Career Finder. Gill Hasson

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Название Career Finder
Автор произведения Gill Hasson
Жанр Малый бизнес
Издательство Малый бизнес
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9780857088604

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      Table of Contents

      1  Cover

      2  Title Page

      3  Copyright

      4  Introduction

      5  1 The Changing Nature of Careers Is it Possible to Find Work and a Career that You Enjoy and Are Happy With? What's Getting in the Way?

      6  2 Knowing Who You Are and What's Important to You Identify Your Values Identify Your Core, Intrinsic Values Extrinsic Values; Work Values Work Values

      7  3 Knowing Your Skills, Strengths, and Learning Styles Identifying Your Qualities and Strengths Identifying Your Work Skills Hidden Skills and Strengths Identifying Your Learning Styles Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Visual Learning

      8  4 Identifying Possible Jobs and Careers Turning an Interest into a Career Should You Make Your Passion Your Work? What if There Isn't Anything You Feel Inspired to Do? Identify the Jobs and Careers that Might Be of Interest to You

      9  5 Finding Out More About the Work that Interests You Informational Interviews Who to Meet and Where to Find Them Make Contact Prepare Some Questions Work Shadowing Volunteering Take a Course

      10  6 Internships, Returnships, and Apprenticeships Internships and Returnships Returnships Apprenticeships Voluntary Work

      11  7 Portfolio Careers and Side Hustles Side Hustle or Side Project

      12  8 Being Stuck in a Job, Quitting a Job, and Managing Unemployment Make the Best of a Bad Job; Make Your Job Work for You Knowing When it's Time to Quit Quitting the Course Managing Unemployment Have an Open Mind and Be Persistent

      13  Websites and Further Information Job Roles and Profiles Job Fairs Work Shadowing Voluntary Work in the UK Volunteer Abroad Environmental Volunteering Volunteer Work with Animals Volunteer Work with Children and Young People Voluntary Work with Mental Health Organizations Voluntary Work in Museums Volunteering in Sports Medical Volunteering Courses, Training, and Study Internships Career Change Returnships Apprenticeships Creative Careers and Publishing CVs, Application Forms, Cover Letters, and Interviews

      14  About the Author

      15  Index

      16  End User License Agreement


      1  Cover Page

      2  Table of Contents