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Dead Girls: An addictive and darkly funny crime thriller

Graeme Cameron

‘Utterly compulsive’ Fiona CumminsFIVE MISSING. THE HUNT IS ON FOR NUMBER SIX.THE SERIAL KILLERWith five girls already missing and two dead police officers to add to the body count, the hunt is on. But how do you catch a man who doesn’t exist?THE VICTIMHeld captive for months, Erica Shaw has now vanished. In the race to find her, the police uncover evidence that leave them wondering, was she ever actually a victim?THE DETECTIVEThis isn’t DS Ali Green’s first murder case. But only recently recovered from her near-fatal injuries and battling some personal demons of her own, she’s out for justice.One thing’s for sure. Not everyone is going to make it out of this alive.

A Scandalous Man

Gavin Esler

An absorbing new political thriller from the co-host of NewsnightRobin Burnett has spent years at the heart of power, pulling the strings. With friends in Downing Street, the White House and the CIA he is known as the brightest politician of his generation, tipped to go all the way to the top. But when the media discover that Robin is at the heart of a shocking sex scandal, his glittering career comes to an abrupt end. Robin and those close to him will pay the price of corruption, lies and ruthless ambition, and learn that with a twenty-four hour hungry media, scandal can be hard to avoid.Gavin Esler's novel gives a real sense of the adrenalin of power when you feel the top job is within your grasp. A Scandalous Man presents fascinating, wholly credible scenarios on relationships and secret arrangements with the United States and the Middle East.


Conn Iggulden

A dark, chilling psychological thriller from the number one bestselling author of the Emperor series. Blackwater was published as part of the Quick Reads initiative on World Book Day 2006.How do you know when you're in too deep?Davey has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, a smiling sociopath who will stop at nothing to protect himself and his family. But when the shadowy figure of Denis Tanter comes into Davey's life, how far will the bond of brotherhood reach?


Neil White

Everyone would kill for their fifteen minutes of fame…A Premiership footballer is shot dead in cold blood on a busy London street, and a country is gripped by terror. Who is behind this apparently motiveless killing – and who’s next in the firing line?Jack Garrett is determined to find out. A small-time journalist who's left behind his Lancashire roots for the glitz and glamour – and seediness and squalor – of the capital, he's convinced this is no celebrity stalker.Aided and abetted by DC Laura McGanity, desperately trying to juggle police life with motherhood and her feelings for Jack, the trail takes them back to Jack's home town of Turner's Fold – and his past.What's the connection between the recent murder and the death of a young girl 10 years before?Conspiracy, revenge and the high price of fame all combine in this stunning debut from a dazzling new voice in crime fiction.

Crooked House

Агата Кристи

A wealthy Greek businessman is found dead at his London home…The Leonides were one big happy family living in a sprawling, ramshackle mansion. That was until the head of the household, Aristide, was murdered with a fatal barbiturate injection.Suspicion naturally falls on the old man’s young widow, fifty years his junior. But the murderer has reckoned without the tenacity of Charles Hayward, fiance of the late millionare’s granddaughter…

Elements of Chance

Barbara Wilkins

A woman of desire, a legacy of deceit, a fortune worth killing for. An opulent intricate, sizzling novel, Elements of Chance fulfils ever woman’s fantasy.Hauntingly beautiful, talented pianist Valerie Penn is one of the world’s wealthiest women, the pampered wife of banker Victor Penn, and the mother of their two children. Her life is a whirl of private jets; charity balls; mansions in London, New York, Paris and Beverly Hills; priceless antiques; endless passionate love; and gifts beyond imagining … a stunning diamond necklace “just because it’s Tuesday and I love you.”But the mystery of her past continues to haunt Valerie. who is she and who are her real parents? A shy, silver-haired child, she was lovingly raised by a couple in Hollywood. But her real mother, the beautiful starlet, remains a mystery. Why did she leave Valerie, and is she still alive?Anything Valerie wants is hers for the asking until Victor disappears in a mysterious plane crash. Suddenly torn from her privileged world, Valerie faces the hostility of the Penn family and finds herself caught in a web of rivalries, betrayal and murder. Alone for the first time, she brilliantly creates her own business and, once again, is part of the glittering world of the influential and famous, this time on her own terms … through her own effort. Finally believing Victor to be dead, Valerie is about to remarry when her fiancé is murdered and her son is kidnapped, driving her to find the answers to the mysteries still clouding her life.As she unravels the intrigues of the powerful Penn family, Valerie’s search brings her to the steaming jungles of South America, where she faces her past and opens the door to a new future.

Bluer Than Velvet

Mary McBride

HE COULDN'T SAY NO She had a face like an angel and a body designed for sin, and she wanted him to help her disappear?Sam Zachary was a private investigator, not a magician. So he showed Laura McNeal the door to his house. Nestled in the country, he figured it would be the ideal hideout. But between the bullets flying through his kitchen window and the alluring damsel in distress seeking shelter in his arms, his embrace – his bed – his home was anything but safe. Laura had turned his ordered, lonely life upside down, and while he could live without the gunfire, he was damn sure he couldn't live without the lady.

Blood is Dirt

Robert Thomas Wilson

The third powerful and evocative novel in Robert Wilson’s acclaimed West African-set Bruce Medway series.Bruce Medway, fixer and debt collector for anyone in a deeper hole than himself, has heard a few stories in his time. The one that Napier Briggs tells him is patchy, but it doesn’t exclude the vital fact that two million of his dollars have gone missing. Bruce is used to imperfect information – people get embarrassed at their own stupidity and criminality. But for the first time it leads to the gruesome and brutal death of a client.It would all have ended there but for Napier’s daughter, the sexy, sassy and sussed Selina Aguia, a canny commodities broker. She brings money to the game and launches Bruce into a savage world where a power-hungry Nigerian presidential candidate, a rich blow-loving American and a mafia capo are fighting a silent war in which pawns are badly needed. Worse for Bruce, Selina wants revenge, and with the scam she invents she looks as if she’ll get it. This is a world where blood is dirt – nobody really cares. Not even if they love you.

A Long December

Donald Harstad

In Donald Harstand’s most compelling novel yet, Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman returns for the latest installment in this fast-paced crime series.In a rural part of Nation County the body of a dead male is discovered in a ditch, one gunshot wound to the head. A routine investigation for Carl Houseman and his team, perhaps. Except strangely there is no way of identifying him: no fingerprint records, no dental records, nothing. Enter an FBI investigator, a new face from the bureau, who suspects it is the body of a Columbian terrorist.Meanwhile, a local meat-packing plant has been accused of passing off contaminated produce. In a town straining under the pressure of mass immigration, the Jewish plant owners suspect foul play. Can there be a connection with the Columbian corpse? Houseman and FBI agent Hester Gorse chase the leads once again in another nail-biting race to discover the truth.

A Killing Frost

Margaret Haffner

Desperate to escape Kingsport and its horrifying memories, Catherine Edison arranges a sabbatical in southern Ontario. Atawan seems to be a friendly village, and she and her daughter settle quite happily into a big old house there. But why was the rent so cheap? And why does everyone shun the pleasant auto mechanic who fixes her car?Anxious to keep a low profile, Catherine tries to ignore the disturbing undercurrents of Atawan, but gradually she and her daughter get dragged into the whirlpool of intrigue. For beneath its calm surface Atawan seethes with hatred and deceit, and has done so ever since the brutal murder of a local woman and the acquittal of the man the locals believe to be guilty.When Catherine and her daughter befriend the wrong people, she finds herself asking questions that somebody doesn’t want answered. Little by little her circle of inquiry tightens until Catherine finds herself at the very centre, and to find the truth, she must put her own life on the line …