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Storybook Dad

Laura Bradford

When Mark Reynolds first met gorgeous Emily Todd, he was smitten.So was Seth, his son – which is why Mark has to nip this attraction in the bud. Emily’s been honest about her diagnosis and Mark can’t put Seth through the heartbreak of another illness. Because real life is not a fairy tale…right?

Stealing Thunder

Patricia Rosemoor

Something Deadly

Rachel Lee

Few could argue that the exclusive island of San Martin is anything less than paradise. In this wealthy enclave, veterinarian Markie Cross has a thriving practice, but her almost psychic connection to animals has made human relationships–especially with men–harder to navigate. Until mystery, murder and something unfathomable shatter her world…People are dying strange, unexplained deaths. Island medical examiner Declan Quinn is stunned at the unearthly condition of the bodies, and he and Markie share a dark suspicion that something terrifying and impossible is at work here. Something that may not be human.As a sinister message becomes clearer, Markie and Dec race to understand the tragic history of this island paradise and unlock the true nature of the evil now descending. Because if they can't, Markie may become the next victim….

Snowed In

Cassie Miles

Silent Witness

Leona Karr

Colorado detective Ryan Darnell found the quiet of his small mountain town shattered when a young, hearing-impaired boy witnessed a brutal murder. With the help of the boy's summer guardian, Marian Richards, protecting the child became his first priority. Yet as he closed in on the truth behind the crime, Ryan found that sharing long days and even longer nights with the beautiful, brown-eyed Marian was a temptation he couldn't resist.As both the investigation and the summer drew to a close, Ryan knew it was only a matter of time before Marian returned to the city…and left him wanting a future he'd never imagined possible.

Silent Warning

Kathleen Long

SHE'D RISK HER NECK TO EXPOSE THE TRUTHKelly Weir wouldn't rest until she brought a murderer to his knees. But if Summer Shores's swirling riptide was any indication, she was in way over her head. Now targeted by the killer, Kelly's very survival depended on an enigmatic stranger with a penchant for keeping dangerous secrets….HE'D CROSS THE LINE TO PROTECT HERPlagued by his role in developing the breakthrough prescription drug that was now being peddled on the black market, Dan Steele joined forces with Kelly to smoke out the «Candy Man.» Blindsided by raw, primal desire, he became overwhelmed by his need to protect the captivating beauty. But love was a distraction he couldn't afford. One wrong move and they just might find themselves trapped in the mastermind's lethal maze….

Shotgun Daddy

Harper Allen

A FATHER'S DUTYFormer hostage negotiator Gabe Riggs wanted nothing to do with spoiled socialite Caro Moore, the ice princess who'd left him high and dry after one night of fiery passion. But a year later, she came begging for the rugged Navajo specialist's help–to protect her and her baby girl from a madman bent on revenge.Telling Gabe the truth about his daughter would only put him in danger, and Caro couldn't handle anyone else suffering because of her. But living under Gabe's close guard at the Double B Ranch was threatening to expose the heart-stopping truth–that he was a daddy…and the only man she ever loved.

Sheikh Protector

Dana Marton

Security Blanket

Delores Fossen

Secret Obsession

Robin Perini

He didn't know which was harder: not falling for a woman who was off-limits, or protecting her from a madman… Scarred from the brutal murder of her fiancé, former UN translator Lyssa Cafferty sleeps with one eye open. Now a serial killer is determined to finish what he started…and she's his next target. Desperate to survive, Lyssa seeks protection from the one man with knowledge of her past.Noah Bradford, a cunning ex-marine, vows to protect Lyssa–along with the secret she keeps from her watchful predator. It soon becomes evident that Noah's growing attraction for Lyssa could distract him from his mission, but only together can they crack the cryptic messages of a killer. With time running out, it's uncertain who will come out unharmed–or alive.