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Название Growing Up and Getting By
Автор произведения Группа авторов
Жанр География
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isbn 9781447352945

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      Growing Up and Getting By

      International Perspectives on Childhood and Youth in Hard Times

      Edited by

      John Horton, Helena Pimlott-Wilson and Sarah Marie Hall

      First published in Great Britain in 2021 by

      Policy Press, an imprint of

      Bristol University Press

      University of Bristol

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      Cover design: Robin Hawes

      Front cover image: iStock/malerapaso

      JH: For Bentley Library, for Northampton’s statutory youth service, for Northampton Women’s Aid, for Walsall Illuminations, for Northampton Meals on Wheels, for Northampton YMCA, for Croyland Sure Start, for Spencer Bridge food bank, for Ambrose, for Hero Ben, for Pelsall community centre, for my mother’s walking group …

      HPW: For the children and young people getting by in hard times; the educators, youth workers and services wrestling the impacts of austerity; the communities and futures touched by inequalities.

      SMH: For L, L & K, Lostock Youth Centre, Kids of Colour, RECLAIM, and all young people for whom austerity and hardship is their everyday normal …


       List of figures and tables

       Notes on contributors


       John Horton, Helena Pimlott-Wilson and Sarah Marie Hall

       Eric Larsson and Anki Bengtsson

       3Youth migration to Lima: vulnerability or opportunity, exclusion or network-building?

       Dena Aufseeser

       4Sleepless in Seoul: understanding sleepless youth and their practices at 24-hour cafés through neoliberal governmentality

       Jonghee Lee-Caldararo

       5‘Live like a college student’: student loan debt and the college experience

       Denise Goerisch

       6‘Everywhere feels like home’: transnational neoliberal subjects negotiating the future

       Michael Boampong

       Part II Intersections/inequalities

       7Negotiating social and familial norms: women’s labour market participation in rural Bangladesh and North India

       Heather Piggott

       8Marginalised youth perspectives and positive uncertainty in Addis Ababa and Kathmandu

       Vicky Johnson and Andy West

       9Infantilised parents and criminalised children: the frame of childhood in UK poverty discourse

       Aura Lehtonen and Jacob Breslow

       10Learning to pay: the financialisation of childhood

       Carl Walker, Peter Squires and Carlie Goldsmith

       11Immigration, employment precarity and masculinity in Filipino-Canadian families

       Philip Kelly

       12The undeserving poor and the happy poor: interrelations between the politics of global charity and austerity for young people in Britain

       Ruth Cheung Judge

       Part III Futures

       13Looking towards the future: intersectionalities of race, class and place in young Colombians’ lives

       Sonja Marzi

       14‘My aim is to take over Zane Lowe’: young people’s imagined futures at a community radio station

       Catherine Wilkinson

       15Dependent subjects and financial inclusion: launching a credit union on a campus in Taiwan

       Hao-Che Pei and Chiung-wen Chang

       16‘If you think about the future you are just troubling yourself’: uncertain futures among caregiving and non-caregiving youth in Zambia

       Caroline Day

       17Conclusions and futures

       Helena Pimlott-Wilson, Sarah Marie Hall and John Horton


       List of figures and tables


      All the photographs in this volume are copyright to the contributors and are reproduced with their permission.