофессиональные, профессиональные и специальные компетенции.

Offline. Free Your Mind from Smartphone and Social Media Stress

Soren Kenner

Authors Imran Rashid and Soren Kenner have sparked an international debate by revealing the “mind hacks” Facebook, Apple, Google, and Instagram use to get you and your children hooked on their products. In Offline, they deliver an eye-opening research-based journey into the world of tech giants, smartphones, social engineering, and subconscious manipulation. This provocative work shows you how digital devices change individuals and communities for better and worse. A must-read if you or your kids use smartphones or tablets and spend time browsing social networks, playing online games or even just browsing sites with news and entertainment. Learn how to recognize ‘mind hacks’ and avoid the potentially disastrous side-effects of digital pollution. Unplug from the matrix. Learn digital habits that work for you.