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Buried Secrets

Evelyn Vaughn

HE TURNED HER QUIET LIFE UPSIDE DOWNZack Lorenzo was a big-city P.I. specializing in the paranormal and hell-bent on unearthing secrets Josephine James had tried too hard to forget. As he focused intently on fighting an evil he couldn't identify, his chivalry was overbearing, his kisses maddening and his questions too dangerous….Zack had promised to protect her, but Jo was no damsel in distress–she was the town sheriff! However, she was also a woman who'd been too afraid to face the past until this stranger walked into her life, took her into his arms and made her want to start living again….

Bulletproof Bride

Diana Duncan

Tessa Beaumont's life was well-ordered and well kept, and she was well on her way to the altar when Special Agent Gabe Colton stormed into her workplace–her life–sporting a ski mask and brandishing a gun–and took her hostage! Suddenly everything seemed so wrong–and it wasn't that she missed her old life. It was that she didn't.Gabe had never intended to kidnap the innocent bank teller, but she knew too much. It was his job to keep her safe–and his hands to himself. Tessa was an important witness and a woman about to marry a man she didn't love. Unless the sexy special agent could convince her otherwise…

Blackmailed Bride

Sylvie Kurtz

Dr. Jonas Shades needed someone to play his wife in order to secure the funds required for his critical research. Cathlynn O'Connell was the perfect candidate. Except with time running out, he had no choice but to blackmail his bride….Each day spent in Jonas's fortress of a home brought Cathlynn one step deeper into the dangerous mystery surrounding his life. And each minute spent in his brooding presence, each second spent in his passionate embrace brought her one step closer to losing control. Her life was on the line, but what Cathlynn really feared was losing her heart…to the husband she hardly knew.

Beautiful Stranger

Ruth Wind

SHE NEVER KNEW LOVE–UNTIL HIMRaised in a gilded cage, she was the chubby twin sister no one noticed. Now her weight loss made Marissa Pierce the kind of woman every man desired–including Robert Martinez. If only she had the courage to return his seductive gaze…A proud Native American, Robert resented Marissa's privileged lifestyle. Yet this elegant stranger understood his wounded heart. Now Robert was determined to show her how truly beautiful she was–before the princess could escape to her ivory tower forever.The Last RoundupRed Creek, Colorado's matchmaking matriarch rounds up two bachelors for the Pierce twins!

Bayou Justice

Mallory Kane

Eight years ago, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, three men lost everything. Now it's time to reclaim what is theirs….In order to bring justice back to New Orleans, FBI agent Ray Storm must once again turn to Molly Hennessey for help. This time, though, convincing the gorgeous attorney to believe in him is going to take more than just one night of seduction.

Accidental Father

Lauren Nichols

OUT OF THE SHADOWS…Sarah Harper gasped when she saw the rugged lawman on the porch of her bed-and-breakfast. She didn't know his last name, but for three years his blue eyes had haunted her. She saw them every night in her dreams–and every morning, twinkling in her toddler's face….Jake Russell sought only a roof over his head and a warm bed. He never expected it to be her roof…or her bed. But Sarah had a hold on him, and he couldn't turn his back on her. Not when he suspected she was in danger–and that her child was his child, too….

72 Hours

Dana Marton

He had 72 hours to rescue a beautiful hostage…After being taken hostage, Kate Hamilton had faced her share of pain and confusion. But it was nothing compared to learning that undercover agent Parker McCall had come to her rescue. This secretive man with whom she’d once spent long days and hot nights was plotting their escape.His skill at securing her safety was impressive and incredibly sexy to watch. The closer they got to freedom the more dangerous the situation became, which only seemed to heighten the attraction that bound them to one another!

With Malice

Rachel Lee

Two seemingly unrelated murders put Tampa homicide detective Karen Sweeney in the crosshairs…Both victims were women–but what could connect an elderly nanny and a young exotic dancer? As Karen discovers, the answer is Senator Grant Lawrence, presidential contender…and a man with secrets.As she is drawn deeper into a world of lies and hidden motives, the one person Karen is half ready to trust is the senator himself, a man torn by grief and guilt, trying to protect his children. Could he have committed such crimes?And if not, then someone is trying to ruin him, and everyone around him is at risk–his children…and even Karen herself.

Wilder Days

Linda Winstead Jones

Del Wilder had always been brash, reckless and more than a little dangerous. And years ago he'd stolen a young woman's heart–then walked away without a backward glance.Now, suddenly, he was back in Victoria Lowell's life, more compelling–and more dangerous–than ever. He was an undercover agent now, and she'd somehow gotten caught up in his desperate escape from a brutal drug cartel.As they ran for their lives, she ached to uncover all this mysterious man's secrets. But what would happen to the passion once again blazing between them when he learned her darkest secret–the truth about the child he had never known was his…?

Wedding Captives

Cassie Miles

Join these brave men and women for edge-of-your-seat suspense and happily-ever-after romance!TIME WAS RUNNING OUT…Thea Sarazin thought she was attending her friend's wedding at a remote castle in the mountains, but when she arrived, destiny had other ideas. Her senses were on red alert when she discovered that one of the wedding guests was Spence Cannon–the man she had almost married. Determined not to fall for him again,Thea kept her distance. But all bets were off when the wedding guests found themselves at the mercy of a madman hellbent on revenge. In the most desperate of times, could Spence and Thea admit their true feelings and join forces against a deadly foe?