Let Your Light Shine Before Men. Job Mothiba

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etc., you do it with all of your heart. Just as some people think they should reap every day, but reaping requires sowing.

      Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, as we are not expected to live this life by ourselves. Think about what you want and begin sowing now. Reaping will come. Remember, whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will reap generously. Always do your best. Not everyone can bake a good cake. But all should try, nonetheless.

      What you plant now, you will harvest later. So, if you are at the top, do not be too proud. And those at the bottom do not be too ashamed. Everything can change. Anything can still happen in this life. Learn to give. We all need each other. There is no such thing as a self-sustaining person. The rich are rich because they have the poor who work to make them rich. Without those poor persons, no rich person can be self-sustaining. We should use what God has given us to aid those less fortunate. Let us look beyond our regular giving and think of ways to help the less fortune.

      The Psychologists says when you give, the same pleasure centres are activated in the brain that activate when you enjoy good food. “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed.” (Proverbs 19:17)

      There are times when God wants to use you in someone else’s life; it may not be pretty or comfortable. If you look up to Him and say, “Yes, Lord, whatever it costs,” at that moment He will flood your life with His presence and power. So, today, be the reason someone feels loved. You do not have to have it all together or even know what to say in order to demonstrate His light to the world. You do not have to have money - a smile, prayer or even a simple hello will do.

      There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. People have a way of becoming what you encourage them to be. “Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. Show mercy to still others, but do so with great caution, hating the sins that contaminate their lives.” (Jude 1:23)

      If you want to do something great for God, then do little things for your neighbours. For the great things you can do for God are simply small things done for others with great love and compassion. This includes the sick, homeless, the immigrant, the poor etc. Besides, no man or woman of God ever walks into a higher realm with God, without first making a vow to God. So, you shall love your neighbour as yourself. When you are in a place of covenant, miracles become and everyday experience. May God distinguish you and show you favour because of His covenant of love. (Exodus 11:7)

      Life becomes much more meaningful when you realize the simple fact that you will never get the same moment twice, and most important moments rarely come at a convenient time so, it is good to pay attention and make a difference in someone’s life. You often have no idea what is bubbling just beneath the surface in someone’s life, but you can open your ears and listen to their heart. As we all have something we find difficult to talk about but we just want someone to talk about it with.

      So, the most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of your time and attention. For most people, it means more to them that you took the time to listen. They do not necessarily want you to solve their problems. They just want you to care enough to listen. When you really listen to another person from their point of view, and reflect back to them that understanding, it is like giving them emotional oxygen, therein lies the beauty of life support. And it should never have strings attached. You stand behind someone because you desire to see them prosper not for what you will gain.

      Just as the author John Bunyan, 2017, wrote, you have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. ”Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:4)

      Because people matter to God and you have been called unto His own purpose, take at least minutes out of your day to show someone they matter. Getting out of your own way is a decision that your pride would not understand. It should be your persuasion that If you work for men as unto God. It will be all well with you for the rest of your life. It is better to do the work without a title than to put on the title and cannot do the work. God wants not only you but everyone saved, everyone to get to know the truth. For “He does not favour the rich more than the poor, for they are all the work of his hands.” (Job 34:19)

      If you feel unhappy and bored without anything to do, go out and help someone. Because that is where you will be rekindled. Helping can be just about anything as long as it is done in sincerity. Even a simple smile, or compliment could lift someone’s spirit. You will eventually had something to wake up to, a place to go daily, your life will revive…it does not matter the income at the time. “Anyone who is not helping me opposes me, and anyone who is not working with me is actually working against me” (Matthew 12:30)

      How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you. You receive people on the same level you perceive them. Most people will not reach their full potential without somebody else believing in them. People respond to praise a lot better than they do criticism. Instead of complaining about someone, praise them. When you see the good in someone, you should speak to it and believe in it.

      If you encourage them in this way, they will become it. Do not look down on them when making mistakes, they are still growing….you might need them once they mature. Once the seed of faith takes root in their hearts, it cannot be blown away, even by the strongest wind. So, accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters. (Romans 14:1)

      People may not tell you how deep is their hurts, but they will always try to show you. However you may not be able to change them; heal their pain; or move their mountains but, what you can do, is love them. Everybody in your life just wants to be embraced for who they are, free of judgment. That is what you can provide. Surrender everything that is not the truth of you. Do not hold to anger, hurt or pain because they steal your energy and keep you from love.

      And, with time healing will come. Do not rush it. Just allow other people’s opinions and judgments of you to fall away. When the time is right, it will happen. There is no need to rush. If it is meant to happen, it will happen. “…In this life, good people are often treated as though they were wicked, and wicked people are often treated as though they were good. This is so meaningless!” (Ecclesiastes 8:14)

      So, never underestimate your ability to inspire someone and turn their day around for the better. Everyone needs some encouragement, and sometimes the people you think need it least, actually need it most. One perfect message sent at the right time can really uplift someone. So, take the time to reach out and encourage someone today. You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life. “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Tell them that their sad days are gone and their sins are pardoned. (Isaiah 40)

      What God wants to do is bigger than us, but He needs all of us. No one can be left out or underestimated. His grace is sufficient. I always prefer to believe the best of everybody. Every single one of us has potential, even the smallest of birds are able to sing beautiful songs. No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another. Everyone has something to offer in the world. Therefore, you are on assignment today.

      The world is going to need you to shine your light extra bright. A word spoken in love can brighten up someone’s entire day. Remember those forgotten by the world. The widows, the broken and the lost souls. Be the voice for those unheard. Do what is right for them even if it is not expected, noticed or required. You are an answer to their problem, a key to someone’s new door, a signpost on someone’s journey.

      You are vital. Go the extra mile even when it is unseen. “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.” 1 (Corinthians 15:58.)


       “May your enemies respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you, and heaven accept