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Echo Lake

Letitia Trent

When 30-something Emily Collins inherits her recently murdered Aunt's house she moves to Heartshorne, Oklahoma, to claim it and confront her family's dark past. After her dead mother begins speaking to her in dreams, Emily stumbles upon a horrible community secret that leads to terrifying revelations about the supernatural pull of Echo Lake.


Tess Gerritsen

Mees sööstab udust välja otse Cathy Weaveri auto ette, põgenedes mitmest küljest piiravate tapjate eest. Victor Hollandi jutt kõlab nagu hullumeelsuse serval oleva inimese jampsimine, kuid tema väidet, et ta põgeneb oma elu nimel, kinnitavad kummituslik pilk ta silmades ja kuuliauk õlas.Samal ajal kui iga tund toob mehe jälitajad lähemale, peab Cathy mõtlema, kas ta on kinkinud oma usalduse ohusolevale mehele… või usaldab ta oma elu ohtliku mehe kätesse?

Remember the Scorpion

Isaac Goldemberg

Lima, 1970: a tremendous earthquake has just struck the Peruvian capital, and mayhem reigns. Tensions are high, with a population reeling from the disaster and mesmerized by the World Cup. Enter detective Simon Weiss, tasked with solving two seemingly unrelated murders: the crucifying and beheading of a Japanese man in a pool hall and an apparent murder-by-hanging of an elderly Jewish man. Joined by Lieutenant Kato Kanashiro, whose deep ties to Japanese-Peruvian culture inform the case in surprisingly personal ways, Weiss traces the histories of two very different criminals and their crimes.Weiss is haunted by the trauma of a childhood partly spent in a German concentration camp. Weiss is troubled — boozing, coke-snorting, and vengeful. He is unfaithful to his prostitute lover and takes up with a younger, married woman who is a fellow survivor of the Holocaust. Weiss and Kanashiro's banter is hilariously recorded with Goldemberg’s deadpan police procedural narration.Beyond a simple pulp, Remember the Scorpion tracks the wreckage of the Second World War and reconstructs it in the conflicted psyche of a South American detective. Weiss must uncover the relation between the perpetrators and their crimes, while searching deep within himself to conquer his own demons.

Dive Bartender: Sibling Rivalry

T.K. O'Neill

Frank Ford is a survivor of 10 long years at the Metropole Bar, where he&#39;s babysitter and alcohol dealer to Zenith City&#39;s derelict class: the misfits, the losers, the crazies, the old fading lushes, and, of course, the budding young alcoholics unaware or indifferent to what lies ahead.<br> <br>We first see Frank in the aftermath of his little brother&#39;s funeral. Ray was an addict and a constant irritant. Forgotten, is how Frank wanted to remember Ray. The police, who also lost no love for Ray Ford, are leaning towards a verdict of suicide for the swollen, pulpy body that washed ashore near the port terminal. Frank thinks it was murder, but he&#39;s willing to let it ride.<br> <br>His grieving mother has other ideas.<br> <br>Set in 1977, Dive Bartender: Sibling Rivalry combines elements of David Goodis and Raymond Chandler with the popular culture of the era to form a pulp novel of sex, drugs, violence and smelt fishing.<br>

Accidental Eyewitness

Alice Zogg

Kurt Nobel, known as &quot;The Real Estate King,&quot; invites a mixture of odd guests to his mansion on the Isle of Ease for a week of snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and general fun in the sun. The occasion is to celebrate the millionaire&#39;s recent marriage to his new young wife, singer Barbie.<br><br>But all is not pure pleasure and merriment on the tropical island. One person plans an intriguing way to commit murder, and may get away with it, if not for the fortuitous eyewitness, eight-year-old Evie Frederique.<br>

Unfinished Business

C. A. Walters Walters

This is the story of two men who were best friends as children, and have been separated. A serial killer is loose, calling himself, &quot;The Hunter&quot;. His targets: orderlies in nursing homes who have abused their patients. <br>

South Texas Tangle

T.K. O'Neill

When the driver of the aging conversion van he just pulled over rabbits off into the brush, Texas State Trooper Dan Henning knows there must be something of value hidden in the vehicle.<br><br>A quick search turns up a mountain of cash poorly hidden behind the wall paneling. But someone&#39;s found money is someone else&#39;s lost money, and before long, an odd pair of alleged awning salesmen pays Henning&#39;s wife a visit. Now the trooper finds himself back in a Gulf War state of mind and liking it.<br><br>Meanwhile, the van&#39;s driver, former high school basketball start Jimmy Ireno, has stolen a pickup truck and made his way to Corpus Christi, where he enlists the aid of some locals in implementing a bizarre and desperate plan to recover the cash and save his own hide, all the while dodging three organized crime dudes, the cops and his own proclivities.<br><br>South Texas Tangle follows the tradition of Elmore Leonard and Donald Westlake.

The Returned Dead

Rafe Kronos

&#39;The thing is this, Mr Dawson: I died some years back. Now I want you to sort it out for me.&#39;<br><br>Immensely wealthy Roddy Baxendale believes he is also Jack Rankin, a businessman who died and was cremated eight years ago, He hires investigator Charles Dawson to uncover what has been happening to him. Dawson cannot believe his fantastic claim but as he digs deeper and deeper he finds more and more evidence that shows Baxendale is also the supposedly dead Rankin. Was Rankin the victim of secret memory altering experiments? Why have key witnesses vanished? Dawson and his beautiful assistant Kate start to come under attack and then a murdered body surfaces as things hurl out of control.


Nigel Barley

A man stands trial for a brutal murder, a crucial witness disappears, an MP&#39;s daughter confronts a dark family secret and an Asian assassin with a passion for Tom and Jerry cartoons inflicts hideous deaths on those who cannot answer his single question. Welcome to the world of Hatewave where the World Wide Web harnesses hate to bring death and destruction to its chosen targets.