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Jo Nesbo

Człowiek bez psa

Håkan Nesser

Auswahlband Krimi Winter 2020

A. F. Morland

Dieses Buch enthält folgende Krimis:
A.F.Morland: Der Teufel kam ins Paradies
Bernd Teuber: Totentanz für einen Killer
Alfred Bekker: Die Tour des Mörders
Horst Bieber/Bernd Teuber: Beinahe zu spät
Horst Bieber: Das Paradies kennt kein Pardon
Horst Bieber: Anfang und Ende einer Beziehung
Alfred Bekker: Die Sache mit Valentina
Horst Friedrichs: Eine Spur von Blut zieht sich durch die Stadt
Alfred Bekker: Langes Leben, schneller Tod
Thomas West: Wenn du erbst, bist du tot
Cedric Balmore: Die Rembrandt-Verschwörung
A.F.Morland: Krieg der Buchmacher
Cedric Balmore: Tardelli und die ehrenwerte Gesellschaft
A.F.Morland: Verfolgt vom Syndikat
Ein Serienkiller verbreitet Angst und Schrecken. Sein besonderes Kennzeichen: Er scheint regelmäßig dieselbe Tour zurückzulegen. Ermittler Jesse Trevellian und sein Team heften sich an die Fersen des Unbekannten…

Gefährliche Nächte für Killer: Krimi Koffer 10 Thriller

A. F. Morland

Dieser Band enthält folgende Krimis:
Killerpfeile (Alfred Bekker)
Manhattans Nächte sind gefährlich (A.F. Morland)
Eine Tote schlägt zurück (Cedric Balmore)
Kein Pardon für blonde Mörder (Cedric Balmore)
Der Schneemann sieht alles (Hans-Jürgen Raben)
Volpe und das Diadem des Basileus (Meinhard-Wilhelm Schulz)
Das Haus steht still und schweigt (Wolfgang Menge/Roland Heller)
Diese Geschichte schmeckt nach Entführung und Mord (Lynda Lys/Guy Brant)
Der nächste Versager! (Cedric Balmore)
Kubinke und der verschwundene Flüchtling (Alfred Bekker)
Privatdetektiv Bount Reiniger bekommt den Auftrag, den Mord an Dave Booger aufzuklären. Zuerst verfolgt er eine falsche Spur, aber dann kombiniert er, dass der Ermordete einen Fehler in den Büchern einiger Klienten gefunden hat, denn Dave Booger war Buchprüfer. Kann Bount Reiniger die Puzzleteile zusammensetzen?

Wieczorny seans

Krzysztof Beśka


Linda Winstead Jones

They live among us… They are more than human…INFERNOby New York Times bestseller Linda HowardThe Raintree clan are under attack and, as king – with fire at his fingertips – it’s up to Dante Raintree to protect his family. Then Lorna Clay walks into his life. Dante faces a battle against the wizards of the Ansara. Is he powerful and ruthless enough to vanquish his enemies and claim his mate?HAUNTED by RITA® Award winner Linda Winstead JonesHomicide detective Gideon Raintree is on the trail of a relentless serial killer, a dark Ansara wizard, when he is given an alluring new partner he doesn’t want. Suddenly, even with all his ‘special talents’, they are in a race against time to save the whole Raintree family…and their unborn child.SANCTUARY by New York Times bestseller Beverly BartonFor Mercy Raintree, war means she must become the guardian of the Sanctuary – the secret Raintree home. Judah, leader of the Ansara, claims the right to kill Mercy, personally. But then he comes face to face with her – and her daughter, Eve. Will Mercy’s secret change the future? An incredible paranormal trilogy!

Máscaras De Cristal

Terry Salvini

Una noche de pasión causa estragos en la vida y en la carrera de la hermosa Loreley, joven abogada de New York que está lidiando con un delicado proceso judicial con un desenlace en apariencia evidente. Con tal de descubrir la verdad la mujer decide infiltrarse en un ambiente ambiguo y poco recomendable. Alrededor de la protagonista se mueve diversos personajes: un antiguo amor, la familia, los amigos, los compañeros de trabajo pero, sobre todo Sonny, un pianista y compositor todavía legado a su propio pasado. Algunos de ellos permanecen fieles a sí mismos, otros se esconden detrás de máscaras de cristal que la rápida y acelerada sucesión de acontecimientos acabará por romper.

Daisy's Chain

Owen Jones

Daisy's Chain Love, Intrigue and the Underworld on The Costa del Sol Daisy, the proud daughter of a wealthy ex-London gangster, John, and his Spanish wife, Teresa, grew up in Marbella on the Costa del Sol, aka, the Costa del Crime. She idolised her parents and sought to impress her ageing father by helping him run the family businesses after uni. However, a disastrous error of judgement ends in family tragedy, and her mother puts Daisy on a safer path of helping the local community as a penance. Daisy's Chain is a tragic tale with a pleasantly happy ending. Daisy's Chain – Synopsis John is a wealthy, single, ex-London East End gangster living on the Costa de Sol in southern Spain. The press have long called it the 'Costa del Crime', but he doesn't care as long as his quiet life is preserved. He has had enough of gang warfare. One day, his housekeeper and lover, Terri, announces she is pregnant – something they thought impossible because of their ages, John likes the idea of becoming a first-time father , so he marries Terri, and Daisy is born. He loves her, but has little time because of his business commitments. Never sure whether her father really loves her, she grows up trying to impress him, especially after hearing of his former hard-man reputation. After university, she begins to take over her father's businesses, However, she becomes ever more outrageous, until one day, she goes too far, landing her parents in hospital after a revenge attack on them from rivals, which she had caused by imprisoning and torturing one of their men. John dies from his injuries; Terri is badly hurt and their faithful bodyguard is shot. The reason for the ambush eventually comes to light, and the evidence points to Daisy. She struggles to avert the blame, and the bodyguard manages to keep her out of it, but Terri wants to teach her a lesson. The problem is, how do you punish a girl who has everything? Terri threatens to sell all the businesses and stop her allowance, unless she takes part in her mother's first solo venture, aided by the bodyguard. Daisy agrees and they set about renovating a disused church to house refugee mothers and their children. To her surprise, Daisy likes the job, and meets a young man who loves her, and shares her ideals.